Chen Bolin Drops Drama ‘The King of Blaze’ Teaser

Chen Bolin drops drama ‘The King of Blaze‘ teaser. He wears a business suit with a bow. It looks like he is going to shoot someone.

The King of Blaze

‘The King of Blaze’ starring Chen Bolin, Jing Tian, Zhang Yijie, and is adapted from You Su-Lan’s manga.

The hero Lin Ye (Chen Bolin) is a young scientist. He gathers a group of people and creates Lv Chuang company to help the earth to avoid pollution and disaster. He meets reporter Ruo Feng and falls in love with her. Ruo Feng Loves him also. However, Lin Ye’s old friend Di Jun steals his scientific discoveries and betrayals him.

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  1. I like this drama. It is full of action and suspense and the storyline is well defined. The story where the immortal world is crumbling because of the war between the winged clan and immortals causes their planet to crumble and they look for other planet as a new source energy to restore their planet. The love story also between the protagonists is so amazing…

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