Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 23. Lin Xintong wakes up. She sees Yu Wei. Yu Wei tries to touch Lin Xintong. But Lin Xintong avoids it. Yu Wei wonders when Lin Xintong could see. She mentions she didn’t know it if she didn’t go to hospital to take medicine for her.

What Happens In Forever Love 2023 Episode 23?

Forever Love 2023

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 23.

Lin Xintong tells Yu Wei not to pretend to be nice to her. She tells her that she has seen her sleeping with Chi Shan. She thinks they didn’t have a good talk since there’re many things happening. But Yu Wei thinks they don’t have to have a talk.

Lin Xintong mentions Yu Wei never told her why she did it to her suddenly. But Yu Wei tells Lin Xintong that she had planned it for a long time. Lin Xintong wonders what she did to Yu Wei to make her hate her so much. Yu Wei mentions her father asked her to serve Lin Xintong.

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Lin Xintong points out that she never treated Yu Wei as her follower. She adds that she treated her as her best sister. But Yu Wei tells Lin Xintong that she didn’t want to be lowly. Lin Xintong is surprised that Yu Wei thought so.

Yu Wei tells Lin Xintong that Qin Moyao was higher than her. She asks her if she knows the reason why Qin Group went bankrupt. She laughs to tell her that her father tricked Qin Moyao’s family. Lin Xintong doesn’t believe that her father would do so.

Yu Wei tells Lin Xintong that Qin Moyao’s father killed himself because he couldn’t accept the hit. She thinks the bad lucks of all of people who around Lin Xintong were because of Lin Xintong’s father. She tells Lin Xintong to go to ask her father about it if she wants to know the truth.

Zhou Mo brings the breakfast to Qin Moyao. He tells him to get up to have a eat when he tries to drag him from the couch. But Qin Moyao rejects it. Zhou Mo intends to go to kill the woman so that Qin Moyao won’t die for the woman. But Qin Moyao stops Zhou Mo.

Zhou Mo reminds Qin Moyao that Chi Shan and Xia Yuwei are very happy. He wonders how he’s going to protect Lin Xintong. But Qin Moyao thinks Lin Xintong doesn’t need him anymore. Zhou Mo tells Qin Moyao not to trick himself. He thinks he knows Lin Xintong needs him.

Does Chi Shan Like Xia Yuwei?

The killer tells Chi Shan not to call him. Xia Yuwei reveals Lin Xintong could see early. She adds that Lin Xintong found out their secret early. She tells Chi Shan not to delay. He thinks they’re over. He mentions Qin Moyao handled the killer.

Xia Yuwei asks Chi Shan about the shares Qin Moyao promised. He thinks Qin Moyao earned time for himself when he talked with him. He thinks Qin Moyao is a bad person. Xia Yuwei asks Chi Shan about the shares he owns. But he tells her that he gave the shares to loan sharks.

Xia Yuwei thinks they can take the shares back if they return the money to loan sharks. But Chi Shan tells Xia Yuwei that he cannot repay it. He thought he can resolve it if he can get the shares of Qin Moyao. Xia Yuwei yells at Chi Shan. She asks him what they’re going to do.

Chi Shan realizes that Lin Xintong can save him if he asks her for her mercy. He decides to go to see Lin Xintong. But Xia Yuwei stops him and she thinks he’s crazy. She thinks Lin Xintong won’t forgive him. He points out that she asked him to do so.

Episode 23 of Forever Love 2023 ends with Chi Shan telling Xia Yuwei that he doesn’t like her at all. He adds that he was close to her for getting Lin Xintong. She reminds him that she knows many things of him. He tells her not to take action because he thinks she knows him best.

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