Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 17 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 17. Yan Hui wakes up. She finds out that she returned to the woodshed. She wonders why she’s tied up again. She thinks she’s in Dragon Valley. Tian Yao opens the door.

Does Tian Yao Kill Su Ying?

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 17.

Huang Xiaoyan wakes Yan Hui up. She wonders why Tian Yao attacked Yan Hui. She tells Bai Xiaosheng not to touch Yan Hui. She plans to go to invite a doctor. But he stuns her and swears not to let Yan Hui die. Su Ying tells Ling Fei to open the monster formation. She plans not to let Tian Yao leave.

Tian Yao breaks the formation. Ling Fei wonders why Tian Yao is so powerful. Su Ying thinks Tian Yao took Dragon Scale back. She tells Ling Fei to leave. Tian Yao uses Dragon Scale to defeat Su Ying. She’s surprised that Dragon Scale is so powerful.

Su Ying casts the ice sword to Tian Yao. He blocks the ice sword and casts it back to Su Ying. She’s killed. Lu Musheng is untied after Su Ying passed away. Ling Fei sees the falling of Su Ying’s life star. The kids ask Tian Yao to save them. He gets their souls. He flies away.

Ling Fei breaks into the hall. She calls Su Ying when she sees her. Tian Yao returns to Dragon Valley. He wakes Huan Xiaoyan up. He asks her about Yan Hui. She pushes him away. She blames him for killing Yan Hui when she hits him.

The kid explains to Huan Xiaoyan that Tian Yao did it for saving them. He adds that Su Ying threatens Tian Yao with their lives. Huan Xiaoyan tells Tian Yao that Yan Hui was taken away by Bai Xiaosheng. Ling Xiao shows up. Huan Xiaoyin hides in the ring.

Ling Xiao asks Tian Yao about Yan Hui. He realizes that he took away Yan Hui’s Dragon Scale. He swears to kill him. He fights with him. Tian Yao tells Huan Xiaoyan that he doesn’t have time to fight with Ling Xiao because he wishes to go to save Yan Hui.

Huan Xiaoyan chooses to believe Tian Yao one time for Yan Hui. She calls Ling Xiao master. Tian Yao catches the chance to flee. Bai Xiaosheng carries Yan Hui to Misty Forest. He summons his master Fu Yin. He asks him to save Yan Hui.

Fu Yin rejects it because Bai Xiaosheng doesn’t complete his task. Bai Xiaosheng tells Fu Yin that Yan Hui is Dragon Master’s lover. He thinks he cannot reach his goal without the girl. Fu Yin agrees to it after he looked into Yan Hui’s Mind Sea.

Tian Yao takes Huan Xiaoyan to Misty Forest. He thinks Bai Xiaosheng plans to save Yan Hui with black power. Huan Xiaoyan wonders why Bai Xiaosheng took Yan Hui back to Misty Forest. She thinks the black powers were ruined by Tian Yao.

Tian Yao remembers Bai Xiaosheng told him that his true body is manipulated by someone. He asks Huan Xiaoyan if she can find the tombstones. Yan Hui wakes up. She looks around and thinks she’s in the hell. She calls Tian Yao. She remembers he stabbed her. She thinks he’s a bad dragon.

Fu Yin tells Yan Hui not to trust anyone. She’s startled when she sees his looks. She thinks he’s the master of hell. He tells her that he saved her with his magic. She slaps him after he hurt her heart. He tells her that he will take her life if she offends him.

Yan Hui realizes that Fu Yin is the master of black powers. She asks him why he saved her. He asks her if she wishes to be alive. He tells her that he wishes to get Dragon Scale. He tells her to take Dragon Scale back with her hatred.

Fu Yin tells Yan Hui not to think about to be alive if she cannot take back Dragon Scale within three months. He tells her that he knows what she does. Huan Xiaoyan doesn’t find the tombstones. Tian Yao tells Huan Xiaoyan that they only have four hours.

Ling Xiao arrives at the tombstones Zi Chen mentioned. He wonders why Tian Yao came to the place. He sees the tombstones of the missing immortals. He breaks the eye spell. The man in black shows up. He tells Ling Xiao that he waits for him for a long time. Ling Xiao fights with the man in black. He becomes a tombstone.

Bai Xiaosheng tells Yan Hui that it’s the only method he can save her. He thinks she’s the only light of him after she found him from under Thorn Tree. He swears to protect her with his life. Yan Hui shows up with Fu Yin. Bai Xiaosheng asks Yan Hui if she’s fine. She learns that he took her to Misty Forest.

Bai Xiaosheng takes Yan Hui to thank Fu Yin. Yan Hui feels sorry for slapping Fu Yin. He tells Bai Xiaosheng not to let him wait for too long. Bai Xiaosheng promises it. He takes Yan Hui away. The man in black reports to Fu Yin that he locked Ling Xiao up.

Tian Yao finds Yan Hui’s jade bracelet. Huan Xiaoyan worries that Yan Hui passed away. But Tian Yao tells Huan Xiaoyan that Yan Hui is alive. She thinks he’s fooling himself. She realizes that Bai Xiaosheng saved Yan Hui. She wonders why they cannot find Yan Hui.

Yan Hui walks Bai Xiaosheng in the forest. She complains to him that she left the dark and cold place. He tells her that he has stayed in the place for a long time. She thinks he’s a poor man. He sees the black power on her hair. She thinks Fu Yin used it to maintain her life.

Bai Xiaosheng asks Yan Hui if she will blame him. She denies it and thanks him for saving her life. She mentions the King of Blue Hill has a item to get rid of the control of black power. He realizes that she wishes to be against Fu Yin.

Yan Hui denies it. She tells Bai Xiaosheng that she doesn’t wish to be alive with someone else’s power. She tells him that she doesn’t want to take revenge Tian Yao. She thinks there’s nothing important than living well. She thinks Dragon Scale in her body belongs to Tian Yao.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 17 Ending

Episode 17 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Yan Hui telling Bai Xiaosheng that she doesn’t wish to be related to Tian Yao. She mentions the item needs a couple. She thinks they need to look for another couple. He thinks they don’t have to do so. He thinks they can be the couple.

Yan Hui thinks Bai Xiaosheng was just kidding. She believes that they will find the couple on the way to Blue Hill. He agrees to it. She sees the fireworks. She finds out that Nine-Tailed Fox ruined Chill Sect. She worries that she cannot get into Blue Hill.

Yan Hui reads the newspapers. She finds out that Tian Yao killed Su Ying. She remembers Tian Yao told her that she’s a special girl to him. She throws away the newspapers. Lu Musheng throws away Su Ying’s bracelet. He takes a look at Yun Xi’s hair. He thinks he killed her. He plans to take her home.

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