Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 11 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 11. Go-Jin runs to the company. He sees Shin-A working in the office. He tears up because he thinks he made her sick. She decides to leave after she looked around his office. But she sees him.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 11 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 11.

Go-Jin doesn’t allow Shin-A to leave. He tells her that he wants her to be his girlfriend. She’s shocked to look at him. She thinks it’s a joke. She throws a fit to him. She complains to him that he always bullies her. She tells him that she will repay the money she owes.

Ok-Hee returns home. She takes out the water from fridge to drink. She turns around and she’s startled by Shin-A. Shin-A tells Ok-Hee that there was a guy who wants to date her. Ok-Hee thinks the person was Go-Jin. Shin-A is furious to deny. Ok-Hee tells Shin-A that she saw Go-Jin.

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Shin-A walks out of her house. She looks around and she doesn’t see Go-Jin. She thinks he wouldn’t come. She tries to return to her house. Go-Jin shows up. He tells Shin-A that he came to pick her up. She yells at him that she doesn’t want to go to the company.

Go-Jin apologizes to Shin-A for hurting her. He mentions what she said that he should apologize when he feels sorry. He smiles at her. She’s lost when she sees his smiling. But she tells herself not to get moved by him. Se-Gi has a meeting with the employees. He reminds them that they’re going to get fired if they refuse to work.

Eun-Jung is furious to stand up. She thinks it’s Go-Jin’s decision. She tells the colleagues not to give in. Beom-Gyu swears to tell the world what Go-Jin did to them. But he wants to back off when he strikes with Eun-Jung. Go-Jin summons Beom-Gyu to his office. Beom-Gyu reports to Go-Jin that the employees want to get the apology from him.

Go-Jin agrees to make an apology. But he asks Beom-Gyu to do something for him. Shin-A keeps thinking of Go-Jin. She turns on the TV but she sees him. Ok-Hee tells Shin-A to eat out. Shin-A rejects it. Ok-Hee is upset because Soo-Ho is going to come.

Shin-A gets a call from Beom-Gyu. She meets with him at the cafe. He begs her to go to office. He reveals Go-Jin told him that he won’t fire them if he can convince Shin-A. Beom-Gyu cries. Shin-A walks into Go-Jin’s office. He pretends to be surprised.

Shin-A tells Go-Jin that she knows he used the trick to get her to come. She adds that she will leave if she uses the trick again. He asks her to have a date with him. Eun-Jung reports to Se-Gi that Go-Jin apologized to the employees. He reminds her that he helped her cover the study guides case. He asks her to help him.

Soo-Young remembers what Se-Gi said that Shin-A became Go-Jin’s fiancee after the car accident. She thinks Shin-A tricked Go-Jin. She tells Secretary Jo to look into Shin-A. Shin-A goes to the Coffee Shop to buy coffee. She sees Go-Jin anywhere. She thinks she must be crazy. Eun-Hee tells So-Ra that Shin-A is weird. So-Ra thinks Shin-A’s head was hurt.

Go-Jin saves Shin-A before the motorcycle hits her. He helps her carry the snacks to the office. Go-Jin tells the employees to take the snacks on their own. Because he worries that it will hurt Shin-A’s arms. Shin-A is embarrassed.

Shin-A goes to the cafeteria to eat. But Go-Jin stops her because he thinks the food isn’t healthy. He tells the waiters to give the nutritious food to her. The colleagues see Go-Jin carrying books for Shin-A. They think Go-Jin treats Shin-A as his wife. They bring the medicine to Shin-A because they believe that she’s pregnant.

The secretaries feed Pil-Sun beef. But Pil-Sun still doesn’t change her mind. She reveals Go-Jin paid his son’s hospital bill. She adds that he’s nice to the employees. But the secretaries don’t believe it. Pil-Sun thinks Go-Jin was changed because of Shin-A. She scolds the secretaries.

Is Shin-A Pregnant?

Shin-A puts the medicine on the table. She tells Go-Jin that the colleagues mistook that she’s pregnant. She thinks what he did made the colleagues misunderstand it. She tells him not to do that. He tells her that the problem will be resolved if she has a date with him.

Go-Jin follows Shin-A and asks her to have a date with him. She returns home and sees Soo-Ho feeding Ok-Hee. She tells them to eat something instead of chicken. She returns to her room. Ok-Hee is surprised that Shin-A didn’t do anything.

Shin-A rushes out of her room. She asks Soo-Ho why he’s at her house. He reveals he dropped out of the school. She’s furious to take the pillow to beat him. Ok-Hee hugs Shin-A and stops her. Soo-Ho catches the chance to flee. Go-Jin catches Soo-Ho because he mistakes him as a bad guy. Soo-Ho explains that he’s Shin-A’s sister. Go-Jin recognizes Soo-Ho.

Soo-Ho walks into the house. Shin-A is furious to pour the water to him. But he avoids it. Go-Jin gets poured. Shin-A wipes off the water from Go-Jin’s with the towel. She asks him if he’s fine. He tells her that he’s not fine because she’s close to him. He smiles.

Go-Jin looks around Shin-A’s room. He tells her that he wants to sleep with her. She’s shocked. He smiles and tells her that it was a joke. Soo-Ho flees to Shin-A’s room when he’s chased by Yong-Gu. Yong-Gu finds out that Go-Jin and Shin-A live together.

Go-Jin and Shin-A tell Yong-Gu that they don’t live together when they’re questioned. But Yong-Gu tells them to have kids. Shin-A wants to take Go-Jin away. But Yong-Gu keeps Go-Jin. Go-Jin sleeps with Shin-A’s families. She texts him because she feels sorry. But he texts her back that he’s happy because he has a family.

Yong-Gu wakes Go-Jin up. He takes him to the restaurant. He tells him that he likes him. Go-Jin is moved. He promises to protect Shin-A. Shin-A finds out that Go-Jin left with her father. She goes outside to look for them. She sees the two walking together. She joins them. Yong-Gu leaves. Go-Jin greets Shin-A. She smiles.

Secretary Jo reports to Soo-Young that Shin-A worked for Go-Jin for one year. Soo-Young gets a call from Se-Gi who asks for a meeting up. She meets with him at the bar. He reveals Go-Jin always mentioned her when he drank. He wishes Go-Jin not to lose memories.

But Soo-Young thinks it’s not a bad thing that Go-Jin loses his memories. She worries that Go-Jin will fall for Shin-A if he keeps staying with her. Se-Gi tells Soo-Young to hire Shin-A. Go-Jin takes out Shin-A’s diary. He remembers his grandmother told him that she wants to stay with him when she was sick. He tears up and swears to save Shin-A.

Shin-A tells Ok-Hee that her friend isn’t sure if she likes the guy or not after he confessed his feelings to her. Ok-Hee thinks Shin-A’s friend should stare at the guy’s eyes to confirm it. Shin-A finds out that Gotop Education is hiring teaches.

Shin-A applies the job. But she gets rejected and she learns that Go-Jin doesn’t want her to get the job. She breaks into Go-Jin’s office. She asks him why he did that. He tells her that she has no talent. She is furious and she gets a call from Soo-Young who asks for a meeting up.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 11 Ending

Soo-Young takes Shin-A to her office after she bought her a dinner. She tells her that she wants to hire her as a teacher. Go-Jin runs into Yang-Tae at President Jang’s funeral. Yang-Tae tells Go-Jin that he got President Jang’s company. Go-Jin congratulates Yang-Tae.

Yang-Tae mistakes that Go-Jin loses his memories. But Go-Jin tells Yang-Tae that he isn’t. Go-Jin runs into Se-Gi. He asks him if he knows Yang-Tae got President Jang’s company. Se-Gi pretends to know nothing. Go-Jin goes to see Shin-A. Ok-Hee tells Go-Jin that Shin-A goes to the company.

Shin-A gets a message from Go-Jin who asks her to come to his office. She goes to his office, seeing the note on the blackboard. She learns that he asks her to erase the words he wrote. She falls when she erases the words. Go-Jin catches Shin-A. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to be the teacher because he worries that she will stay away from him. He confesses his feelings to her. He kisses her.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 11 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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