Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 3. Tong Yao plays the game with Xiao Pang. She wins the game alone, and gets praised by the team members. But Lao K points out that Tong Yao didn’t care for other people’s lives.

Ming Shen Chose Tong Yao

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 3.

Lu Sicheng thinks what Lao K said was right that Tong Yao doesn’t have any concept of team. Ming Shen agrees to it. He was defeated by Tong Yao in the test game. He thought she’s the best. Lu Sicheng told Ming Shen to choose the person who’s going to replace him.

Lu Sicheng tells Ming Shen that he believes in his judgment. Ming Shen thinks Tong Yao is like Lu Sicheng. He says that they need Tong Yao for the victory. He thinks Tong Yue needs to know how to be a professional player. Lu Sicheng tells Ming Shen to make a training plan for the girl.

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Ming Shen Begins to Train Tong Yao

Father calls Lu Sicheng and tells him that Mother ran away from home again. Lu Sicheng promises to return home. Ming Shen tells Tong Yao that she must work hard for the victory of the whole team. She says that she prepared for it. But she wonders why she needs to learn the basic things.

Ming Shen tells Tong Yao that she’s a newbie as a professional player. Tong Yao posts a message that she’s tired to be a dog. Chen Jinyang calls Tong Yao and asks her to travel with her. Tong Yao rejects it and complains about the training. She thinks the team members bully her.

Tong Yao Asks Lu Sicheng For His Mercy

Tong Yao runs into Lu Sicheng in the game. Xiao Pang tells Tong Yao to beg Lu Sicheng. But Lu Sicheng kills Tong Yao’s role even if she begged him. She tells him that Xiao Pang is going to kill his fish. But he ignores her. Jian Yang cannot stand it. He tells Tong Yao not to flatter Lu Sicheng.

Lao K is furious to stand up. He glares at Tong Yao. Xiao Pang explains that Lao K always gets angry when he gets a call from his family. Lu Sicheng calls Tong Yao and tells her that he will be back soon. The fans think Tong Yao hits on Lu Sicheng. They decide to scold the girl.

Mother Asks Tong Yao About Her Boyfriend

Mother sees the news. She calls Tong Yao and asks her if she’s in love. Tong Yao denies and claims that she doesn’t have any time to be in love because of training. Mother asks Tong Yao if the Yang God is Jian Yang. Tong Yao admits it and reveals she just encountered the boy in the game playground.

Mother asks Tong Yao if Lu Sicheng hits on her. Tong Yao denies and hangs up because she sees Lu Sicheng. Lu Sicheng asks Tong Yao about her and Jian Yang’s relationship. He blames her for making him be a bad person. The team members note that Jian Yang isn’t happy. They go to comfort him. Jian Yang reveals Tong Yao is his ex-girlfriend.

Jian Yang and Tong Yao’s Past

It flashes back. Tong Yao asks Jian Yang to teach her to play games after she noted that he was happy when he plays the game. He agrees to it and tells her to choose the role Yu Zaoqian. He tells her that he will protect her when someone bullies her. She feels happy so that he catches the chance to touch her hand.

Tong Yao visits Jian Yang and brings the birthday present to him. He tells her that he likes the watch she gave him. She notes that he’s going to leave. He tells her that he wants to choose e-sports as his career.

Jian Yang and Tong Yao Break Up

Tong Yao thinks Jian Yang has her position by his side even if he has a shining future. She says that she thinks she witnesses the honor with him after she saw the photos he sent to her. She doesn’t realize that they cannot get back before even if they’re close. Tong Yao tells Lu Sicheng that she broke up with Jian Yang after he became a big star.

The team member thinks Tong Yao will join CK team if Jian Yang and Tong Yao get together again. Jian Yang texts Tong Yao and asks her for being his girlfriend again. Tong Yao feels sorry for getting Lu Sicheng involved. She tells him that Lao K wasn’t happy when she did that.

Lu Sicheng Holds Tong Yao’s Hand

Lu Sicheng tells Tong Yao that people will forget the rumor if she gets into nation game. She promises to take care of Da Bing so that he will have many sons. She notes that his eyes are red. He explains that he’s allergy to cat hair.

Tong Yao shows the message which tells people that she held Lu Sicheng’s hand when they walked at the street. She thinks it’s a lie because she didn’t touch Lu Sicheng’s hand. Lu Sicheng holds Tong Yao’s hand and asks her if she still feels wronged.

Lu Sicheng Protects Tong Yao

Tong Yao is startled. She sees the message Jian Yang sent. She learns that he wants to meet with her. Lu Sicheng tries to take a look at the message. She conceals her phone and thinks she should clarify it. But he’s against it because he clarified the rumor.

Tong Yao asks Lu Sicheng why he did that. He claims that it was his duty as a man. She thinks he will protect his future wife well. She texts Jian Yang that their love relationship is past. Jian Yang thinks Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng are in love. He calls Ai Jia and asks him about it. Ai Jia comforts Jian Yang that the two don’t get together.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao.

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