The King of Blaze Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are 1-2th episodes of The King of Blaze Chinese Drama Recap, Zhong Tian comes from heaven and looks for the energy, which could save his homeland. He runs into his love Feng Jian, but she stabs him with her sword because she thinks he killed prince.

The King of Blaze Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

The King of Blaze

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The King of Blaze Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2.

One thousand years ago, there is a star field in the universe, which has beautiful mountains and rivers. The God of fire Zhong Tian, Aeolus Qian Mei and the God of mountains Di Yun maintain the star field’s peace. The Gods take a hit when they’re Against the dark forces. Qian Mei dies for saving Zhong Tian, and star field faces the great calamity. Zhong Tian goes to remote east region looking for the power to save homeland.

He is seriously injured, and passes out in the desert. Zhong Tian calls Qian Mei’s name, the caravan of Qi family saves him. The doctor Yu Qianqian sees Zhong Tian and thinks his pulse condition is weird. Shopkeeper Qi thinks she is a quack doctor. Zhong Tian wakes up and looks at them on the alert. Shopkeeper Qi asks Zhong Tian where he comes from, and thinks he is a fool.

Zhong Tian is healing in the caravan, and remembers the crisis in star field. He doesn’t know if he can find new energy or not. His friend Shang Xuan is waiting for him. Yu Qianqian calls him to eat meal, and mentions the flame mirror of Bafang temple. The flame mirror can get rid of beast. The tax officer Mr. Song flees to the caravan, and claims he was attacked by The thieves. Shopkeeper Qi wants to save Mr. Song, but he is killed by the leader, wolf king of desert. Shopkeeper Qi isn’t wolf king of desert’s opponent. So Zhong Tian helps Shopkeeper Qi to catch the wolf king.

Shopkeeper Qi asks the thieves to be out of the village with wolf king’s life. Qi Le opens the head of the Wolf king, Zhong Tian unexpectedly finds out that the Wolf king and his friend Hao Yue looks exactly the same. The Wolf king frowns, immediately saying he did not know Hao Yue. At night, the Wolf king struggles with the chain as hard as he could. Zhong Tian asks him the reason of killing innocent. Wolf King claims he only kills those who should be killed, and he did it for removing the evils from the people. He doesn’t regret what he has done. Hearing Wolf King’s words, Zhong Tian unties his chains to release him.

Shopkeeper Qi and villagers discuss how to deal with Wolf King, but Zhong Tian admits that he released Wolf King. Shopkeeper Qi is very angry about Zhong Tian’s behavior. But Zhong Tian has a clear conscience and wants to want to take the responsibility on his own. Li Jingzhong leads his troops to the caravan, and wants to know the whereabouts of Mr. Song. Shopkeeper Qi mentions his death, and lies that Wolf King fled, hiding the truth. Qi Le pops up and claims Wolf King is released by Zhong Tian. Yu Qianqian wants to protect Zhong Tian, but he doesn’t fear Li Jingzhong and decides to leave with him.

Zhong Tian and Li Jingzhong are attack by Wolf King. Wolf King threatens Li Jingzhong to release Zhong Tian with stones. Li Jingzhong rejects it, so Zhong Tian fixes the stones and shows up to Wolf King. He hopes Li Jingzhong to forgive Wolf King, and takes him to leave. Li Jingzhong orders to arrest them. Wolf King wants Zhong Tian to be his teacher. But Zhong Tian asks him to disband the Wolf king’s camp, and gives the name Hao Yue to him. Mr. Du visits Li Jingzhong and tells him the promoted chance is coming, giving him the imperial edict.

The people of Taishi Department is going to stay in the hotel. Zhong Tian and Hao Yue arrive at the hotel, he doesn’t expect that Taishi Department sent a woman there. The woman has pretty eyebrows, named Situ FengJian who is prince’s best friend. She arranges the room for prince, the maid Xing Qiu thinks Feng Jian is going to be the chief. But Feng Jian thinks the most important thing is to protect prince. She knows the mirror meeting is hidden dangers.

In the evening, Zhong Tian leads Hao Yue to watch at the roof. The men in black sneaks into hotel to kill prince, but they drop into the trap Feng Jian set. She steps out of the room, Zhong Tian is astonished that she has same looks to Qian Mei. The man is black isn’t opponent of Feng Jian and Li Jingzhong. So he detonates the black powder around his body, Zhong Tian saves Feng Jian. Li Jingzhong kills all of men in black, and suspects Zhong Tian and Hao Yue. Feng Jian wants to defense him, but Zhong Tian agrees to leave with Li Jingzhong. He stares at her with love. Li Jingzhong asks Feng Jian for prince’s whereabout. But she refuses it and wishes him not to treat Zhong Tian and Hao Yue badly.

Zhong Tian and Hao Yue are send to prison. Feng Jian visits him, and Zhong Tian claims he wants to do business in imperial city. So she asks him how he got stuff with distance. He is silent. She doesn’t trouble him, and leaves the foods. Zhong Tian moves to Hao Yue and takes him to leave the prison. Hao Yue marvels at Zhong Tian’s ability. Feng Jian investigates Zhong Tian’s history and hands over her token to Xing Qiu. She wants prince to protect Zhong Tian and Hao Yue. Li Jingzhong leads people to show up, and mentions Zhong Tian disappeared. He wants her to accept the investigation. She agrees.

In the morgue, the coroner is inspection the bodies. One of the man in black wakes up and stabs poison sting to his companions. The bodies are poisoning, and begin to hurt people. Feng Jian and Li Jingzhong fight with the bodies. But the sword cannot hurt them.

The King of Blaze Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

They detect the weaknesses of the bodies, and defeat them with flame. The abbot introduces the history of flame mirror to prince. Flame mirror defeated devil in God and Devil’s war. Prince admires flame mirror. Jing Qiu takes Feng Jian’s token to show up, and cries out. He decides to walk out of temple since Feng Jian is in danger.

In the barracks, Feng Jian studies the poison needle pulled from the corpse, concluding it’s witchcraft of black clothes sect. But black clothes sect comes from western regions and isn’t controlled by court. So they cannot attack them. Prince arrives and wants to arrest Li Jingzhong, who didn’t respect Feng Jian. She rejects Prince’s concern and asks him to forgive Li Jingzhong. Prince agrees. The man in black flees to the camp of black clothes sect, and reports the message to chief. But chief thinks prince’s life isn’t important anymore since the meeting is coming.

The court suspects Zhong Tian united men in black to murder prince. But Yu Qianqian doesn’t believe it. Zhong Tian remembers mark of caravan when the man in black threw out the black powder. Shopkeeper Qi admits that his business isn’t good, so he carried the black powder to Western Regions. Zhong Tian promises to keep the secret for him, but worries those men in black will use it at the mirror meeting. So he decides to join the caravan and stop them. Xing Qiu mentions prince’s feelings to Feng Jian. But she knows that she didn’t fall for him, and doesn’t give the wish to him.

The next day, Feng Jian asks Li Jingzhong to guard the mirror pavilion, and she protects prince. Zhong Tian thinks the flame mirror can save heaven since he can get rid of devil. It’s dark when prince touch the mirror. Zhong Tian looks at the sky and is shocked that wing clan arrives. Shopkeeper Qi knows the devil is coming, so he asks others to leave. The energy of flame mirror hurts prince, Abbot wants to protect prince. But all of monks turn into carrion. Zhong Tian saves prince, but prince passes out. Feng Jian thinks Zhong Tian murdered prince, so she stabs his chest with the sword. He remembers Qian Mei did same thing, and gives his life to her. She is shocked by his behavior, and releases her sword. Zhong Tian tells Feng Jian that he will prove her innocent, and leaves with Hao Yue.

Zhong Tian is injured, Hao Yue stays with him. Li Jingzhong decides to take prince returning court. Feng Jian hears someone calls Qian Mei, and looks for the person. She is close to Zhong Tian but she didn’t see him. Li Jingzhong takes people arriving and stabs Zhong Tian who is under the straw. Zhong Tian opens his eyes and takes Hao Yue to leave with his last power.

Feng Jian escorts prince to court and is arrested. Pei Luoqing sneer at her that she was just a abandoned kid. The dog eat sun in the sky, Pei Luoqing thinks it means bad luck and wants to report to the director. But she is blocked. She is furious to break into director’s room.

Zhong Tian wakes up after a few days. Feng Jian asks Li Jingzhong to speak out the real person stealing flame mirror, and returns her innocent.

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