Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 18 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 18. Qin Moyao mentions the death of Lin Guofu. Chi Shan thinks it was just an accident. Qin Moyao thinks he can look into it if it was an accident. He reminds Chi Shan that Lin Xintong kept a hair of Lin Guofu before Lin Guofu got buried.

What Happens In Forever Love 2023 Episode 18?

Forever Love 2023

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 18.

Lin Xintong watches the screen. She asks Qin Moyao if he’s sure that Chi Shan was tricked. He admits it. Chi Shan walks into Lin Xintong’s room to look for Lin Guofu’s hair. Lin Xintong thinks they should find the solid evidence even if they know Chi Shan killed her father.

Zhou Mo hands over the papers to Lin Xintong. He tells her that he has looked into the papers. She asks him if he looked into Xia Yuwei. He claims that he’s not a trash. He reveals her father bought Digoxin. She thinks it’s not strange because her father has heart disease.

Qin Moyao comforts Lin Xintong that he will find a way. She sneaks into Chi Shan’s room. She tries to open the safe. Chi Shan returns to his office. He wonders why Lin Xintong is in his office. She explains to him that she came to take back her seal.

Chi Shan remembers Xia Yuwei told him that Lin Xintong can see. He tells Lin Xintong not to move. He reveals there’s a stuff on her hair. He tells her that he’s going to take it off for her. He holds the pen and he tries to stab her eye.

Lin Xintong stops Chi Shan. She tells him to take the seal for her. He opens the safe and takes out the seal. He puts the seal in her hand. He tells her to keep the seal. Qin Moyao shows up. He takes Lin Xintong to leave Chi Shan’s office.

Qin Moyao asks Lin Xintong why she didn’t listen to him. He mentions she promised him not to take action on her own. He tells her that he worries about her. She explains to him that she just wanted to find the evidence. He mentions what he told her that he will find a way.

Lin Xintong tells Qin Moyao that she doesn’t wish him to risk his life for her. He kisses her and she kisses him back. He tells her that what she does will make him be serious. He tells her that she doesn’t have to give the answer to him. But he asks her to tell it to him no matter what she wants to do. She nods.

Why Zhou Mo Wishes Qin Moyao to Leave Lin Family?

Zhou Mo meets with Qin Moyao. He tells him to leave with him. But Qin Moyao rejects it. He asks Zhou Mo if those guys came for him. He’s surprised that Chi Shan spent money to buy his life. He asks Zhou Mo how much money his life is.

Zhou Mo tells Qin Moyao that it’s not kidding. Qin Moyao tells Zhou Mo that he won’t die easily. Zhou Mo asks Qin Moyao if he can promise that he won’t get Lin Xintong involved. He tells him not to care those things because he has completed his task.

Qin Moyao gets a call from someone. He’s told that something happened to his mother. He decides to go to see his mother. Lin Xintong joins him after she knew it. Lin Xintong holds Qin Moyao’s hand after they left the hospital. She thinks his mother missed him. She mentions Madam Qin was fine after Qin Moyao went to see her.

Lin Xintong offers to buy flowers to see Madam Qin. Qin Moyao agrees to it. She thinks he suffered when he was alone. He thinks his mother wouldn’t collapse if it wasn’t because of him. He mentions his mother stopped him when he tried to get on knees to the creditors.

Episode 18 of Forever Love 2023 ends with Qin Moyao telling Lin Xintong that he was changed to be a person who doesn’t have feelings since then. He mentions he accepted any task for repaying the debts. She tells him that she will protect him. He hugs her. She tells him to cry to make himself feel better.

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