Different Princess: Episodes 2, 3 & 4 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Different Princess: Episodes 2, 3 & 4. Ji Chu tells his follow to continue to look for Hua Qingge. He wonders who helped his princess. Hua Qingge wakes up. She wonders why she’s still in the novel world.

What Happens In Episode 2?

Different Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Different Princess: Episodes 2, 3 & 4.

Hua Qingge wonders how she can return to her world. She swears not to use her name to write novel. She’s surprised that she has fought with Ji Chu for one night. Ji Yun shows up. Hua Qingge takes a look at him. She thinks he was the one who saved her.

She believes that he was the moonlight hero who everyone misses. She reveals Ji Yun is Hua Qingge’s cousin. Ji Yun asks Hua Qingge if she feels uncomfortable. She denies it and she thanks him for saving her. He thinks he doesn’t have to conceal it since she has known who he is.

He thinks he did something wrong to take her out of Ji Chu’s palace because he heard that she has feelings for Ji Chu. She denies it and she’s happy to thank him for saving her life. He tells her to recover there. He promises to take care of his mother.

It makes her believe that he’s her moonlight. She explains it to him that he’s a good person who everyone likes. She feels sorry for doing the thing to him since he’s nice to her. She swears to change the ending if the Heaven gives her another chance.

Ji Yun thinks Ji Chu did it too much last night. But he asks Hua Qingge to conceal herself since she has fled. He thinks she shouldn’t mention the name Ji Chu. She agrees to his plan. She promises to be careful. She hangs out with him. She’s excited when she looks at the people on the street.

The person passes by. He mentions Wu Xueji is going to dance. Ji Yun tells Hua Qingge to get off the carriage. Because only he and his mother know her looks. She goes to watch the show of Wu Xueji. She’s surprised that Wu Xueji is pretty.

But she remembers she let Ji Chu kill Wu Xueji for helping Ji Chu reach his goal. Ji Yun asks Hua Qingge what happened. She takes a look at him. She worries that he will suspect her history if she tells him that Wu Xueji will dead.

She denies it. Wu Xueji is taking off her makeup in her room. She coughs and finds out that she coughed blood. Gongye Qi asks Wu Xueji if she wishes to keep her beauty. He tells her that he can help her. The follower reports to Ji Chu that Gongye Qi has given Fairy Dress to Wu Xueji.

He reveals Wu Xueji agreed to use her life to exchanged with Fairy Dress. Hua Qingge sneaks into Wu Xueji’s room. She sees Wu Xueji. She worries that she’s dead. But Wu Xueji takes a look at Hua Qingge. It startles Hua Qingge. Hua Qingge asks Wu Xueji why she didn’t turn on the light.

What Happens In Episode 3?

Wu Xueji is very happy after she received Fairy Dress. Gongye Qi tells Wu Xueji to go to dance because it’s her last dance. She asks him if Xiao Nuo is fine. He reveals Xiao Nuo just falls asleep. Hua Qingge walks into Wu Xueji’s room. She finds out that Fairy Dress is missing.

She sees Xiao Nuo who passes out on the floor. She goes to look for Wu Xueji. She finds out that Wu Xueji wore Fairy Dress. She thinks she failed. Ji Yun shows up. He asks Hua Qingge what happened. She denies it. She offers to go to drink after Wu Xueji dances.

She plans to get Wu Xueji drunk so that she won’t kill herself. She takes her out of the club. She takes her to drink. Ji Chu follows them. The follower worries that Wu Xueji will change her mind. Ji Chu thinks nobody can refuse to keep her beauty. He reveals it’s the secret of Fairy Dress.

Hua Qingge drinks with Wu Xueji. Ji Yun thinks Hua Qingge will be drunk if she drinks in such a way. She denies it but she passes out because she’s drunk. Wu Xueji smiles. She thinks Hua Qingge is a good girl. But Ji Yun reveals Hua Qingge has some secrets.

He asks Wu Xueji where she got Fairy Dress. She hands over the box to him. She asks him to accept her secret. Hua Qingge wakes up. She worries about Wu Xueji. She runs out of the house. She remembers Wu Xueji passed out there. She thinks she changed the ending.

She bumps Xiao Nuo when she runs out of the house. Xiao Nuo runs away. Hua Qingge realizes that it happened in the club. The officer talks about Wu Xueji. He reveals Xiao Nuo confessed to him that Crown Prince killed Wu Xueji. Ji Feng walks Consort Wei. He reveals Crown Prince killed Wu Xueji.

Consort Wei tells his son to catch the chance. But he feels regret for the death of Wu Xueji. He plans to look into Crown Prince to take revenge for Wu Xueji. She’s furious to blame him for doing it for Wu Xueji. He explains it to her that he wishes to win the face for her.

But she points out that she wishes him to have face in front of his father. But he doesn’t want to fight in front of his father. She’s furious to slap his head. She tells him not to talk nonsense in front of his father. Emperor Xuanqi gets angry after knowing Crown Prince killed Wu Xueji. He thinks Crown Prince shouldn’t ruin his reputation for a dancer.

What Happens In Episode 4?

The follower reports to Ji Feng that Lin Xiyao has checked Wu Xueji’s dead body. Ji Feng asks the follower if Lin Xiyao can prove that Crown Prince was the killer. The follower denies it. He reveals it can only prove that Wu Xueji passed away because of burning charcoal.

But they don’t know who burned the charcoal. The follower asks Ji Feng to take care of the case because it’s related to Crown Prince. But Ji Feng doesn’t want to touch Wu Xueji’s body because she’s dead. The officer asks Ji Chu to take a look at Wu Xueji’s body.

But Ji Chu tells the officer that he’s not interested in it. He leaves. Hua Qingge thinks Ji Chu planned it. She swears not to let him get what he wants. The follower walks Ji Chu out of the club. He worries that Hua Qingge will use Ji Chu’s reputation to do bad things.

But Ji Chu thinks he knows Hua Qingge’s tricks. The follower mentions Hua Qingge robbed Fairy Dress. He believes that she knows Ji Chu’s plan. He worries that Hua Qingge will ruin their plan. But Ji Chu is confident about the case of Wu Xueji. He swears to get Dongzheng Department.

Xin Xiyao walks into Wu Xueji’s room with Hua Qingge. Hua Qingge carries the flowerpot to the table. She wonders why the flowers are wilting. Lin Xiyao finds the dregs of a decoction from the flowerpot. Hua Qingge takes Lin Xiyao to the clinic.

Lin Xiyao is surprised that Hua Qingge knew she planned to come to the clinic. Hua Qingge mentions Lin Xiyao found out that the herb was rare. She thinks she intended to look into it. Lin Xiyao thinks Hua Qingge knows what she thinks.

Hua Qingge tells Lin Xiyao that she knows she wishes to return the innocence to Crown Prince like her. Lin Xiyao asks Hua Qingge to get into the clinic with her. But Hua Qingge pretends to have a stomach ache. Because she doesn’t wish to see Ji Chu’s partner Gongye Qi.

But Lin Xiyao thinks Hua Qingge should see the doctor since she’s sick. Hua Qingge asks Lin Xiyao not to leave her alone if she passes out. Lin Xiyao wonders why Hua Qingge will pass out. Hua Qingge reveals she fears the master there.

She believes that Gongye Qi will kill her without leave any trace. Gongye Qi shows up. He thinks it was a great idea. She takes a look at his goldfish. She thinks the fish is Xiao Hong. She recognizes him and she passes out. He takes her to his clinic.

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He checks on her and he thinks she passed out because she worried something. He comforts Lin Xiyao that Hua Qingge will recover after she takes a break. She asks him to take a look at the dregs of a decoction. The princess Ji Waner reads the medical book. She finds out that the herb is named Drinking Ice. She reveals the herb can slow down the aging process. The maid thinks all of the women won’t be aged if there’s a good herb in the world. Episode 4 of Different Princess ends with Ji Yun revealing that Xue Wuji attacked him after he woke up.

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