Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 15 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 15. Yan Hui moves to downstairs. She worries that Tian Yao forgot to apply the ointment. She walks into his room and applies the ointment on his wound. She collects dewdrop for him because he told her that he likes dewdrop.

Does Tian Yao Have Feelings for Yan Hui?

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 15.

Tian Yao shows up when Yan Hui is staring at the dewdrop water. She lets him smell the water. She tells him that it’s the dewdrop she just picked. But he tells her to go to practice. She comforts him that she will put the practice into her mind.

Yan Hui asks Tian Yao to taste the dewdrop because it contains the fragrance of flowers. He tries to drink the dewdrop. But Peng Peng bumps Yan Hui and makes Tian Yao fail to drink the dewdrop. Yan Hui tries to give Peng Peng a lesson. But Tian Yao stops Yan Hui.

Rui Rui sees Tian Yao off. He thinks he’s sensible. The kids point at Yan Hui. They think she’s not sensible. Peng Peng thinks Yan Hui is like a tiger. Yun Yun agrees to what Peng Peng said. Yan Hui tells the kids that she cannot tolerate them because they ruined her plans many times.

Rui Rui claims that he needs to defend the rule of Dragon Valley. Yun Yun tells Yan Hui that love will bring bad luck. Rui Rui mentions Dragon Valley was ruined after Dragon Master had had feelings for a fairy. He tells Yan Hui that the love of men and women is the disaster.

Yan Hui tells the kids that the one who is wrong was the person who fooled Dragon Master with love. Rui Rui throws the ring to the floor. Huan Xiaoyan comes out from the ring. She tells Yan Hui that something bad happened. Yan Hui comforts Huan Xiaoyan that they’re not in Misty Forest.

Huan Xiaoyan points at the ring. She leaks that the black power made her king mad. She mentions the sword killed the black power. She asks Yan Hui to hit her king with the sword. But Yan Hui tells Huan Xiaoyan that the sword flied away.

Rui Rui thinks the sword was Dragon Tooth. Peng Peng denies it because he saw nobody taking the sword. Huan Xiaoyan shows the past to the Peng Peng. The kids realize that Tian Yao is Dragon Master. They go to look for Dragon Master. Huan Xiaoyan asks the kids to wait for her.

But Yan Hui tells Huan Xiaoyan that Tian Yao cannot pull out his sword. She reveals Tian Yao lost his utterly sincere heart. Yan Hui asks Huan Xiaoyan to help her heal Tian Yao. Huan Xiaoyan agrees to it because she needs the sword to save her king.

The kids get on knees to Tian Yao. They welcome him for returning to Dragon Valley. He tells them to get up. Peng Peng and Yun Yun cry in Tian Yao’s arms. Rui Rui tells Tian Yao not to fall in love even if they did some bad things.

Peng Peng tells Tian Yao that Yan Hui has feelings for him. Yan Hui pinches Peng Peng’s ear. She tells Tian Yao not to believe what Peng Peng said. Yun Yun asks Tian Yao if he has feelings for Yan Hui. He takes a look at Yan Hui. He denies it. He leaves with the kids. Yun Yun tells Yan Hui not to be sad.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 15 Ending

Episode 15 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Tian Yao tells Yan Hui that she crossed the line because his past isn’t related to her. But she points out that his present is related to her. She tells him that she doesn’t wish him to hurt himself.

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