Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Tian Yao looks at the enchantment. He tells Yan Hui that Su Ying plans to seal Yong State City. Yan Hui decides to leave because she worries that she will get Xuan Ge involved.

Su Ying Kills Lu Musheng’s Wife

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

But Xuan Ge tells Yan Hui that she doesn’t fear it. She opens the basement. Xuan Ge takes Yan Hui to arrive at the Underground City. The follower worries that Su Ying will know the place because there’re many monster gathering. Xuan Ge tells Yan Hui that the monsters came to the Underground City because she ruined Colosseum.

Tian Yao wonders why Xuan Ge trusts monsters since she’s a human. She leaks that she was raised by a monster. He uses his dragon power to heal the monsters. Yan Hui doesn’t expect that Tian Yao is strong after he took back Dragon Bone.

The monster recognizes Tian Yao. He calls him Dragon Master. He takes the monsters to get on knees to Tian Yao. Tian Yao tells the monsters to get up. Xuan Ge leaks that she’s sending people to dig the path. She tells the monsters that they’re going to get freedom. The monsters are happy to cheer.

Yan Hui hands over the tea to Tian Yao. She tells him not to pretend to be strong. She mentions she saved him many times. She tells him that she’s waiting for his repaying after he finds his whole body. She thinks he doesn’t have to hide his identity after the fight of Colosseum.

Yan Hui ends the contract of monster slave with Tian Yao. He promises to repay her the grace. She asks him to teach her to get into her Mind Sea. He takes her to get into her Mind Sea. She sees the black rocks. He thinks it’s the seal of her body.

Yan Hui wonders who sealed her body. She realizes that it was Ling Xiao. Tian Yao tells Yan Hui that she can break the seal when her power is stronger than the person who set up the seal. She asks him how long she should train herself with her talent.

Tian Yao tells Yan Hui that she can make it one day if she works hard. She believes Su Ying cannot take out Dragon Scale since the seal is so powerful. But he tells her that Su Ying reached great master level twenty years ago. She swears to study hard to return Dragon Scale to him.

Yan Hui mentions Su Ying defeated them just with her soul. She thinks it will be hard to take Dragon Horn. She wonders why Su Ying didn’t use her real body. Tian Yao leaks that Su Ying made pill with Nine-tailed Fox. Yan Hui is surprised that the girl was Nine-tailed Fox.

Tian Yao thinks the fox fragrance Yan Hui got came from Nine-tailed Fox. Yan Hui remembers Ling Fei asked the foxes about Nine-tailed Fox. Yan Hui realizes that Ling Fei wanted to catch Nine-tailed Fox for helping Su Ying. Tian Yao thinks Morning Star Mountain and Chill Sect worked together.

Yan Hui thinks Ling Xiao wouldn’t allow it. Tian Yao points out that Ling Xiao knew what Ling Fei did because he’s the chief of Morning Star Mountain. Yan Hui tells Tian Yao that Ling Xiao wouldn’t hurt monsters for his sake. She has a fight with him.

Bai Xiaosheng stops the two. Yan Hui blames Bai Xiao Sheng for scaring her like a ghost. He tells her that he saved them not for their fight. He tells Tian Yao that he wishes him to get together with Yan Hui. Tian Yao tries to leave. Bai Xiaosheng stops him. He threatens him that he will take Su Ying to Underground City if he leaves the room.

Yan Hui asks Bai Xiaosheng what benefit he will get from reporting them. He tells her that he saved her for getting something from her and Tian Yao. Tian Yao tries to fight with Bai Xiaosheng. Yan Hui stops Tian Yao. She tells him not to tangle with Bai Xiaosheng when she hugs him from his back.

Yan Hui explains to Bai Xiaoshang that she and Tian Yao just talked loudly. Bai Xiaosheng laughs. He thinks it’s ordinary that the lovers fight. He tells Yan Hui and Tian Yao to live together. Su Ying walks into Lu Musheng’s room. She tells him to eat the pill. She thinks he won’t be bewitched by Fox Monster if he takes the pill.

Lu Musheng tells Su Ying that his wife isn’t a monster. She points out that the woman wouldn’t help her get the pill if she’s not a monster. She tells him that she refined the pill with Yun Xi. He’s furious to blame her for refining pill with his wife.

Su Ying tells Lu Musheng to take the pill. But he rejects it. He thinks she’s a crazy woman. He tells her that he won’t fall for the monster like her who doesn’t have humanity. He tells her that she’s a monster. She tells him that she’s going to show him what’s the real monster.

Su Ying takes Lu Musheng to see Yun Xi. She tells him that Yun Xi is the monster they swore to kill. But he runs to hug Yun Xi. She’s furious to bite him. He tells her that the plum bloomed. He thinks she will like it. She recognizes him. She’s scared to tell him not to look at her because she’s a monster.

But Lu Musheng hugs Yun Xi again. He tells her that he wouldn’t dislike her because of her looks because they had lived together for twenty years. She cries to tell him that he wishes to go home. He agrees to it. But Su Ying kills Yun Xi.

Lu Musheng is furious to run to Su Ying. He tries to kill her. But he’s stopped by the enchantment. She tears up and stuns him. Yu Li reports to Xuan Ge that Su Ying caught Yun Xi. She tells him to tell the message to Blue Hill. But he points out that Yong State City has been sealed.

Xuan Ge tells Yu Li to go to see Feng Qianshuo. She thinks Feng Qianshuo has a method. She tells Yu Li that Yun Xi had a grace to her. She tells Yu Li to go to Qijue Sect with her. The two go to Qijue Sect. The maid tells Xuan Ge that Feng Qianshuo was caught by someone.

The maid hands over the stuff to Xuan Ge. She mentions Feng Qianshuo asked her to give the stuff to Xuan Ge if he’s dead. But Xuan Ge doesn’t believe Feng Qianshuo died easily. The maid leaks that Feng Qianshuo was taken away by Feng Ming.

Feng Qianshuo is beaten by the bodyguards. The bodyguards leave. Feng Qianshuo finds the stuff he looked for with the golden feather. He thinks he can take revenge his parents. But he regrets for not marrying Xuan Ge. He falls to Underground City. He sees Xuan Ge.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Feng Qianshuo finding out that Xuan Ge helped many monsters. He asks her why she helped those monsters. She mentions she was raised by a monster after she had given up by her parents. She thinks she just repaid the grace. But he tells her not to trust monsters.

Feng Qianshuo mentions his parent’s monster slave was bought by Feng Ming. But Xuan Ge tells him that humans aren’t better than monsters. Yan Hui wakes up. She finds out that she can light the lamp. She thinks she shouldn’t give up breaking the seal.

Bai Xiaosheng shows up. He sees Yanhui in Tian Yao’s arms. He feels happy after knowing the two explained the understanding. He leaves. Yan Hui wonders how long they should pretend. Tian Yao tells Yan Hui not to be close to Bai Xiaosheng. But Yan Hui points out that Bai Xiaosheng saved them. Tian Yao thinks Bai Xiaosheng wished to get something from them.

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