Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 10. Shin-Yu arrives at the festival to look for Hong-Jo. He receives her message. He continues to look for her. He runs into her on the bridge. He hugs her after knowing she didn’t wish him to go on the trip.

What Happens In Destined With You Episode 10?

Destined With You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 10.

The kid runs by. She makes Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo fall aside. Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that his confession was out of blue. It makes him get angry. But he denies it when she thinks he was angry. He explains to her that he was just embarrassed.

Hong-Jo thinks Shin-Yu wouldn’t be embarrassed because he was easy to tell her that he loves her when he has a girlfriend. She reminds him that he’s two-timing. He denies it and he tells her to wait for him. He tells her that he will give a pure himself to her. But he asks her to be pure as well.

But Hong-Jo thinks she’s purer than Shin-Yu. She mentions she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But he thinks her mind is dirty. He mentions she liked Jae-Gyeong before. She points out that it was just one-sided love. She thinks it wasn’t love. But he treats it as love. He tells her not to do it to other guys. Because he doesn’t like it.

Hong-Jo is very happy. She tells Shin-Yu that she worries about the curse doll. She asks him to take care of himself. She tells him to go home. But he tells her to go home first. Shin-Yu visits Eun-Wol. He tells her that he loved Hong-Jo in their past life.

Shin-Yu thinks he’s not the only one who remembered his past life. Eun-Wol tells him to ask Hong-Jo about it. But he refuses to do so because he’s scared. She tells him to face his destiny. He calls Na-Yeon when she’s drinking at a restaurant. She doesn’t pick up his phone.

Hyun-Seo pours Na-Yeon a drink. He asks her to leave Shin-Yu. But she tells him that she won’t leave her boyfriend. He reminds her that men dislike persistent women. She thinks Shin-Yu will break up with her if she doesn’t tangle Shin-Yu.

Hyun-Seo thinks Na-Yeon doesn’t have to do so because she’s very pretty. She tells him that she loves Shin-Yu very much. He laughs to ask her why she slept with him. She tells him that Shin-Yu didn’t fill her loneliness. Na-Yeon walks out of her house. She tells Shin-Yu to come in.

But Shin-Yu rejects it. He tells Na-Yeon to get in his car. She gets in his car and she tells him to go to eat noodles with her. But he tells her that their future will be terrible. He wants to say it in his car. But she doesn’t want to listen to what he said.

Na-Yeon gets off the car. She tries to walk away. Shin-Yu stops her. She mentions he promised her to end the love relationship. But he tells her that he cannot do that. She tells him that she’s going to let it slide. She mentions what he told her that he wavered.

But Shin-Yu tells Na-Yeon that he loves Hong-Jo. She complains to him that he didn’t told her that he loves her when he dated her. She thinks she’s better than Hong-Jo. She walks to him and she holds his hand. She thinks he just pities the girl.

Shin-Yu thinks Na-Yeon can scold him because he’s the worse. She cries to blame him for hurting her. Hong-Jo walks out of her house. She sees Shin-Yu who holds the flowers. He tells her that he’s pure so that she accepts his flowers.

But Jae-Gyeong tells Hong-Jo not to accept the flowers. He takes over the flowers from her. He throws away the flowers. The two guys have a fight for Hong-Jo. The man who rides the motorcycle rushes to Hong-Jo. Hong-Jo avoids it. She finds out that it was just her imagination.

Hong-Jo walks Sae-Byeol. She asks her about her Christmas. Sae-Byeol tells Hong-Jo that she didn’t have a blind date. She swears to get herself a boyfriend next year. She sees Shin-Yu. She runs to him. She greets him and asks him not to get sick again.

Shin-Yu asks Hong-Jo if she slept well. Sae-Byeol mistook that he cared for her. She tells him that she’s a heavy sleeper. Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that she slept well. The three get in the elevator. Sae-Byeol is close to Shin-Yu. She tells him that he’s very tall. But he ignores her.

Jae-Gyeong eats with Shin-Yu. He asks him if he’s going to pay for the CCTV. Shin-Yu promises to pay for it if Jae-Gyeong sends him the photos. Jae-Gyeong asks Shin-Yu if he thinks he will overcharge him. He volunteers to pay for it because he’s not stingy like Shin-Yu.

But Shin-Yu thinks Jae-Gyeong. He mentions he invited him to the cafeteria. Jae-Gyeong claims that the food at the cafeteria are delicious. Gi-Dong joins the two. He finds out that Shin-Yu is very childish according to the food he chose.

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Gi-Dong mentions Shin-Yu didn’t choose the seasoned bracken. Shin-Yu explains to Gi-Dong that he doesn’t eat bracken. He leaks that he was bitten by a snack when he picked the bracken. Su-Jeong shows up with Sae-Byeol. She wonders why Seo-Goo went on the blind date.

But Sae-Byeol thinks Seo-Goo’s blind date isn’t important. She reminds Su-Jeong that they need blind date as well. She reminds her that the top three biases are at the cafeteria. But Su-Jeong tells Sae-Byeol not to do it to Shin-Yu when Na-Yeon shows up.

Na-Yeon joins Shin-Yu. Sae-Byeol regrets for coming to the cafeteria because Na-Yeon and Shin-Yu don’t break up. Gi-Dong tells Na-Yeon that he wishes to know her and Shin-Yu’s love story. She reveals she kept hitting on Shin-Yu. He’s surprised that she made the first move because she’s a beauty.

Na-Yeon tells Gi-Dong that she plans to introduce her friends to him and Jae-Gyeong if they don’t have any girlfriend. Gi-Dong feels happy. But Jae-Gyeong rejects it because he likes a girl. Shin-Yu tells Jae-Gyeong to ask the girl out.

Jae-Gyeong mentions Na-Yeon got Shin-Yu after she hit on him. Shin-Yu asks Jae-Gyeong if he’s going to hit on the girl. Jae-Gyeong denies it. He tells Shin-Yu that he’s going to see the girl. He thinks Shin-Yu and Na-Yeon look perfect.

Shin-Yu remembers he rejected it when Na-Yeon wished to drink coffee in his office. Because he thought she showed off their love in front of Hong-Jo. He calls Hong-Jo and he tells her to take down the cat station. She doesn’t get the answer she wishes to get.

Kim Wook meets with Yoon-Joo at the cafe. She leaks that she went to see a fortune teller. She mentions what the fortune teller told her that she came to her for a man. She thinks what the fortune teller said was right. Yoon-Joo tells Kim Wook that she worried about her son more than her husband.

Does Shin-Yu Come to Pick Up Na-Yeon?

Kim Wook persuades Yoon-Joo to begin acting. But she thinks it’s too late for her. Hong-Jo gets a call from Na-Yeon. She meets with her at the cafe. Na-Yeon tells Hong-Jo that she knows she wishes Shin-Yu to break up with her. She tells her that Shin-Yu won’t dump her because they’re going to get married.

Hong-Jo wonders why Na-Yeon told it to her. She thinks Na-Yeon doesn’t wish her to attend her and Shin-Yu’s wedding. Na-Yeon tells Hong-Jo that she just wants to tell her that Shin-Yu won’t come to her. She adds that Shin-Yu’s parents wished them to live together.

Na-Yeon tells Hong-Jo that Shin-Yu won’t break up with her even if they had a fight. She thinks her boyfriend just wavered. But Hong-Jo knows Na-Yeon isn’t confident according to what she said. Na-Yeon tells Hong-Jo not to trust Shin-Yu because she thinks Shin-Yu is a man as well.

Kim Wook eats with Shin-Yu at a restaurant. He tells him that the CEO wished him to come back. But Shin-Yu doesn’t intend to go back to the company. Kim Wook asks Shin-Yu if it’s fun to work in the City Hall. Shin-Yu admits it even if all of the things are tough.

Kim Wook mentions the acting. Shin-Yu mistakes that Kim Wook wants to do acting. He tells him not to do that because he thinks he has no talent. He thinks he’s acting to be fine because he misses Hong-Jo very much. Kim Wook mistakes what Shin-Yu means is Na-Yeon. He tells him to let Na-Yeon come.

Shin-Yu decides to be honest to his friend. He tells Kim Wook that he has a crush on someone. Kim Wook is shocked when he drinks the expensive wine. He asks Shin-Yu about the girl he likes. Na-Yeon is drunk to lie on the table. Hong-Jo tells her to go home.

But Na-Yeon asks Hong-Jo to call Shin-Yu because she misses Shin-Yu very much. Hong-Jo wants to call a driver for Na-Yeon. Na-Yeon asks Hong-Jo if she wants to know Shin-Yu will come to her or not. Shin-Yu tells Kim Wook that he has loved Hong-Jo for a long time.

Kim Wook mistakes that Hong-Jo was Shin-Yu’s first love when he was a kid. Hong-Jo calls Shin-Yu. Shin-Yu tells Kim Wook that he met Hong-Jo before that. Kim Wook yells at Shin-Yu. He doesn’t believe that he met with Hong-Jo when they were born.

Shin-Yu goes to pick up Hong-Jo’s phone. He comes to the cafe after she put the clothes on Na-Yeon. She asks him to take care of Na-Yeon. She walks out of the cafe. He stops her and he wonders why she drank with Na-Yeon. She tells him that Na-Yeon told many things to her when Na-Yeon was drunk.

Why Doesn’t Shin-Yu Break up with Na-Yeon?

Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo not to put what Na-Yeon said into her mind. But she rejects it and she asks him if he wants to know what she thought when she called him. He wants to talk about it with her later. But she walks away. Hong-Jo returns home. She sees someone working in her garden. She uses the sprayer to spray the guy.

Hong-Jo finds out that the guy is Jae-Gyeong. His eyes were hurt by her. She apologizes to him. She explains to him that she didn’t know it was him. She wonders why he came to her house at midnight. He leaks that he wanted to share some food with her.

Jae-Gyeong tells Hong-Jo that he worried about her. He mentions he set up the CCTV for her. She apologizes to him. He asks her to be his plus-one. He pretends to be blind. She has to agree to it. Na-Yeon wakes up from Shin-Yu’s car. She wonders why she’s in his car. She thinks he should take her to his place.

But Shin-Yu tells Na-Yeon that he did it for telling something to her. He asks her not to meet with Hong-Jo. But she thinks he’s very mean. She gets off his car. He drives his car away. Hong-Jo lies in the bed. She remembers what Na-Yeon told her that Shin-Yu was with her last night.

Hong-Jo tries to call Shin-Yu to ask him about it. But she gives up the mind. Shin-Yu arrives at the parking lot. He sees Hong-Jo getting off Jae-Gyeong’s car. He calls her when she’s working. He tells her to come to his office. She walks into his office. He lets her have a seat.

Shin-Yu wonders why Hong-Jo dressed up so nicely. He tells her that he knew Jae-Gyeong gave her a ride. He worries that others will find out that she’s carpooling with Jae-Gyeong. But she blames him for coming to the cafe last night. She tells him that she’s annoyed.

Hong-Jo mentions Shin-Yu told her to wait. But he points out that she carpooled with Jae-Gyeong. She admits that she carpooled with Jae-Gyeong. He mentions she promised to be pure. She points out that he’s not pure as well. She tells him that she didn’t wish him to come to pick up Na-Yeon.

Shin-Yu learns that Hong-Jo went around with Jae-Gyeong because she was jealous. She points out that he went around with Na-Yeon as well. He thinks it’s not the same. Because he confessed his feelings to her. He thinks she should trust him.

Episode 10 of Destined With You ends with Hong-Jo going to see Shin-Yu on the beach. She asks him to tell her why he did it. He explains to her that he didn’t break up with Na-Yeon because Na-Yeon thought they will feel embarrassed if they work in the City Hall. He tells Hong-Jo that he agreed Na-Yeon’s offer for her. Because he worried that people will judge her for dating him.

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