One and Only Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for One and Only Chinese Drama: Episode 14. Monk walks Feng Xiao by the lake. He thinks it’s a great place to practice martial arts. She asks him why he insists on being a monk. She tells him to stay in the prince palace. She explains that she thought he hurt Zhou Shengchen’s heart when he stares at her.

One and Only Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap & Ending

One and Only

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for One and Only Chinese Drama: Episode 14.

Feng Xiao is startled to walk away. Cui Shiyi sorts out the books in the library. The maid asks Cui Shiyi if something unhappy happened to her. She thinks it’s related to Zhou Shengchen. Cui Shiyi denies it. The maid mentions Cui Shiyi avoids Zhou Shengchen when he’s in the palace.

Cui Shiyi plays the zither. The blind shows up behind her. He wants to predict the future for her. She wonders why he wants to do it for her. He tells her that she’s the special one. The blind Xie Chen mentions Chou Shengchen kept him. He mentions what Zhou Shengchen told him that he thinks off Cui Shishi when he sees him.

Xie Chen learns that Cui Shiyi wants to know her marriage. He shakes the coins and puts them on the table. He tries to read the coins. The maid reports to Cui Shiyi that Zhou Shengchen wants to see her. Cui Shiyi tells the maid to stay to take care of Xie Chen. She walks away. The maid asks Xie Chen if he’s predicting the future. He denies it.

Cui Shiyi walks into Zhou Shengchen’s room. He tells her that there’re two guests coming. The prince laughs to mention he mistook Cui Shiyi as little princess. She tells him that she remembers it. He’s surprised that she can speak.

Zhou Shengchen reveals Cui Shiyi could speak a few years ago. The prince thinks it’s a good news. He tells Cui Shiyi that Zhou Shengchen worried about her when she couldn’t speak. He reveals Zhou Shengchen learned the medical skills from the doctors for her.

Zhou Shengchen asks the prince if he came for a business. The prince admits it. He tells Cui Shiyi that the court gave Yong City to him. He mentions she guarded Yong City. He thanks her for the people of Yong City. Prince Pingqin leaks that he came with Huai Yang.

Zhou Shengchen realizes that Prince Pingqin came to give wedding fruits. Prince Pingqin reveals Huai Yang wanted to see old friends when she heard that they’re going to pass by West State. He tells Zhou Shengchen and Cui Shiyi that they’re Huai Yang’s families.

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