Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 5. Shin-Yu plays sand on the beach. He sees Hong-Jo and he finds out that he found the answer. Hong-Jo gets into the bar. Shin-Yu joins her. She tells him that the seat isn’t for him.

What Happens In Destined With You Episode 5?

Destined With You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 5.

But Shin-Yu points out that Hong-Jo doesn’t want to eat alone at the bar. She tells him that the seat is for her father after Destined With You episode 5 let her do that. She adds that her father passed away. He sits with her and he apologizes to her father. She orders many foods.

The bar owner thinks the foods are too much for two people. Shin-Yu tells the bar owner that the foods are for three people. Hong-Jo notes that Shin-Yu doesn’t drink. He explains to her that he needs to drive. She’s furious to blame him for not drinking on a commeoration day.

Shin-Yu asks Hong-Jo if she can handle his habit. She’s startled to move aside because she thinks he’s going to kiss her. He tells her that he cannot control himself because of the love spell if he drinks. She takes away his wine. She tells him not to drink.

Hong-Jo is surprised that Shin-Yu never drank before. She thinks it was because of his illness. He mentions what his father told him that it’s a curse. So he chose not to drink. She thinks he’s so poor to live a boring life. He wonders how did her father pass away.

Hong-Jo refuses to leak it because she and Shin-Yu aren’t close. She runs to the sea. She tells her father that she became a civil servant. She turns around and sees Shin-Yu. She tells her father that the guy who follows her isn’t her boyfriend.

Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu to greet her father. He tells her father that he’s Hong-Jo’s destiny. He tells Hong-Jo that he decides to accept his destiny. He asks her what she will do to the love spell. But she tries to leave. He stops her and reminds her that he’s her destiny.

Shin-Yu thinks he and Hong-Jo get together because she cast the spell wrong. But she blames him for drinking the love potion which doesn’t belong to him. She thinks she’s a victim. But he tells her to take the duty. She sits on the sand and tells him to go against their destinies with her.

Do Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo Promise to Go Against their Destinies?

Shin-Yu agrees to go against his destiny. Because he doesn’t wish Hong-Jo to be his destiny. But she asks him to help her stand up. He helps her but he makes her trip. She thinks he intended to do that. She’s furious to lie on the sand.

Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo take a cab. She leans her head on his shoulder when she falls asleep. He tries to let her hand go. But she tells him that his smell is very nice. He thinks it’s the reason that he cannot go against his destiny. The two ladies pass by the woods. They see something and they’re scared to scream.

Hong-Jo reports to Seo-Goo that Mountain Onju is covered in blood. Eun-Young tells Hong-Jo to go to the mountain. Seo-Goo wants to join Hong-Jo. But Eun-Young is against it because she worries that Seo-Goo will pretend to get together with Hong-Jo.

But Seo-Goo wants to take care of Hong-Ju because he’s the team leader. Sae-Byeol is scared when Hong-Jo is taking photos of the blood. She worries that there’s a dead body. Seo-Goo comforts her that it’s chicken blood. He tells Hong-Jo to wipe the chicken blood.

Shin-Yu takes out the perfume from the drawer. He remembers what Hong-Jo told him that his body smells nice. He sprays the perfume on his body. She walks into his office. He thinks she should inform him about the damaged tree tags.

Hong-Jo is very happy because she thinks Shin-Yu is going to report it. He lets her have a seat. She shows the photos she took to him in Destined With You. But he stares at her face instead of those photos. He tells her that he won’t report it to the police because she has cleaned it.

Hong-Jo wonders why Shin-Yu called her. He tells her that he wanted to check if she would come or not. He thinks she shouldn’t come because she promised to go against her destiny. She gets angry and she tries to leave. But he stops her and asks her to take a look at his good looking face.

Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo that he wants to impress her. She leaves his office. Shin-Yu meets with Kim Wook at a bar. The waiter tries to hand over the stuff to Shin-Yu. He tells him that it was left by his girlfriend. But Shin-Yu refuses to accept it because he has broken up with Na-Yeon.

Does Na-Yeon Make A Proposal to Shin-Yu?

Kim Wook mistakes that Na-Yeon broke up with Shin-Yu because of his illness. But Shin-Yu tells Kim Wook that he didn’t tell his illness to Na-Yeon. Because he didn’t want to give hard time to Na-Yeon. Kim Wook thinks it wasn’t cool at all.

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Na-Yeon calls Shin-Yu. Kim Wook picks up the phone. He’s told that something happened to Na-Yeon. Shin-Yu arrives at the place where Na-Yeon is going to make a proposal to him. She tells him that she knows he’s sick. She asks him to marry her. But Shin-Yu worries that Na-Yeon’s father will go against it. Na-Yeon claims that it’s her marriage. She grabs Shin-Yu’s hand. She tells him that she doesn’t wish him to leave because she loves him very much. She hugs him.

Na-Yeon eats with Yoon-Joo. She thinks she’s very cute after she made a mistake. Yoon-Joo is furious to have a fight with her husband who agrees to what Na-Yeon said. Hong-Jo brings the wine to Eun-Wol. She reveals she met with her father by the sea. She thinks her father didn’t left her.

Hong-Jo tells Eun-Wol that she and Shin-Yu are going to go against their destinies. But Eun-Wol tells Hong-Jo that she can smell blood on her. Hong-Jo leaks that she saw chicken blood. Na-Yeon takes Shin-Yu’s arm. She tells him that she loves him very much. She tries to kiss him.

But Shin-Yu gets a call from his mother. He sees Hong-Jo. He chases her but she’s missing. Hong-Jo returns home. She sees Shin-Yu’s car. Shin-Yu gets off his car. She blames him for coming to her. He explains to her that he came to check something.

Shin-Yu asks Hong-Jo if she went to Changdeokgung. She denies it. He thinks the love spell made him see her at the place. But she tells him that he did so wasn’t because of the love spell. He mentions he has a beautiful girlfriend. He wonders why he still has feelings for Hong-Jo. Shin-Yu asks Hong-Jo not to show up in front of him. She’s furious to get into her house. She remembers what he told her that Na-Yeon is a goddess.

It flashes back. Na-Yeon invites Hong-Jo to sit with her. But she pours the soup to her seat. She tells her that she did it because she stole her friend’s boyfriend. She thinks the guy wouldn’t talk with poor people. Hong-Jo mentions what Na-Yeon told her that she’s her best friend. But Na-Yeon asks Hong-Jo to clean up the mess. She tells her that she’s her maid.

Hong-Jo intends to tell Shin-Yu about the real looks of his girlfriend. But she gives up the mind. Because she wishes him to suffer all his life. Yoon-Joo drinks. She invites Se-Heon to go to see stars with her. But he rejects it because he needs to go to bathroom.

Seo-Goo has a fight with Eun-Young when she holds a meeting. He tells her that she hurt him deeply. Hong-Jo runs into Shin-Yu at the elevator. Sae-Byeol and Su-Jeong invite Shin-Yu to have lunch with him. Shin-Yu stops Hong-Jo. He asks her for a talk.

Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo to come with him if she wants to go against her destiny. She mentions what he told her not to show up in front of him. She agrees to it after he begged her. But she wants to choose the restaurant. She takes him to the restaurant to eat salmon.

Shin-Yu thinks Hong-Jo wishes the love spell not to break because he believes that she enjoyed when he chased her. But she tells him that he’s not her type. Because he’s too tall. He learns that she gives up because he’s hard to get.

Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo to eat. She agrees to it because she needs power to be close her destiny. He mistakes that he’s her destiny. But she tells him that her destiny is on the first floor. Hong-Jo goes to see Joong-Beom. She buys many flowers from him.

Jae-Gyeong returns home when Hong-Jo is gardening. He tells her that he wants to have a housewarming party. She’s excited to get changed. But she sees her dirty face. She visits him and she finds out that they’re wearing match clothes.

Jae-Gyeong lets Hong-Jo in. She sees the food he prepared for her. She thinks he’s good at cooking. But she’s told that there’s no rice. Shin-Yu is driving. He remembers what Hong-Jo told him that her destiny is on the first floor. He tells himself not to think of the girl.

Hong-Jo smells the food. She thinks there’s a nice oyster smell. But Jae-Gyeong points out that there’s no oyster in the food. She tells him that he killed her joy. He explains to her that he was just kidding. The water drops to his clothes when he drinks.

Hong-Jo laughs. She tells Jae-Gyeong that he’s very different from what she saw in the city hall. She thinks it’s in a good way. She’s surprised that he moved to her house. She thought he would move to a condo. He admits that he lived in a condo before. He complains to her that he didn’t know the seasons when he lived in the condo.

Jae-Gyeong tells Hong-Jo that he wished to move to a house with a yard. She’s shy to smile because she likes to listen to his talk. But he points out that others thought he’s boring. Hong-Jo watches the rain with Jae-Gyeong after they had the dinner. She wants to wash the dishes since he cooked.

But Jae-Gyeong tells Hong-Jo that he’s good at washing dishes as well. He brags to her that he’s good at everything. It makes her laugh. She gets a call from Shin-Yu who asks her what she’s doing. Jae-Gyeong asks Hong-Jo if she wishes to drink beer. Her voice becomes gentle.

Shin-Yu notes the changing of Hong-Jo’s voice. He thinks she’s seeing a man. She admits it but she refuses to tell it to Shin-Yu. She hangs up. Hong-Jo eats with the kid. Shin-Yu calls her. Hong-Jo ignores the phone. But the kid points out that Hong-Jo thinks about the phone.

How Does Shin-Yu Know Jae-Gyeong Is Hong-Ju’s Destiny?

Na-Yeon calls Shin-Yu. She tells him that they cannot meet often. Yoon-Joo visits Kim Wook. He’s surprised to see her. He tells her that he watched all of her shows. He tells her that she was his type when she was young. She tells him that she wants to get a divorce. She complains to him that her husband refused to see stars with her.

Shin-Yu finds Kim Wook at the bar. He notes that he’s not happy. Kim Wook reveals there was a woman crying in front of him. Shin-Yu keeps drinking. He tells Kim Wook that he’s very sad. Kim Wook asks Shin-Yu to care for his mother. But Shin-Yu rejects it because he only has one girl in his heart.

Hong-Jo returns home. She sees the roses. She thinks the roses were given by Jae-Gyeong because the man tells her that he had fun yesterday. Shin-Yu remembers what Hong-Jo told him that her father wouldn’t die if she didn’t drop out. She felt guilty for her father’s death.

Hong-Jo takes photos of the roses. She finds out that Shin-Yu didn’t call her. He’s drunk to visit her. She tells him to leave. He tells her that he came because he’s drunk. She walks out of her house. She wonders why he drank. He blames her for not answering his phone.

Hong-Jo points out that Shin-Yu told her not to answer it. He praises her for not answering his phone and reading his texts. She looks around and wonders where the driver went. He tells her that the driver left. She tells him to call the driver. She tries to go to buy him hangover drinks.

But Shin-Yu stops Hong-Jo when he holds her hand. Jae-Gyeong notes that Shin-Yu is holding Hong-Jo’s hand. He asks him what happened. But Shin-Yu asks Jae-Gyeong why he’s at the place instead. Jae-Gyeong leaks that he lives at the house. He adds that he’s on the first floor.

Shin-Yu realizes that Jae-Gyeong is the first floor guy. Jae-Gyeong asks Hong-Jo to explain why Shin-Yu is there. But Shin-Yu thinks Hong-Jo cannot explain it. Jae-Gyeong tells Shin-Yu to go home. But Shin-Yu tells Jae-Gyeong that he misses Hong-Jo.

Episode 5 of Destined With You ends with Jae-Gyeong reminding Shin-Yu that he’s doing two-timing. But Shin-Yu thinks it was Hong-Jo’s mistake. Jae-Gyeong is confused. Hong-Jo cannot explain it. He tells her that he doesn’t wish her to see a guy who has a girlfriend. He intends to take Shin-Yu home.

But Shin-Yu tells Jae-Gyeong that he wants to stay with Hong-Jo. He thinks Hong-Jo should take the duty. She gives him a ride. He blames her for seeing Jae-Gyeong after she brought trouble to him. She points out that his feelings for her aren’t real as well.

Shin-Yu asks Hong-Jo to stop the car because he’s sick. The two get off the car and they sit on the grass. Shin-Yu asks Hong-Jo why she likes Jae-Gyeong so much. She thinks she and Jae-Gyeong are similar because the guy is missing even if he looks perfect. He tells her that he’s missing as well. She asks him to do the spell with her at the full moon night. He asks her if she had feelings for him during the time. She’s shy to deny it. He wonders why she blushes. She claims that she’s in anger. But he thinks she told him a lie. He kisses her.

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