Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 38 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 38. Di Mian casts Evil Bone to the statue of Devil God. Mo Nv attacks Di Mian from his back. He catches her. He thinks she intends to take revenge her younger sister. He thinks she’s not his rival because he’s Devil God now.

Why Cang Jiumin Kills His Master?

Till the End of the Moon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 38.

Di Mian plans to absorb Mo Nv like he did to Si Ying. Mo Nv is ready for her death. But Zhao You saves Mo Nv. He tells her to leave. Di Mian opens Sorrow Path which begins to absorb the powers of demons. Gongye Jiwu sees Sorrow Path. He tells Chief Cen that Tantai Jin has opened Sorrow Path.

Chief Cen leaves with his disciples because he wishes to keep his power. Zhao You fights with Di Mian. He’s hurt by him. Zhao You decides to wake Di Mian up because he thinks Di Mian is manipulated by Devil God. Gongye Jiwu asks the immortals if they agree to get into Demon Realm to fight with Devil God. They agree to it.

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Gongye Jiwu mentions Tantai Jin has become Devil God. He tells the immortals to kill Tantai Jin. Zhao You tries to ruin Sorrow Path. Devil God lets Di Mian stop Zhao You. Zhao You is stained by Sorrow Path. Di Mian is happy after he found out that he had opened Sorrow Path. He wonders why Sorrow Path is so weak.

Zhao You realizes that Sorrow Path cannot release the the maximum power without Devil God. He flees. Di Mian laughs. He thinks he’s going to rule the world after he collects enough resentment. Gongye Jiwu sees Mo Nv in Demon Realm when he looks for Tantai Jin.

Gongye Jiwu wakes Mo Nv up. He wonders why she’s in Demon Realm. She tells him to leave the place because Devil God has resurrected. Li Susu finds Demon Palace. She thinks she should fight with the guy inside Demon Palace no matter who’s devil God because Sorrow Path has been opened.

Li Susu walks into Demon Palace. Di Mian sees Li Susu. He tells her that he feels happy for seeing her. She mentions she almost died because of him. He tells her that he didn’t tell a lie to her expect the case of sealing Evil Bone.

Di Mian tells Li Susu that he’s going to be the only god. He reminds her that she’s the pearl in his hand since he’s the master of the world. She’s furious to cut him. He catches the blade of her. He thinks she did a silly thing.

Li Susu mentions she trusted Di Mian and killed her father. Di Mian points out that he’s Li Susu’s real father. He reminds her that he gave her life. She tells him that she’s going to return her life to him. She stabs him. He pushes her away. She falls to the floor. She vomits blood.

Di Mian blames Li Susu for hurting her real face for an outsider. She stops him and mentions Qu Xuanzi protected her with his life. He tells him that there’s only one father in her life. Li Susu gets up. She points Chong Yu at Di Mian. She tells him that he’s her enemy. She flies to him and attacks him. But she’s defeated by him again.

Di Mian thinks Li Susu is like her mother. He steps on Chong Yu when she tries to pick Chong Yu up. She thinks Chu Huang would regret for not killing him. He kicks her away. He walks to her and mentions he has endured much pain. But she betrayed him. It broke his heart.

Li Susu laughs. She thinks Di Mian is poor. He decides to sacrifice her to Sorrow Path. He takes out Devil Sword. He tries to kill her. She sheds a tear. She opens her eyes and finds out that someone stopped Di Mian. She turns around and sees Cang Jiumin.

Li Susu cries. She feels happy after she found out that Cang Jiumin is alive. Di Mian sneers at Cang Jiumin. He thinks he will be the only Devil God after he takes his life. He attacks him with his black magic. But Cang Jiumin is fine.

Di Mian casts Devil Sword to Cang Jiumin. Cang Jiumin stops Devil Sword with his hand. He holds Devil Sword and drags Di Mian to his side. He stabs him with Devil Sword. Di Mian thinks he shouldn’t die because he doesn’t become the master of Three Realms. He passes away.

Li Susu cries to tell Qu Xuanzi that Cang Jiumin took revenge him. But she finds out that Cang Jiumin is absorbing Di Mian. She thinks he doesn’t have to do that because Di Mian has been dead. He sheds a tear and apologizes to her.

Cang Jiumin absorbed Di Mian’s power in the end. He becomes Devil God. Gongye Jiwu shows up. He tells Li Susu to leave. He reveals Tantai Jin killed Zhao You. Tantai Jin closes the gate of Demon Palace. Li Susu thinks Tantai Jin didn’t kill Zhao You.

But Tantai Jin tells Li Susu that he killed his master. He claims that he’s Devil God. He thinks she’s very stupid. He takes out the nails from his heart. He thinks he had been devil if it wasn’t her. But she doesn’t understand what he says. She asks him if he’s Tantai Jin or Devil God. Tantai Jin ruins the nails in front of Li Susu. He tells her that what she did are wasted. He asks her if she’s happy. She cries. Gongye Jiwu takes Li Susu away. He tells her not to trust Tantai Jin because he killed Zhao You.

It flashes back. Zang Lin is furious to ask Cang Jiumin what he did after Cang Jiumin killed Zhao You. Zang Lin reminds Cang Jiumin that he has been a mud if Zhao You didn’t take him back to Xiaoyao Sect. Gongye Jiwu asks Cang Jiumin why he did it. Cang Jiumin refuses to leak the reason. He thinks he can kill Gongye Jiwu again since he killed him before. Gongye Jiwu attacks Cang Jiumin. Cang Jiumin flees.

Li Susu wonders what happened. Tantai Jin says goodbye to Li Susu. It flashes back. Zhao You saves Cang Jiumin. Cang Jiumin wakes up. He finds out that he returned to Xiaoyao Sect. Zhao You tells Cang Jiumin that the enchantment will protect him if he’s alive.

Cang Jiumin asks Zhao You if the immortals think he stole Evil Bone. Zhao You admits it. But he still chooses to trust Cang Jiumin. He asks him to promise him to be alive well. Zhao You is hurt by Di Mian. He tells Cang Jiumin that Sorrow Path is going to ruin Three Realms.

Zhao You tells Cang Jiumin that Sorrow Path can only be stopped by Devil God. He reveals he knew he’s Devil God when he picked him up by Weakness River bank. He tells him that he was stained by Sorrow Path. He asks him to kill him. Cang Jiumin kills Zhao You before Zhao You becomes a demon.

Tantai Jin remembers Zhao You told him that the immortal Cang Jiumin cannot save the world but Devil God Tantai Jin can do that. He decides to take the path since it’s the only path he can take. Mo Nv tells Gongye Jiwu that she’s a devil. She tells him the story of her and Xiao Lin.

Mo Nv tells Gongye Jiwu that she thought she could make up the regret to Xiao Lin from him. But she realized that Xiao Lin won’t come back. Gongye Jiwu cries to ask Mo Nv why she didn’t continue to tell the lie to him. She strokes his face. She thinks he’s a good person like Xiao Lin. But he’s not Xiao Lin.

Tantai Jin fails to close Sorrow Path after he tried many methods. He remembers Devil God took out Evil Bone after he summoned the three devil items. He thinks Sorrow Path can be ruined if he passes away. Mo Nv walks into Demon Palace. She thanks Tantai Jin for taking revenge Si Ying.

Tantai Jin recognizes Mo Nv. He thinks nobody can avoid the fate. He asks her why she came to see him. She mentions he saved her life as well. She intends to follow him since it’s the wish of her younger sister. She asks him how she can help him rule Three Realms.

Tantai Jin reveals Devil Crossbow and Essence Seal are in Immortal Sects. But he thinks it’s his own business. He tells Mo Nv to go to live her own life. She thinks he’s very different from the Devil God she knows. She leaves Demon Palace.

Chief Cen feels happy after knowing Qi Xuanzi and Zhao You are dead. He decides to use the power of Devil Crossbow. He thinks he’s the ruler of Immortal Sects. He opens the seal of Devil Crossbow. He laughs. But Mo Nv kills him from his back. She gets Devil Crossbow. She returns Devil Eye to Tantai Jin.

Yao Wei reports to Gongye Jiwu that Chief Cen was killed. She worries that they cannot guard Essence Seal too long. Gongye Jiwu blames Tantai Jin for bullying them. He asks Yao Wei who killed Chief Cen. Yao Wei leaks that the killer is like Si Ying.

Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 38 Ending

Episode 38 of Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama ends with Li Susu walking to Heavenly Lake. She remembers Tantai Jin promised her that he won’t use the power of Devil God. But he broke his promise. She tries to go to see him. But Gongye Jiwu stops her. He tells her that Tantai Jin is a devil.

Gongye Jiwu puts his sword on Li Susu’s neck. He reminds her that she’s going to give out her life. But she wants to find the truth. He drops his sword and tells her to leave. She’s happy to run away. But he tells her that he won’t treat her as his younger sister anymore.

Tantai Jin sees Devil Crossbow. He realizes that Mo Nv helped her. He decides to be the Devil God so that Li Susu will hate him. Tantai Jin summons Essence Seal. Gongye Jiwu tries to guard Essence Seal. Tantai Jin tells Gongye Jiwu not to waste his strength. He asks him to be the follower of him. Gongye Jiwu rejects it. Tantai Jin hurts Gongye Jiwu and takes away Essence Seal. He senses the power of Sorrow Path after he got Three Devil Items.

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