Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 11. Tong Yao reminds the team members that the rival is her ex-boyfriend. She takes them to defeat Jian Yang. Coach scolds Jian Yang for not playing the game according their plan.

Mother Begins To Support Tong Yao After Her Victory

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 11

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 11.

Tong Yao notes that Lu Sicheng is sick. Xiao Rui worries about the game. Tong Yao takes the team members to win the game again. Mother feels happy and thinks Tong Yao is actually her daughter. Lao Tong learns that his wife isn’t against Tong Yue to do e-sports.

Tong Yao smiles after she heard the cry of the fans. Lao K praises her. Jian Yang shakes hands with Tong Yao. He thinks she gets stronger. But she tells him to let his hand go. Lu Sicheng stops Tong Yao.

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Tong Yao Is Arranged To Take Care Of Lu Sicheng

Xiao Rui asks Tong Yao to attend the party. But she rejects it because she’s in menstruation. He gets her point and tells the driver to go back to pick Tong Yao up. Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng return to the office. Xiao Rui texts Tong Yao and asks her to feed Lu Sicheng the medicine.

Tong Yao intends to get Xiao Pang to replace Lu Sicheng. But Xiao Rui points out that Xiao Pang cannot control Lu Yue. Tong Yao brings the water and the medicine to Lu Sicheng. But she finds out hat he falls asleep. He wakes up and spots her.

Lu Sicheng Cooks Porridge For Tong Yao

Lu Sicheng asks Tong Yao why she came to his room. She reveals Xiao Rui asked her to see him taking pill. He tries the take the pill but finds out that water is too hot. He tells her to get himself a new water. She reminds him that women live hard when they give birth.

Tong Yao tries to cook the porridge for Lu Sicheng. But she cannot stand after she put the rice into the bowl. Lu Sicheng shows up and cooks the porridge for her. He shakes her head and tells her to inform him when the porridge is done.

Lu Sicheng Doesn’t Like Women

Tong Yao asks Lu Sicheng if he has a girlfriend. He denies and reveals his mom told him to let women do anything when the days come. He tells her that he wants to look for a girlfriend who is better than him in playing game.

Tong Yao texts Chen Jinyang and thinks Lu Sicheng doesn’t like women. She mentions what he said. Tong Yao feels uncomfortable when she lies on the couch. Lu Sicheng shows up and puts his hand on Tong Yao’s belly. He scolds her for not using a hot water bag. He takes out the hot water bag from the drawer. He pours the hot water into the bag.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao.

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