Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 12. Go-Jin carries Shin-A off the ladder. She tells him that she’s going to have a date with him tomorrow. She’s shy to run away. He laughs. Go-Jin holds Shin-A’s hand, walking on the street. They smile after they had an eye contact.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 12.

Go-Jin takes Shin-A home. But he doesn’t want to leave. Ok-Hee takes home with Soo-Ho when they dance. She’s startled to stop after she saw Go-Jin. Soo-Ho recognizes Go-Jin. He waves at him and walks to him. Shin-A wants to let Go-Jin’s hand go. But he holds her hand again.

Soo-Ho shows the tripe to Go-Jin. He invites him to eat the food with him. Go-Jin agrees to it. Shin-A points out that Go-Jin doesn’t like the food. But Soo-Ho drags Go-Jin to get into the house. Shin-A tries to follow Go-Jin. But Ok-Hee stops her. She thinks what she talked about was herself. She worries that Go-Jin gets his memories back.

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Go-Jin finds the book from the table. He learns that Shin-A wants to be a teacher. He tells her that she will get hurt if she becomes a teacher. She points out that he gets hurt as well because he’s a human being. He reveals he wants to catch the kids because he’s lonely. But what he said makes her want to be a teacher more. She drives him out of her house.

Shin-A walks out of her house. She finds out that Go-Jin is waiting for her. She smiles to walk to him. He holds her hand and lets her get into his car. He takes her to the company, carrying bag for her. Michelle Lee spots it. She laughs. Shin-A feels embarrassed.

So-Ra and Hye-Sun open the bomb package. They believe that the package is going to hurt Go-Jin. Pil-Sun breaks into the coffee shop. She tells the two that Go-Jin told the employees to buy the snacks on their own because he worried that it will hurt Shin-A’s arms. She sees the package. So-Ra takes the package away.

Se-Gi gets a call from the nurse who tells him to come. Go-Jin cooks for Shin-A. It makes her happy. She sees the paper talismans. She takes it off and throws it away. She wants to wash the dishes. But he’s against it. He tells her to go to sit. She casts the water to his face. She laughs to run away.

Go-Jin catches Shin-A and lies on the couch with her. She falls asleep in his arms. Hee-Cheol tells other teachers that he’s going to leave the company. He’s startled when he sees Go-Jin. Go-Jin has meeting with the teachers. He asks them to train Shin-A.

Go-Jin mistakes that Shin-A’s head was hurt when he sees her touching her hair. He tells her to go to hospital. But she rejects it. Go-Jin tells Joon-Pal that he decides to be retired because he thinks Shin-A’s illness is very important to him.

Shin-A gets a message from Soo-Young who tells her to meet with her at the cafe. Soo-Young tells Shin-A to go to her company. But Shin-A rejects it. Soo-Young tells Shin-A that people will think she becomes a teacher because of Go-Jin if she stays at Gotop Education. Go-Jin calls Shin-A. She doesn’t pick up his phone.

Does Shin-A Have a Cancer?

Go-Jin sees Soo-Young walking out of the cafe with Shin-A. He stops Soo-Young before she gets in her car. He throws a fit to her after knowing she came to see Shin-A. He tries to leave. But she stops him. She tells him that Shin-A isn’t the one he should trust. She adds that Shin-A pretends to be his fiancee. Go-Jin tells Soo-Young that he doesn’t care for it. Because he loves Shin-A.

Shin-A walks on the street. Soo-Ho calls her and tells her to go home. She returns home and sees the worker setting up the new bed. He lets her lie in the bed. Go-Jin visits Shin-A. He finds out that the house is changed. He wants to live in the house. He points out that Soo-Ho lives in the house. He reveals Soo-Ho and Ok-Hee are seeing each other.

Soo-Ho worries that Ok-Hee will be hurt. He protects her. Shin-A hits Soo-Ho with the pillow. Go-Jin tells Shin-A that he was upset when she met with someone. He takes out her notebook from his pocket. She learns that he read her diary. She tells him that it’s not true. He ignores her and hugs her tightly.

Shin-A has no way but to take Go-Jin to the hospital since he doesn’t listen to what she says. The doctor tells Go-Jin that Shin-A doesn’t have a cancer. Go-Jin is furious to yell at Shin-A because he thinks she should tell it to him early. He walks out of his office.

Shin-A feels sad because she mistakes that Go-Jin doesn’t like her. He returns to the office. He hugs her and cries to tell her that he worried that she will leave him like his families. She tears up and kisses him. Se-Gi goes to the hospital to see his father Se-A. But Se-A doesn’t recognize Se-Gi. He tells him that he only has a daughter. It makes Se-Gi cry.

Go-Jin wakes up and sees Shin-A’s photo. He smiles and slaps his face. He gets changed and goes to pick up Shin-A. He takes her to the restaurant. He takes photos with her. Ok-Hee sees Shin-A’s notebook. She finds out that Shin-A has a cancer.

Ok-Hee cries to ask Shin-A if she has a cancer. She tries to beat Go-Jin. Shin-A stops Ok-Hee. She tells her that she doesn’t have a cancer. Go-Jin recognizes Ok-Hee. Shin-A admits that Go-Jin doesn’t lose his memories. Ok-Hee takes Soo-Ho to flee.

Hee-Cheol is going to leave. Eun-Jung feels happy. Go-Jin wants to talk about Hee-Cheol’s leaving with him. Soo-Young shows up. She tells Hee-Cheol that the car is waiting for him. Hee-Cheol leaves. Soo-Young tells Shin-A to leave as well. She tells Go-Jin that she wants to hire Shin-A.

Shin-A rejects Soo-Young’s offer. She tells her that she wants to achieve her dream herself. Shin-A returns to her office. She finds out that Go-Jin is waiting for her. He asks her why she didn’t tell him that Soo-Young wants to hire her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go to Soo-Young’s company. She thinks he worried about it. But he denies.

Se-Gi meets with the shareholder. He tells him to fire Go-Jin. He reveals Go-Jin loses his memories. Yang-Tae learns that Hee-Cheol went to Baek Education. He laughs but worries that Soo-Young will also hire teachers from him.

Yang-Tae visits Soo-Young. He runs into Hee-Cheol. Yang-Tae asks Soo-Young if she intends to steal teachers from him as well. She denies and tells him that her only enemy is Gotop Education. He tells her that Go-Jin doesn’t lose his memories.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 12 Ending

Se-Gi meets with Yang-Tae. He tells him that he has known he’s the shareholder of Gotop Education. He tells him to fire Go-Jin with him. Go-Jin tries to buy Shin-A the camera. But she stops him and leaves with the seller. He hears the girl calling her boyfriend darling.

Go-Jin asks Shin-A to call him darling when he walks her. She’s against it and she kisses him. She gets into her house. He gets a call from Soo-Young who asks him to come to the bar. He finds out that she’s drunk after he arrived at the bar.

Soo-Young tries to walk in the rain. But Go-Jin stops her. She brings up the day she broke up with him. She reveals she knows that he doesn’t lose his memories.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 12 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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