Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 12. Bo-Ra and Su-Hyeok almost have a kiss when they watch the movie. Bo-Ra tells herself not to do it first. U-Ri smiles after she took a look at her watch. She remembers Sang-Jin promised to watch a movie with her.

Does Sang-Jin Let U-Ri Confess Her Feelings to Him?

Bo Ra! Deborah

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 12.

Sang-Jin walks into the office. He tells his employees to wrap up. He asks them to go to watch a movie with him. He reminds them that it’s culture day. He tells U-Ri to book the tickets. The employees tell U-Ri that they cannot watch the movie. It makes her happy.

Sang-Jin’s mother asks Sang-Jin to go on a blind date. He agrees to it. U-Ri reports to Sang-Jin that she booked the tickets. But she finds out that he’s going to leave. He promises to come. Sang-Jin arrives at the place. He sees a woman’s heels.

Sang-Jin’s mother tells Sang-Jin that the woman just got divorced. He claims that he doesn’t wish to get married. She tells him to just have a meal with the woman. U-Ri buys the popcorn. She’s happy to wait for Sang-Jin. Sang-Jin meets with the woman.

Su-Hyeok’s father runs into Su-Hyeok. He sees Bo-Ra. Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra to come to him. Su-Hyeok’s mother greets Bo-Ra. She’s surprised that her son dated a beautiful girl. Su-Hyeok lets his parents leave. Bo-Ra thinks Su-Hyeok isn’t like his father because his father was very sweet.

Su-Hyeok leaks that the father is actually his stepfather. Bo-Ra apologizes to Su-Hyeok because she didn’t know it. Sang-Jin sees the woman off. He gets in his car. He receives the message from U-Ri who tells him that she’s waiting for him at the theater.

Sang-Jin calls U-Ri. But she doesn’t pick up his phone. He calls Su-Hyeok when Su-Hyeok is eating with Bo-Ra at the restaurant. He tells him that he plans to buy the meal for the employees. But Su-Hyeok tells Sang-Jin that the employees didn’t come.

Sang-Jin arrives at the theater. He finds U-Ri. She thinks he’s late. He thinks she should leave when he didn’t come. She cries to tell him that she wished to wait for him. He takes her to the cafe. He reminds her that he divorced.

Sang-Jin thinks he doesn’t deserve U-Ri’s love. But she thinks he should be loved. But he tells her that he wishes to treat her as his employee. She feels sad and points out that she doesn’t confess her feelings to him. He mentions he had to reject her if she confessed her feelings to him.

But U-Ri cries to tell Sang-Jin that she wishes to tell her feelings to him. Bo-Ra drinks with Su-Hyeok. She finds out that he’s very handsome. She tells him that it’s the weakness of him. She claims that she’s the dating expect. She mentions he hated her.

Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra that it was the first time she encountered him. But she forgets it. He invites her to drink at his house after they walked out of the restaurant. She agrees to it. But he changes his mind. He calls a cab. He gets in the cab with her.

Yoo-Jung drinks with Jin-Woo. She pretends to have a blind date with him. She tells him that she’s good at cooking. But he points out that she never ate the food she cooked. Jin-Ho feeds Bo-Mi the cake. She gets a call from Bo-Ra. She turns off her phone because she knows Bo-Ra wishes her to come home.

Jin-Ho comforts Bo-Mi that Bo-Ra just worries her. But she asks him if he takes Bo-Ra’s side. She admits to him that she’s not good at anything. He tells her that he wouldn’t have feelings for her if she’s a terrible girl. She thinks he did that just because he didn’t encounter other girls.

Jin-Ho thinks Bo-Mi can be a star since she’s so beautiful. She eats the cake and gets the cream on her lips. He tries to kiss her. But he trips. Yoo-Jung hears the sound. She tries to go downstairs. Jin-Woo stops Yoo-Jung. He carries her. It makes her happy.

Bo-Mi is on Jin-Ho. He pushes her away and tells her to sit on the couch. She wonders why he rejected her. He mentions what he told her that he wishes to protect her. He doesn’t want to break the promise. But she asks him to sleep with her.

Jin-Ho is happy to dance when he works at the cafe. But Bo-Ra stares at him. She tells him to take the duty after he slept with the girl. But Yoo-Jung tells Jin-Ho to leave because she wishes to protect him. She reminds Bo-Ra that she cannot find such a good employee like Jin-Ho.

Bo-Ra reveals she returned home after she had watched a movie with someone. Yoo-Jung realizes that the guy is Su-Hyeok. But Bo-Ra tells Yoo-Jung that nothing happened to her and Su-Hyeok. Sang-Jin gives the papers to the employee. The employee reads the papers. He finds out that U-Ri has feelings for Sang-Jin.

Yoo-Jung wonders why Su-Hyeok invited Bo-Ra since he didn’t plan to sleep with her. She asks Bo-Ra if she planned to sleep with Su-Hyeok. She tells her to flirt with Su-Hyeok since she has feelings for him. Bo-Ra refuses to do so because Su-Hyeok knows her well.

Bo-Mi walks into the cafe. Bo-Ra wonders why her younger sister came to the cafe. Bo-Mi tells Bo-Ra that she came for a interview. She greets Jin-Woo. She shows her cute face to him. She asks him if he’s going to hire her. But he tells her to enjoy the coffee.

Bo-Mi tells Jin-Woo that she will tell Yoo-Jung’s weak spots to him if he hires her. So he hires her. Bo-Ra sees Jin-Ho taking Bo-Mi to the room. Yoo-Jung thinks Jin-Ho is match for Bo-Mi. Su-Hyeok finds Bo-Ra. He explains to her that he didn’t invite her because his room was a mess.

Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra that he wishes to invite her to his house. But she tells him that she won’t come to his house. Bo-Mi is surprised to see Su-Hyeok. She tells him that she wishes him to ask Bo-Ra out because she thinks her older sister is lonely.

Bo-Ra asks Su-Hyeok if he’s going to attend her ex-girlfriend’s wedding. She reveals she promised Yu-Ri that she will attend the wedding. Su-Hyeok asks Bo-Ra if she wishes him to go to the wedding with her. She denies it. He remembers he promised Yu-Ri’s boyfriend that he will attend his wedding with his girlfriend.

Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra that he invited her because she’s his friend. She decides to pretend to be his girlfriend. The two arrive at the wedding. Bo-Ra asks Su-Hyeok if he’s going to take revenge. She gives him five and takes him to see Sang-Joon. She tells Sang-Joon that she’s going to get married with Su-Hyeok.

Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 12 Ending

Episode 12 of Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama ends with Soo-Jin feeling sorry for letting Sang-Jin take the blame in the divorce. She tells him to go to chase his happiness. She drinks with him. Bo-Ra takes a look at the photos Su-Hyeok just took. She thinks he’s not a good photographer.

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