Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 6. Lu Sicheng cannot sleep because he finds out that Tong Yao still plays game. He hands over the milk to her, and asks her if she hasn’t slept for one night. He asks her if he has used Yu Zaoqian.

Lu Sicheng Comforts Tong Yao

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 6

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 6.

Lu Sicheng covers Tong Yao’s eyes with his hand. So she stops playing game. He mentions what she said that she’s fine. She cries and tells him that she tricked him. She thinks she doesn’t know how to play Yu Zaoqian. He places his hand on her head to comfort her.

Xiao Pang blames TAT for posted the video on the web. Xiao Rui thinks it was his fault that he didn’t fight with the club. Xiao Pang worries that Tong Yao will be lost all the time. Lao K thinks Tong Yao isn’t suitable for playing game.

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The Team Members Decide To Protect Tong Yao

Ming Shen tells the team members to support Tong Yao. Xiao Pang agrees to it and thinks they should care for the girl. Lao Mao asks Lao K if he heard what Xiao Pang said. Lao K talks back that Tong Yao isn’t a panda.

Lu Sicheng finds out that Tong Yao isn’t in the office. He thinks he’s still sleeping. Xiao Rui decides to go to persuade Tong Yao. Tong Yao tells Xiao Rui that she needs to leave because Chen Jinyang summoned her. He tells her to be careful.

Tong Yao Pretends To Be Strong

Xiao Rui thinks TAT cannot get training game because he posted the stuff online. He thinks Tong Yao is fine now. Lu Sicheng says that Tong Yao just pretends to be strong. Chen Jinyang takes Tong Yao to the bar. She gets her to have a seat.

Chen Jinyang tells Tong Yao that she just failed one time. She reveals Ai Jia went to the balcony to cry when he got defeated. She adds that he went to prepare next game after he cried. The guy asks Tong Yao for drinking with her.

Ai Jia Catches Chen Jinyang

Ai Jia shows up and stops the guy. Tong Yao wonders how Ai Jia knew they’re there. Chen Jinyang thinks Ai Jia caught her when she did makeup for Tong Yao. Ai Jia stares at Chen Jinyang and calls her wife. But she tells him to stay away from her because she needs to have a talk with Tong Yao.

Chen Jinyang tells Tong Yao not to put what people said into her mind. Ai Jia swears to take revenge for A Tai if he encounters him. But Chen Jinyang tells Ai Jia that Tong Yao doesn’t need him to take revenge. Ai Jia texts Jian Yang and tells him that he has a chance. Xiao Rui wonders why A Tai’s method worked. Lu Sicheng reveals the player will think about bad things when she gets defeated.

Tong Yao Doesn’t Recognize Jian Yang

Jian Yang arrives. Chen Jinyang is surprised and blames Ai Ji for informing Jian Yang. But he drags her aside. Jian Yang tells Tong Yao not to drink. She rejects it. He tries to take her to wash her face. She rejects him again and she doesn’t recognize him.

Xiao Rui wonders why the girl doesn’t come back. He thinks she’s taking her life in the sea. Chen Jinyang texts Lu Sicheng and tells him that Tong Yao is at the bar. Ai Jia blames Chen Jinyang for doing so. He thinks she will obstruct Jian Yang and Tong Yao.

Chen Jinyang Reveals Tong Yao Doesn’t Like Jian Yang

Chen Jinyang glares at Ai Jia. She claims that she doesn’t agree to it, and thinks Jian Yang isn’t match for Tong Yao. Ai Jia explains that it was a misunderstanding. She points out that Tong Yao doesn’t like Jian Yang anymore. She thinks Tong Yao would break up with Jian Yang if she liked him.

Jian Yang tells Tong Yao not to refuse the caring of him. He admits that he was wrong. He tells her that he cannot live without her when he grabs her hand. He asks her for giving him a chance. He tries to take her away. But she rejects it, and thinks what she cares about. She begins to vomit.

Lu Sicheng Picks Up Tong Yao

Chen Jinyang goes to take care of Tong Yao. She scolds Ai Jia when he thinks Tong Yao just cares for the role which was defeated by A Tai. Lu Sicheng shows up. So Chen Jinyang wakes Tong Yao up. Tong Yao thinks Lu Sicheng wants to throw her into the sea when he glares at her.

Lu Sicheng asks Chen Jinyang how Tong Yao is drunk like that. She reveals the girl saw the comments and went to drink. Tong Yao denies and thinks she drank ice tea. Lu Sicheng tries to take Tong Yao away. But Jian Yang stops Lu Sicheng.

Lu Sicheng Takes Tong Yao Away In Front Of Jian Yang

Jian Yang wants to escort Tong Yao home. But Lu Sicheng reminds Jian Yang that he’s just her ex-boyfriend. He lets his hand go, and takes Tong Yao away. Jian Yang wants to follow the two. But Chen Jinyang stops Jian Yang. He tells her that he doesn’t feel good for getting the two to go home alone. She reminds him that he and Tong Yao’s relationship ended.

Lu Sicheng carries Tong Yao to walk alone the street. Tong Yao’s shoe drops. Lu Sicheng picks it up for her. She wants to wear the shoe. But he rejects it and threatens to dumps her. She wonders why he’s ferocious all the time, and tells him to be a good person.

Tong Yao Confesses The Reason Why She Was Sad

But Lu Sicheng points out that it’s the best action to carry her. He tells her that she gets defeated in e-sport games. He adds that it won’t influence her to be the best player no matter how the people scold her. Tong Yao tells Lu Sicheng that she just doesn’t want to get the team members involved.

Tong Yao says that she’s not sure if she can play games well. Lu Sicheng tells her that he knows the role Yu Zaoqian is a belief to her. She doesn’t know what to do because her belief is collapsed. He tells her to build the new belief with the determination of victory.

Lu Sicheng Wants To Train Tong Yao

Lu Sicheng reminds Tong Yao that she was chosen by Ming God from tons of people. He thinks he can train her. But she thinks he tricked her because he cannot accept the indignity. He thinks she is right.

Lu Sicheng carries Tong Yao home and places her on the bench. He wakes her up and tells her that he’s going to buy her the medicine. But she grabs his sleeve, and tells him that she wants to take revenge. She asks him if he’s going to trip.

Lu Sicheng Tells Tong Yao To Wait For Him

Lu Sicheng denies. He tells Tong Yao that he will be back soon. But she worries that she will encounter bad guys. He talks back that the bad guy won’t have feelings for her. She walks into the office after he left.

Tong Yao tells the team members that she came back. But she sees Lu Yue. She’s startled to flee after he smiled at her. She runs towards Lu Sicheng and jumps on him after she hugs his neck. He has to catch her thighs to make her not fall.

Lu Sicheng Thinks Tong Yao Is Too Heavy

Tong Yao glares at Lu Sicheng and tells him that there’s a monster who’s like him in the office. He tells her to get off from him, and wishes her not to admit what she does after she woke up. He complains that she’s heavy like a pig.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao.

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