Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 8. Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that his girlfriend slapped her. She mentions what his girlfriend told her that they had a kiss. She wonders what he told his girlfriend.

What Happens In Destined With You Episode 8?

Destined With You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 8.

Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo that she swayed him. She gets angry and she tries to leave. But he stops him when he grabs her hand. He kisses her. She pushes him away and asks him what he’s doing. She thinks he’s playing with her. He asks her if she never wavered when she saw him.

Hong-Jo admits it. She tells Shin-Yu not to do so as well. He wants to give her a ride. But she rejects it and walks away. Shin-Yu remembers he told Na-Yeon that he was swayed. She asked him to end the feelings. Hong-Jo lies in the bed. She opens her eyes. She remembers Shin-Yu kissed him.

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Hong-Jo blames herself for closing her eyes. She thinks she should slap Shin-Yu. She remembers Na-Yeon slapped her. Na-Yeon is sleeping with Hyun-Seo. She gets a message from Hong-Jo who thinks she didn’t deserve the slap. She asks for a meeting up.

Na-Yeon meets with Hong-Jo at the cafe. She thinks she slept well last night. She’s startled when Hong-Jo lifts the glass. Hong-Jo tells Na-Yeon that she doesn’t want to waste her water. She drinks the water. She tells Na-Yeon that she came to tell what happened to her and Shin-Yu.

Hong-Jo thinks Shin-Yu didn’t tell Na-Yeon the whole story. Shin-Yu texts Hong-Jo. He asks her for a meeting up. She goes to his office. She tells him that she came to ask him about the the stray cat feeding station. But he wants to talk about something else with her.

Hong-Jo rejects it because she has told everything to Na-Yeon. She thinks Na-Yeon wouldn’t get angry if he told Na-Yeon about the love spell. She wonders why he kept a secret from his girlfriend. She thinks he felt embarrassed. She tells him that she has told the truth to his girlfriend. She comforts her that she didn’t tell Na-Yeon about last night.

Shin-Yu wonders why Hong-Jo didn’t tell Na-Yeon about last night. She thinks it’s not a big deal. He points out that they had a kiss. Hong-Jo claims that she’s open-minded. She thinks she just made a mistake that everyone made. He reveals he worried about her.

Hong-Jo leaves Shin-Yu’s office. She thinks it wouldn’t make any difference even if she put meaning to it. Jae-Gyeong shows up. He calls her name. He thinks she has been a flower. She tells him that his joke isn’t funny at all.

Jae-Gyeong laughs because he thinks it’s very funny. Hong-Jo laughs as well. But her smiling is frozen when Shin-Yu opens the door. He mentions what she told him that she’s in a hurry. She scolds him when she tells him that she’s going to leave.

Hong-Jo thanks Jae-Gyeong for making her feel better before she leaves. He takes a look at Shin-Yu. He leaves as well. Seo-Goo asks Sae-Byeol and Su-Jeong for the methods to use on the blind date. Sae-Byeol thinks he doesn’t have to do so because it’s just a blind date.

How Does Hong-Jo Know Someone Is Stalking Her?

Su-Jeong tells Seo-Goo that the woman is the one who doesn’t eat meat. He feels bad. Sae-Byeol cheers him up. He thinks he needs to give up chicken if he chooses the woman. But she tells him to decide it after he dated the woman. She tells him to eat seafood with the woman.

Eun-Young blames Seo-Goo for talking about the blind date since he didn’t prepare for the festival. He scolds Sae-Byeol for mentioning the blind date. Hong-Jo takes a photo of the stray cat station. The kid joins her. He thinks those people aren’t bad.

The kid tells Hong-Jo that she cannot kill the killer because of the blind spot of the CCTV. He drinks chocolate with her. He mentions the girl held his hand when he didn’t have feelings for her. But he thought of the girl when he slept.

The kid reveals he held the girl’s hand for five minutes. Hong-Jo thinks he likes the girl. But he tells her that he doesn’t like tall girls. She thinks he just doesn’t want to admit that he likes the girl. But he tells her not to take it lightly because she doesn’t have any experience.

Hong-Jo complains to the kid U-Ram that she didn’t push the guy away. He thinks she’s in denial as well. She denies it and she tells U-Ram that she doesn’t like the guy. Shin-Yu calls the prosecutor Min-Gyu. He asks him to track down the stalker’s phone. He reveals the stalker took photos of him.

Hong-Jo is waiting for the bus at the bus stop. She remembers Na-Yeon told her that Shin-Yu didn’t tell anything about her to her. Na-Yeon revealed there was a guy who sent the photos to her. Hong-Jo wondered why the guy did it to her and Shin-Yu. Na-Yeon told Hong-Jo to be careful because someone is stalking her.

Why Jae-Gyeong Invites Hong-Jo to Attend the Gathering with Him?

Jae-Gyeong passes by. He tells Hong-Jo to get in his car. He asks her if Shin-Yu came to his senses when he drives. But she tells him that she doesn’t know it as well. It makes him believe that something happened to her and Shin-Yu.

Hong-Jo tells Jae-Gyeong that she doesn’t care for Shin-Yu because she doesn’t want to lose. But it makes him worry about her more. She asks him about his plan for the end of the year. He reveals he’s going to attend a gathering that he doesn’t want to attend. He asks her to join him.

Hong-Jo wonders why Jae-Gyeong invited her since he doesn’t want to attend the gathering. He reveals the gathering is for couples. He tells her to go to the gathering with him no matter the traffic lights are green or red. She realizes that she has to attend the gathering with him.

Jae-Gyeong thinks it’s hot. So he opens the car window. Hong-Jo feels cold when she gets blew by the wind. Yoon-Joo stays in her car. She sees the couple having a kiss. She complains to Destined With You that she hasn’t had a kiss for a long time. She blames her husband for what he did.

Episode 8 of Destined With You ends with the worker taking Hong-Jo to the pavilion. She thinks the pavilion is very good. She takes photos of the pavilion after he left. But the lights are off suddenly. She calls him but he doesn’t reply to her. She gets a call from someone. She tries to talk with him. But he doesn’t speak. She hangs up and remembers Shin-Yu told her that he suspects Jae-Gyeong. She’s scared to flee. But she trips. Someone walks to her.

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