Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 21 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 21. Lin Xintong notes that Qin Moyao is weird. He denies it. She hugs him and thinks he won’t give up her. He tells her that he’s going to do the things he promised her.

What Happens In Forever Love 2023 Episode 21?

Forever Love 2023

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 21.

Lin Xintong wakes up. She tries to take the coffee. But she grabs a letter. She reads the letter and finds out that Qin Moyao left. He tells her to protect herself. She goes to his room to look for him. But he’s missing. She calls him. He doesn’t pick up her phone.

Lin Xintong tells Qin Moyao that she doesn’t allow him to resign. She tells him to come back. She thinks he’s kidding to her. She reminds him that he owes her some money. He sends the money to her. She tells him that he cannot give up her even if he’s rich. She tells him to speak if he has the guts.

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The guy mentions there was no person who could bear three attacks of Jixing sect. He thinks Qin Moyao goes to give out his life. Qin Moyao thinks Chi Shan will regret even if he promised not to work with Jixing sect. He thinks he should bear the three attacks if he wants to help Lin Xintong.

Qin Moyao thinks Chi Shan has no other ways if Jixing sect tears up the contract. The guy tells Qin Moyao to consider himself more. But Qin Moyao asks the guy to take a look at the papers. He tells him to return the money to Lin Xintong if something bad happens to him.

The guy is furious to tell Qin Moyao to take everything back. He pretends not to listen to it. But Qin Moyao asks the guy to keep the shares of Hongfu. He asks him to take care of his mother for him. He mentions Chi Shan intends to get the whole Hongfu group.

Qin Moyao thinks Chi Shan and Lin Guofu have hidden secret. He tells the guy to look into it. But he asks him not to tell it to Lin Xintong. Lin Xintong is waiting for Qin Moyao in his room. She tells him not to come back since he left.

Why Qin Moyao Doesn’t Tell Lin Xintong that He Saved her?

Lin Xintong takes a look at Qin Moyao’s cross. She remembers he saved her after she had a traffic accident. She thinks he told a lie to her again. Lin Xintong walks on the street. The guy Zhou Mo tails her. But she’s missing. She shows up and wonders how did he make friend with Qin Moyao since he’s lack of power.

Zhou Mo tells Lin Xintong that he doesn’t expect that she was so powerful. He praises her and he tries to leave. But she stops him and she thinks he’s going to go to see Qin Moyao. She wants to join him. But he denies it and mentions Qin Moyao is at her house.

But Lin Xintong thinks Zhou Mo told her a lie. She thinks he wouldn’t tail her if Qin Moyao didn’t ask him to do so. She thinks Qin Moyao asked him to protect her. But he tells her that he won’t tell it to her even if he knows it.

Zhou Mo tells Lin Xintong not to use him because he didn’t sign any contract with her. He tells her to go to see Qin Moyao since she knows where Qin Moyao’s house is. She points out that she doesn’t have to visit him if Qin Moyao agreed to open the door for her.

Lin Xintong decides to follow Zhou Mo. Because she thinks he’s going to go to see Qin Moyao. Jixing sect returns the death contract to Qin Moyao after Qin Moyao accepted their three attacks. Qin Moyao tears up the death contract.

Zhou Mo calls Qin Moyao. He tells him that his woman will die if he doesn’t come back. Qin Moyao returns home. He finds out that Lin Xintong and Zhou Mo are drunk. Zhou Mo tells Qin Moyao that Lin Xintong is a good drinker. He tells him that he will die if he doesn’t come back.

Episode 21 of Forever Love 2023 ends with Zhou Mo leaving. Qin Moyao decides to take Lin Xintong home because he thinks she’s drunk. But she doesn’t want to return to home. She thinks he’s a liar. She blames him for running away after he kissed her. He explains to her that he has something he needs to handle. She asks him about his scar on his back. She asks him why he told a lie to her. He mentions what she told him that Chi Shan was the one who saved her.

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