Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 12. Lu Sicheng tells the team members not to be surprised, and reveals Tong Yao’s bed is dirty. Ming Shen points out that there’re so many beds. Lu Yue thinks his brother tricked the girl to the bed.

The Team Members Catch Lu Sicheng

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 12

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 12.

Lu Sicheng claims that Tong Yao can get married because she has graduated from the university. Xiao Rui thinks he cannot explain it to Tong Yao’s family. He tells Lu Sicheng to wake Tong Yao up. Lu Sicheng asks how to do that. The team members laugh and think Lu Sicheng isn’t honest.

Lu Sicheng tells the team members that he will wake Tong Yao up. He asks them if they’re satisfied with it. They agree to it so that they leave. Xiao Pang tries to walk into the room Lu Sicheng blocks his way. Xiao Pang asks Lu Sicheng if it’s not his room. He walks away when Lu Sicheng glares at him.

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Tong Yao Apologizes To Lu Sicheng

Lu Sicheng returns to the room. He finds out hat Tong Yao hides in the quilt. He takes away the quilt from her. She apologizes to him and explains that she climbed in his bed because it was cold. He reminds her that she would be taken to the pig cage if it was ancient times.

Lu Sicheng thinks Tong Yao came to get his wedding gift. She mistakes that he’s making a proposal. But he tells her that he’s mocking her. She claims that she doesn’t need his wedding gift because she’s very rich. He thinks she has no shame, and wants to check if she stained his quilt.

Tong Yao Wants To Wash Quilt For Lu Sicheng

Tong Yao stops Lu Sicheng, and tells him that she will wash the quilt for him if she stained it. He complains that he got wronged for her many times. She promises to be the cow or horse afterlife. He rejects it and fights with her for the quilt.

Xiao Pang bursts into the room when Tong Yao lies on Lu Sicheng. He pretends not to see anything, and leaves the room. Tong Yao gets up and leaves the room because she wants to eat shrimp dumplings.

Jian Yang Visits Tong Yao

Tong Yao is doing live streaming. Jian Yang watches it and feels happy. Lu Sicheng reveals Tong Yao trembled when she was in his bed. The fan blames smiling for staining Lu Sicheng. Jian Yang tries to visit Tong Yao. But he’s stopped by the guard.

Jian Yang calls Tong Yao and asks her for coming out. She comes out but runs into Ai Jia. He shows his phone to her. Chen Jinyang tells Tong Yao not to get together with Jian Yang. Tong Yao agrees to it. But she says that she cannot ignore him if he’s drunk.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Tong Yao.

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