Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 9. Jae-Gyeong catches Hong-Jo when she flees. He asks her if she’s fine. She finds out that the person who chased her disappears. Seo-Goo follows Eun-Young. He tells her that he wants to move her washing machine for her.

What Happens In Destined With You Episode 9?

Destined With You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 9.

Eun-Young is surprised that Seo-Goo wants to go to her place. She thinks it’s weird. He claims that he’s just her friend. She agrees to him. She opens the car door for him. He goes to her house and he changes the light for her. She hands over the raspberry wine to him.

Eun-Young asks Seo-Goo if he wants to eat noodles when he drinks the wine. He’s startled. The wine drops to his shirt. She yells at him that she wanted to cook noodles for him because she doesn’t have other food. He reveals he has a blind date.

Seo-Goo mentions the girl Seung-Yeon asked him for a meeting up after her work. He doesn’t know what to do when he tries to wipe off the wine. Eun-Young tries to take off his shirt. It makes him want to hug her. She rejects it and she tries to walk away.

Seo-Goo takes Eun-Young’s arm. He hugs her. Yoon-Joo is in Shin-Yu’s ward when Shin-Yu is in a coma. She blames her husband for not telling it to her when she cries. Na-Yeon tells Yoon-Joo to go home to take a break. But Yoon-Joo rejects it.

Se-Heon reminds Yoon-Joo that her son wouldn’t be saved if Na-Yeon didn’t find him. But she blames him for not telling Shin-Yu’s illness to her. He explains to her that Shin-Yu asked him not to do so. She cries when she thinks her son had a hard time alone.

What Does Na-Yeon Give to Joong-Beom?

Jae-Gyeong visits Hong-Jo. He finds out that she’s sick. She asks him for some painkillers. She feels better after she took the painkillers. He takes out the sleeping pills. He tells her to take it for a good sleeping. She remembers what Shin-Yu told her that Jae-Gyeong stole her clothes.

Hong-Jo wonders why Jae-Gyeong was in the park. He reveals he went to check on the festival. He mentions Shin-Yu asked him to set up a CCTV. He asks her if she agrees to it. He wonders why Shin-Yu asked him to set up a CCTV. But Shin-Yu is on sick leave when he wanted to talk about it.

Jae-Gyeong tells Hong-Jo to go to sleep. He tells her that he won’t go down until she falls asleep. But she asks him to go down. He leaves after he prepared hot water for her. She lies in the bed. But it’s blackout. She tries to turn on the light. But she fails.

Hong-Jo walks out of her room. A shadow shows up from the window. She’s startled to return to her room. The shadow shows up again. She goes to open the window. She sees a curse doll with Shin-Yu’s name. She’s startled to wake up from her nightmare.

The doctor tells Yoon-Joo that Shin-Yu will recover soon. But Se-Heon wonders why his son doesn’t wake up. The doctor thinks Shin-Yu is just tired. Hong-Jo is waiting for Shin-Yu’s message. But she gets a message from Jae-Gyeong who asks her if she’s fine.

Shin-Yu wakes up from his ward. Yoon-Joo asks him if he’s fine. She notes that he doesn’t speak so that she asks him to take a look at her. She asks him if he recognized her. She has a fight with her husband. Hong-Jo calls Shin-Yu. But he doesn’t pick up her phone.

Hong-Jo texts Shin-Yu. She asks him to reply to her. He sees her messages. He learns that she worried about him. Kim Wook blames Shin-Yu for caring for his phone after he woke up. He asks him to go skiing with him. But Shin-Yu tells Kim Wook to leave.

Hong-Jo is waiting for Shin-Yu outside the hospital. He walks out of the hospital. She thinks he should dress warmly. He mentions she texted him a lot when he walks to her. She claims that there’s an exception. He sits with her. He mentions what she told him not to get closer.

Hong-Jo sits aside. She asks Shin-Yu what happened. She asks him about his illness. He leans his head on her shoulder. She pushes his head away and asks him not to fool her. She tells him that she worried about him. But he points out that she didn’t bring any present to him.

Hong-Jo intends to buy Shin-Yu a present before she leaves. But he rejects it because he thinks it’s enough to see her. She confesses to him that she came to him for the wooden box. She adds that she worries about the curse doll. He reveals he had the illness before the curse doll.

Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that she wants to check on his illness. It makes him believe that something happened to her. But she denies it. She asks him when he will leave the hospital. But he tells her that he doesn’t want to leave the hospital so that she will continue to worry about him.

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Hong-Jo thinks Shin-Yu is fine according to what he says. She tells him that she wants to go to his house. He wants to join her. But she rejects it because he’s sick. He holds her hands and he tells her that he wants to tell something to her.

Someone takes a photo of Hong-Jo and Shin-Yu. He sends the photo to Na-Yeon. Na-Yeon calls the person. She tells him not to take photos. Shin-Yu returns to his ward. Na-Yeon hugs him. She tells him that she felt happy that he woke up.

Na-Yeon tells Shin-Yu that Hong-Jo has explained it to her. She takes out the porridge she bought him. Hong-Jo reads the spell book. She thinks Shin-Yu is sick because of the curse. She tells it to Eun-Wol. She decides to break the curse.

Na-Yeon brings Shin-Yu’s shirt to Joong-Beom. She asks him to return the shirt to her when he strokes the shirt. But he tells her that he did those things wasn’t because she told him to do. He tells her that he has his own plan. He asks her to work with him.

Na-Yeon wonders why she needs to listen to Joong-Beom. He tells her that it will be very funny. Hong-Jo remembers Shin-Yu told her that he won’t go on a trip if she tells him not to do that. Se-Heon tells Shin-Yu to live with Na-Yeon after he went on a trip. But Shin-Yu asks his parents if they believe in past lives.

Does Shin-Yu Go On the Trip?

Hak-Young announces the beginning of the festival. Hong-Jo lets the workers light up the fireworks. The beauty plays music in the pavilion. Hong-Jo calls Shin-Yu. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. She walks around and she sees him. They walk to each other.

Hong-Jo thinks Shin-Yu didn’t go on the trip. He points out that she called him for stopping him. She admits it and she didn’t expect that he would come. She tells him that she tried to test the spells. But he hugs her and confesses his feelings to her.

Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo to run away with him. The workers carry Hong-Jo to the house. The old lady walks out of her house. She sees Hong-Jo. Shin-Yu tells his father that he wants to meet with his mother. But his father is against it. He tells Shin-Yu that his mother doesn’t want to see him.

The doctor reports to Shin-Yu’s father that his wife passed away. Shin-Yu cries to run to the field. He runs into Hong-Jo. She smiles at him and she tells him that his mother left a letter into his book. He returns home and finds the letter from his book. He reads the letter and finds out that his mother missed him very much. He cries.

Hong-Jo finds Shin-Yu who falls asleep under the tree. She thinks he was the crybaby. She asks him if he read his mother’s letter. He tells her to respect him because he’s the lord’s son. She tricks him to bow to her. She thinks he waited for her to thank her for letting him read his mother’s letter.

Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that she knows he doesn’t like study. She walks away. He follows her and helps her pick the fruit. She smiles. Shin-Yu thinks Hong-Jo knows his future because she saw him failing his exam. He asks her if he will be a general. But she sees the blood future of him. She tells a lie to him that he will work his way up. Shin-Yu rides the horse. He tells his father that he doesn’t fear it. His father is very happy.

Episode 9 of Destined With You ends with Shin-Yu riding the horse to the mountain peak. Hong-Jo is waiting for him. He thinks she doesn’t know her future. He kisses her forehead. He notes that her face is red. She thinks she did so because of the sunset. But he knows she told a lie to him. He kisses her lips.

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