Avatar: The Last Airbender: Why Did Zuko Help Aang Escape The Fire Nation?

Zuko is the prince of fire nation in Avatar: The Last Airbender. His father Fire Lord Ozai promises him that he will let him be the heir of fire nation if he catches the Avatar Aang. Zuko follows his father’s order to catch Aang. But he helps Aang to escape from the prison after Aang was caught by Admiral Zhao. Why did Zuko help Aang? Here is what we know.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Why Did Zuko Help Aang Escape The Fire Nation?


Admiral Zhao catches Aang. He sends to the prison. He and his soldiers are celebrating. But a warrior who wears a blue mask sneaks into the prison. He saves Aang. But they’re found by the guards when they try to flee. Aang and the warrior have a fight with the guards on the wall.

They try to use the ladder to flee. But Admiral Zhao arrives. He uses the fire ball to hit the two. Aang and the warrior fall to the ground. The warrior puts his knife on Aang’s neck after knowing Admiral Zhao planned to take Aang alive.

Admiral Zhao has to let his followers open the gate for letting the warrior and Aang leave. But he actually arranges a archer to shoot the warrior. The warrior falls down. Aang uses his air bending to deal with the soldiers.

He takes the warrior to flee. He’s surprised that the warrior is Zuko. The action of pretending to be a warrior with blue mask shows the true side of Zuko. The blue mask was given by Zuko’s mother. But Zuko minds the words of his father that kindness is just weakness.

Zuko the prince of fire nation is actually a good guy. But his father Ozai trains him to be an evil prince after he left the scar on his face. Zuko doesn’t know he can be friendly until he runs into Aang. He’s moved by him when he fights with him.

He respects his rival even if his goal is to catch him. His good side shows up after he heard Admiral Zhao has caught Aang. He realizes that he has treated Aang as his friend. what he needs to do when a friend in danger. His mother gave the blue mask to him. She told him to save his friend. So Zuko wears the blue mask. He sneaks into Admiral Zhao’s prison to save Aang even if he knows he will be scolded by his father Ozai.

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