Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 2. Chen Jinyang asks Tong Yao if she saw the comments the fans wrote. She thinks they did it too much. Tong Yao comforts Chen Jinyang and tells her not to put it into her mind.

Tong Yao Worries That The Team Members Won’t Accept Her

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 2.

Ai Jia texts Tong Yao and asks her for persuading Chen Jinyang for him. Tong Yao tells it to Chen Jinyang. Chen Jinyang threatens the end the friendship if she takes Ai Jia’s side. Tong Yao worries that if her team members will like her.

Chen Jinyao tells Tong Yao that the team members will feel happy if they know she joined their team. Xiao Pang mentions Tong Yao joined ZGDX. Lu Sicheng and Lao K don’t like the female player. Someone rings the doorbell. Xiao Pang mistakes the person who gives him foods came.

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Lu Sicheng Mistakes Tong Yao As A Takeout Woman

Xiao Pang gets Lu Sicheng to open the door. Ting Yao waves her hand to greet Lu Sicheng. But he’s cold to her and closes the door after he got the foods. Xiao Pang eats the hamburger and finds out that it wasn’t ordered by him. Tong Yao posts what Lu Sicheng did to her on Weibo.

Lu Sicheng tells Tong Yao to delete the post. She rejects it and asks him to apologize to her. Xiao Rui shows up and introduces Tong Yao to the team members. He tells them that the girl will replace Ming Shen. Lu Sicheng explains that he mistook Tong Yao as a takeout woman because she didn’t wear well.

Lu Sicheng Dislikes Tong Yao’s Cat

Tong Yao complains that Lu Sicheng is so mean. She introduces her cat Da Bing to the team members. She thinks there’s no person who’s allergy to cats. But Lu Sicheng says that his son the fish is allergy to cats. Xiao Rui comforts Lu Sicheng that he will buy a new cat if his son passes away.

Xiao Pang takes Tong Yao to her room. She finds out that the room is full of pink colors. He tells her that he designed the room for girls. Tong Yao feels uncomfortable but she still tells Xiao Pang that she likes the room he designed for her.

Tong Yao Is Mistaken As A Girlfriend Of The Team Member

Tong Yao wakes up and goes to the office. She finds out that there’s nobody. She opens the fridge and wonders why there’s no breakfast. She encounters the nanny. Nanny tells Tong Yao to leave because she mistook her as the girlfriend of the team member.

Tong Yao explains to Nanny that she’s the new team member. Nanny tells Tong Yao that the team members won’t get up from bed until the noon. Because players don’t have morning. Lu Sicheng shows up when he wears pajamas. He spots Tong Yao. He’s startled to return his room.

Ming Shen Comes Back As A Coach

Xiao Rui takes Ming Shen to show up. He tells the team members that Ming Shen will be the coach of the team. Lao K tells Min Shen that he misses the time they played together. But Min Shen points out that the position belongs to Tong Yao.

Xiao Rui tells the team members to get up early because they need to take part in the new game. Lao K asks Xiao Rui if they get up to watch The Untamed. He’s furious to return to his room. Ming Shen follows Lao K. Xiao Pang explains that Lao K only accepts Ming Shen because he was hired by him.

Tong Yao Tells Lu Sicheng To Be Kind

Lu Sicheng tells Xiao Rui to get someone to take Tong Yao to supermarket. But Xiao Rui gets Lu Sicheng to complete the task. Tong Yao follows Lu Sicheng and asks her if she can call him Brother Cheng. He tells her to call him father.

Lu Sicheng calls Tong Yao dwarf. She scolds him and tells him to be kind. He tells her to delete the post. But she rejects it. Ai Ji calls Tong Yao and asks her why she didn’t contact him. She reveals Chen Jinyang told her not to contact him.

Liang Sheng Invites Tong Yao To Eat With Them

Liang Sheng learns that Tong Yao was the smiling who was rejected by Lu Sicheng. He invites her to have meals at their place. Lu Sicheng rejects it because Xiao Pang has been corrupted by Liang Sheng. He asks for playing game with Liang Sheng. Liang Sheng agrees to it but he wants to wait until the new team member comes.

Lu Sicheng tells Tong Yao to get in his car. She’s surprised that the player drives such an expensive car. She gets in his car and tells him that she just wants to buy a pair of slippers.

Lu Sicheng Recognizes Tong Yao

Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao get in the elevator. He recognizes her and thinks she was the short person. She explains that she could reach it. He thinks she’s too stubborn.

Lu Sicheng tells Tong Yao to choose the blue slippers. He throws away the pink slippers. She tries to take back the pink slippers because she thinks he’s bad at knowing beautiful things. But she cannot reach it. He takes it back for her, and learns that she was the girl who concealed the water.

Tong Yao Is Startled When The Fans Take Photos Of Her

Tong Yao realizes that Lu Sicheng stole her water. She walks him out of the supermarket. She intends to run away because there’s fans taking photos of them. She worries that the fans will recognize her because she didn’t apply makeup well.

The fan asks Lu Sicheng if Tong Yao is his girlfriend. Lu Sicheng denies and reveals Tong Yao is the new team member. The fan thinks Tong Yao is good looking. But Lu Sicheng tells the fan that Tong Yao is childish. Tong Yao helps the fans take photos with Lu Sicheng.

The fans leave. Tong Yao sees them off. She wonders if she will have many fans like Lu Sicheng. Lu Sicheng reminds Tong Yao that she needs to prove herself first. She wonders why there was nobody questioning him. He claims that he’s very strong.

They return to ZGDX. Xiao Rui thinks Lu Sicheng got along well with the new team member well. But Lu Sicheng thinks he took his daughter to have fun. Ming Shen gives his seat to Tong Yao. Xiao Pang cheers Tong Yao up. But Lu Sicheng wants to see the performance of Tong Yao’s first game. He asks Xiao Pang to take away the pink decorative border.

But Xiao Pang thinks Tong Yao likes it. Lu Sicheng asks Tong Yao if she likes the decorative border. She admits that it actually blocks the view. Xiao Pang tells Tong Yao to speak out her true thoughts. She claims that she’s not the girl who likes pink. Lu Sicheng points out that Tong Yao just bought a pair of pink slippers. She persuades him to be nice.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao.

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