Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 6 Ending Explained

This is the Ending Explained for Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 6. Murong Ziying’s powers are back after Yun Tianhe killed Yunan Prince. Bei Ke flees. Han Lingsha passes out in Liu Mengli’s arms. Yun Tianhe asks Liu Mengli about Han Lingsha.

Sword and Fairy 4 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy 4

Liu Mengli reveals Han Lingsha was hurt by Wangshu Sword. Yun Tianhe thinks the sword is sharp like his father’s temper. The girl tells them to leave. Yun Tianhe turns around. He and Liu Mengli see another Han Lingsha. The girl takes them to the exit.

Han Lingsha lets Yun Tianhe drop her. She worries that the girl is her soul because she looks like her. The girl reveals her name is Wu Mian. She reveals Yunan Prince let the 108 maids die with him. She adds that she’s the mind power of the 108 maids.

Yun Tianhe wonder why the girl looks like Han Lingsha. The girl reveals she doesn’t have a face. She adds that her face was imagined by them. The girls tells the group that she was the one who they’re worrying about. Yun Tianhe agrees to what the girl said. Because they worry that Han Lingsha will die.

The girl thinks Han Lingsha worries that she will die as well. Han Lingsha admits it. She’s surprised that there’s no field of cycles. She takes out the bracelets. The girl turns into a faceless girl. Liu Mengli thinks Wu Mian should hate the world because she was forced to die.

She wonders why she saved them. Wu Mian explains to Yun Tianhe that he’s the son of Yun Tianqing. She reveals Yu Tianqing enhanced the seal when Yunan Prince tried to leave the pot. Yun Tianhe finds out that his father is an hero.

Xuan Ji and Huai Shu look for Murong Ziying in the woods. Xuan Ji worries about Murong Ziying. Huai Shu comforts her that Murong Ziying is fine because he’s not a mortal person. He reveals there was sword power in the woods. Xuan Ji runs away.

Yun Tianhe lets Han Lingsha have a seat. He thinks she doesn’t recover after she drank the poisoned wine. She thanks him and Liu Mengli. But she feels guilty. She reveals she only thought about herself when she got into the mausoleum.

She learned that they worried about her after she saw the faceless girl. Yun Tianhe comforts Han Lingsha that the faceless girl would turn into Liu Mengli if Liu Mengli was in danger. She feels guilty to talking something bad to Yun Tianhe and Liu Mengli.

But Liu Mengli and Yun Tianhe don’t remember it. Yun Tianhe tells Han Lingsha that they believed that she wouldn’t tell a lie to them. Liu Mengli thinks Han Lingsha is sick since she wished to get the long life medicine. Yun Tianhe tells Han Lingsha to tell it to Liu Mengli because he thinks Liu Mengli can heal her.

Han Lingsha explains to Yun Tianhe that she worried that she will die because her parents passed away. Yun Tianhe wonders why he didn’t fear death since his parents passed away as well. Liu Mengli believes that Han Lingsha has a lot of pain in her heart.

Han Lingsha is surprised that Liu Mengli could read her mind. She asks her about what she saw. Liu Mengli comforts Han Lingsha that she just sensed her feelings. Han Lingsha tries to go to get some water. Yun Tianhe stops Han Lingsha when he volunteers to get water for her. But Han Lingsha rejects it.

Liu Mengli persuades Yun Tianhe not to stop Han Lingsha. Han Lingsha runs away. Liu Mengli believes that Han Lingsha just wishes to stay alone. Han Lingsha summons Liu Mengli and Yun Tianhe. The two come to her. They find out that Murong Ziying passed out under the tree.

Han Lingsha worries that Murong Ziying is dead. Liu Mengli finds out that Murong Ziying is poisoned. She uses the medicine to heal him. He wakes up and he vomits blood. He thanks her for saving him. He promises to repay her. She tells him that he doesn’t have to repay her.

She thinks the evil power got into his power because he wished to kill monsters. She reminds him that there’re some good monsters in the world. She thinks he will be a demon if he has the obsession. But he thinks the monsters are evil.

Xuan Ji shows up with Huai Shu. She blames Han Lingsha for telling her that she didn’t see her uncle. Han Lingsha explains to Xuan Ji that she didn’t see Murong Ziying when she saw her. She adds that they saved Murong Ziying when they saw him.

She thinks Murong Ziying has been dead if they didn’t save him. But Xuan Ji doesn’t believe what Han Lingsha said. Murong Ziying stops Xuan Ji. He’s surprised that she knows Han Lingsha. She wonders why he was hurt. Liu Mengli reveals Murong Ziying needs to take a break because the evil power got into his body.

Xuan Ji thinks Liu Mengli is a good beauty. She calls her Sister Meng after knowing her name. She asks her to leave with them. But Han Lingsha rejects it because she thinks Liu Mengli can leave with her. She tells Xuan Ji to take away Murong Ziying.

Huai Shu thinks Murong Ziying should take a break. Murong Ziying tells Liu Mengli that there was a officer looking for her. He leaves. Yun Tianhe thinks what Murong Ziying meant was Pei Jian. He goes to look for Pei Jian with Han Lingsha and Liu Mengli.

Pei Jian returns to Liu Shifeng’s house. He reports to Liu Shifeng that Liu Mengli is fine. Ruan Ci is happy to tell the maids to go to prepare the meal. But Liu Shifeng stops his wife. Because he wishes to decide the wedding date.

But she reminds him that they didn’t explain the marriage to the two kids. She mentions Liu Mengli wishes to marry the man she likes. But he mentions his daughter wished to repay Yun Tianqing. He thinks Liu Mengli actually repays Yun Tianqing if she marries Yun Tianhe.

He believes that Yun Tianhe is his family if he marries Liu Mengli. Ruan Ci agrees to her husband’s plan. Liu Shifeng asks Pei Jian for preparing the wedding because he has treated him as his real son. But Pei Jian thinks Liu Mengli and Yun Tianhe hasn’t known each other too long.

But Liu Shifeng points out that he has known Yun Tianhe’s father for twenty years. Yun Tianhe walks Liu Mengli on the street. He notes that she’s not happy. She reveals she wishes to go to Qionghua with them. But Han Lingsha is against it. She asks Liu Mengli about her parents.

Liu Mengli thinks Pei Jian can take care of her parents. But Han Lingsha mentions Liu Shifeng and Ruan Ci treat Liu Mengli as their treasure. She asks Liu Mengli if she plans to give up her parents. But Liu Mengli tells Han Lingsha that she has her reason.

Han Lingsha thinks there’s no reason which is important than parents. Yun Tianhe offers to listen to Liu Mengli’s reason. But Han Lingsha is furious to walk away. He wonders why Han Lingsha got angry. Liu Mengli thinks it reminded Han Lingsha her parents.

Yun Tianhe realizes that Han Lingsha’s parents passed away like him. Han Lingsha returns to Liu House. Pei Jian is surprised that she came back alone. She reveals Yun Tianhe and Liu Mengli are behind her. Pei Jian notes that Han Lingsha isn’t happy.

Han Lingsha denies it. She mentions she shows her true feelings on her face. She reveals she wishes to apologize to Liu Mengli but she thinks she didn’t say something wrong to her. Pei Jian thinks Liu Mengli wouldn’t mind it because she’s a good lady.

Han Lingsha notes that Pei Jian isn’t happy as well. He denies it and reveals Liu Shifeng plans to let Liu Mengli and Yun Tianhe be engaged. Han Lingsha is against it because Yun Tianhe and Liu Mengli hasn’t known each other too long.

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Han Lingsha returns to her room. She wonders why she got angry. She thinks it’s a good thing to Yun Tianhe if he can marry a pretty wife. She plans to ask Xuan Ying if Qiong Hua is dangerous. She sends a message to him. She sees Yun Tianhe meeting with Liu Shifeng. She wishes him to come to look for her.

Why Does Faceless Girl Help Yun Tianhe?

The faceless girl is the soul of the 108 maids who were killed by Yunan Prince. She hates Yunan Prince and treats Yun Tianqing as her benefactor because Yun Tianqing enhanced the seal when Yunan Prince tried to break through the seal. She knows Yun Tianhe is Yun Tianqing’s son. So she helps Yun Tianqing and Han Lingsha.

Why Aren’t Pei Jian and Han Lingsha Happy After Knowing Liu Mengli Is Going to Marry Yun Tianhe?

Because Pei Jian has feelings for Liu Mengli, and Han Lingsha has feelings for Yun Tianhe. Pei Jian is the follower of Liu Shifeng. But he falls for his lady. Liu Shifeng knows it. So he tells Pei Jian that he treats him as his son. It means that he cannot marry Liu Mengli because Liu Mengli is his daughter. Han Lingsha falls for Yun Tianhe after she got along to him. She doesn’t wish him to get married.

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