Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 17 Release Date

Falling Into Your Smile is a Chinese drama that talks about the newbie player and the captain’s love. Lu Sicheng who begins to has feelings for Tong Yao even if he called her short person before.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 17 Release Date

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 17

Falling Into Your Smile episode 17 is going to release on Monday, July 5, 2021. You can watch the TV series on Youku and Tengxun Video. The drama contains 31 episodes.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 17 Spoilers

Episode 17 is set to the scene of the ZGDX team members gather to eat lobster. Tong Yao wonders why Lu Sicheng doesn’t eat lobster. Lu Yue reveals Lu Sicheng worries that the lobster taste will leave on his hands. Lu Sicheng admits it.

Lu Yue tells Tong Yao that Lu Sicheng will only eat it when she takes off the shrimp shell and puts it into the bowl of his brother. Tong Yao gives the lobster meat to Lu Sicheng. She claims that she didn’t poison it. He grabs her hand to eat the lobster meat. So she tells him to drink the wine.

Xiao Pang takes a look at Lu Yue. He asks him why Lu Sicheng listened to Tong Yao. Lu Yue doesn’t know the answer as well. Tong Yao asks Lu Sicheng if he wants more lobster meats. He asks her if she likes to take off shrimp shells for people. She tells him that she won’t give it to him if he asks for it. Tong Yao tells Lu Sicheng that it’s polite to let him taste the lobster because he bought them the meal.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 16 Spoilers

Lu Sicheng carries Lu Yao on the stage. The team members are shocked to stare at the two. Lu Sicheng asks Tong Yao if she is lack of calcium because she just tripped when she walked. She explains that his supporter stepped on her shoe. Xiao Pang asks Lu Sicheng if it’s a princess hug. Lu Sicheng says that there’s no any princess. Tong Yao tells Lu Sicheng to catch the point. She asks him for releasing her.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 15 Spoilers

Xiao Pang asks Tong Yao what happened on her. She says that she has a stomachache, and wants to respond the calling of nature. It makes people laugh. Tong Yao asks Xiao Rui to get Lu Yue to replace her. Because she wants to keep her face. Xiao Pang tells Tong Yao not to be scared. Because he will protect her when she goes out.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 14 Spoilers

Tong Yao takes off her headset. She tears up. Ming Shen thinks she did a great job. He adds that the training was effective. But she thinks she should thank everyone. Because she could win without the support of the team members. Lu Yue wonders why the team members wasn’t kind of him.

Lao K thinks they didn’t have to be kind of Lu Yue because Lu Yue doesn’t know what is shy. Tong Yao swears to work hard to kill the player alone. Lu Sicheng thinks Tong Yao is too arrogant. But he points out that it’s the arrogant he allows. The team members cannot stand what Lu Sicheng said. Xiao Pang offers to let the club to buy the meal because it was a milestone victory of Tong Yao. The team members agree to it.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 13 Spoilers

Tong Yao tells Lu Sicheng to have a talk well. He asks her why Jian Yang stared at her with sad eyes. She denies. So he asks her to tell him what kinds of eyes Jian Yang had.

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 12 Spoilers

Tong Yao wakes up and finds out that she’s sleeping with Lu Sicheng. She’s startled to hide in the quilt when someone else calls him. Lu Sicheng goes out to see the team members. He tells them to lower their voice, and reveals Tong Yao falls asleep.

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