Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Feng Ming kicks the follower after knowing Feng Qianshuo fled from the room. The follower claims that there was nobody leaving the room. The fairy thinks the enchantment is intact.

Do the Monsters Lend Yan Hui their Powers?

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

Feng Ming tells his followers to look for Feng Qianshuo from underground. The fairy comforts Feng Ming that Su Ying’s seal reached the underground. She plans to cover the coffin since the monsters dug the grave. The monster tells Feng Qianshuo to learn to get used to it since he came to their place.

Yan Hui stops the monster. She recognizes Feng Qianshuo. The monster leaves Feng Qianshuo to Yan Hui since she knows Feng Qianshuo. Feng Qianshuo complains to Yan Hui that he lives with the monsters because of her. He blames her for ruining Colosseum.

Yan Hui yells at Feng Qianshuo that she doesn’t know why Xuan Ge likes him. He feels happy and cooks a bowl of soup for Xuan Ge. He’s surprised that she has his Flower Item. She mentions what the maid told her that the item is the relic of him.

Feng Qianshuo asks Xuan Ge to return Flower Item to him since he’s alive. She returns Flower Item to him. He reveals the item can send messages anywhere. She asks him to send a message to Blue Hill that Yun Xi was caught. He realizes that she saved him for sending the message to Blue Hill.

Feng Qianshuo refuses to help Xuan Ge. Because he worries that he’s going to make the fight of Immortal Realm and Monster Realm. She tells him that she’s going to send him to Feng Ming if he refuses to help Yun Xi. But he points out that she won’t do that.

Xuan Ge tries to go to tell the message to Blue Hill. But she opens Flower Item by mistake. Flower Item tells Xuan Ge that Yun Xi has been killed by Su Ying. The monsters try to dig the path to Yong State City. But they’re hurt by the seal of Su Ying.

Yu Li reports it to Tian Yao. He thinks they cannot leave Yong State City. Tian Yao tells Feng Qianshuo that they can escape if he sends Yun Xi’s death message to Blue Hill. But Feng Qianshuo doesn’t wish to see the fight of two clans.

Bai Xiaosheng thinks Yong State City will be ruined in the end. He has a fight with Feng Qianshuo. Yan Hui stops the two. She reminds them that they can only survive after they break the seal of Su Ying. Huan Ge agrees to what Yan Hui said.

Yan Hui asks Tian Yao how to break the seal because the dragon horn belongs to him. He tells her that she’s the only one who can break the seal. But she reveals she only has a little power in her Mind Sea. Xuan Ge tells the monsters that they can only leave after they help Tian Yao break the seal of Dragon Horn.

The monsters think it’s their duty to help Tian Yao because Tian Yao is the chief of Monster Clan. Tian Yao tells the monsters to lend their powers to Yan Hui. But the monsters reject it because Yan Hui belongs to Immortal Sects. Tian Yao tells the monsters that Yan Hui is the only one who can break the seal of Dragon Horn. The cow monster trusts Yan Hui because she saved him from Colosseum.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Yan Hui swearing to break the seal. Tian Yao tells Yan Hui to take care of herself. The immortals walk on the street. Tian Yao tails them. They pull out their swords and rush to them after knowing he’s Dragon Master.

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