Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 6. Bo-Ra asks Ju-Wan to get together with him. But he locks the gate from inside. She cries in front of his house. Su-Hyeok shows up. He gives Bo-Ra a hug and takes her home.

Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

Bo Ra! Deborah

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 6.

Su-Hyeok blames Bo-Ra for not caring herself. He tells her that breakup isn’t doom. But he worries about her at the same time. He drives her to her house. He watches her from his car until she gets into her house. She feels uncomfortable. She vomits in the bathroom.

Bo-Mi worries about Bo-Ra. She asks her about it from outside. She rushes into the restroom after her sister didn’t reply to her. Bo-Ra tells Bo-Mi that she just vomited the wine she just drank. She promises not to hurt herself. But she didn’t tell her that she had the bad idea before.

Bo-Ra wanted to take her life when she fell into the hole. She feels easy after she was rejected by her ex-boyfriend. She goes to see a doctor. The doctor tells her that she has gastritis. Bo-Ra reports it to Su-Hyeok. She tells him not to worry about her.

Bo-Ra thinks she doesn’t have to see Su-Hyeok. He goes to the shop. He tries to return the ring to the seller. But the seller rejects it. Sang-Jin gives Su-Hyeok a lesson after knowing he tried to return the ring to the store. He tells him to buy bag instead of ring. Because he can return the bag to the store.

Bo-Ra asks Bo-Mi to throw away her clothes. But Bo-Mi sells the clothes and gets some cashes. Bo-Ra reads her social media. She finds out that there’re many people getting dumped like her. She remembers what Su-Hyeok told her not to let her love relationship end with tragedy.

Bo-Ra decides to move out. The agent takes Bo-Ra to see many houses. She tells her that the house won’t betray her. Bo-Ra likes the last house. But the agent tells Bo-Ra that another client is interested in the house as well. Bo-Ra decides to buy the house.

Yoo-Jung receives a message from Bo-Ra who asks her to send the money to her. But Bo-Ra denies it when she meets with Yoo-Jung. The two realize that Bo-Ra was impersonated by someone. Bo-Ra tells her fans not to believe in the impersonator. But Bo-Mi has sent the money to the impersonator. Su-Hyeok is tricked as well. Bo-Ra reports it to the police. But he tells her that she cannot get her money back.

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