Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 19 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 19. Qin Moyao tells Lin Xintong that she doesn’t need to do anything when he hugs her. The killer is close to them. Qin Moyao tells Lin Xintong to run away. The killer takes out his knife.

What Happens In Forever Love 2023 Episode 19?

Forever Love 2023

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 19.

Qin Moyao’s arm is hurt when he fights with the killer. Lin Xintong returns. She finds out that Qin Moyao was hurt. He asks her if she called police. She denies it and she tells him that she turned on the lights of her car. He thinks she became smarter.

Lin Xintong dresses Qin Moyao’s wound. She asks him if it’s hurt. She wants to take him to hospital. He comforts her that he’s fine. She’s surprised that he’s good at anything. She asks him if the person came to kill her. He tells her that the person came for him.

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Qin Moyao thinks it’s ordinary that he brought trouble. He asks Lin Xintong not to go to look for murder evidence of Chi Shan if he’s not on her side. He tells her to find a new place and begin a new life. But she cannot promise him because she thinks something bad won’t happen to him.

Lin Xintong cries to tell Qin Moyao that she will take away his salaries if something bad happens to him. He promises not to let anything happens to him. He hugs her. Qin Moyao carries Lin Xintong to the bed. He takes off her shoes and puts the cover on her. He kisses her forehead and he leaves her room.

Qin Moyao breaks into Chi Shan’s room. He grabs Chi Shan’s collar. He asks him when he’s going to stop playing. Chi Shan learns that Qin Moyao’s injury isn’t serious. Qin Moyao tells Chi Shan to take action when he’s alone. Chi Shan reminds Qin Moyao that he and Lin Xintong’s names are in the contract he gives to Jixing sect.

Does Qin Moyao Agree to Leave Lin Xintong?

Chi Shan thinks Qin Moyao and Lin Xintong cannot flee. Qin Moyao tells Chi Shan that he will kill him if he hurts Lin Xintong. Chi Shan asks Qin Moyao about his mother since he chooses to protect Lin Xintong. He asks him to beg him. He reminds him that the killer won’t stop until the buyer tells him to do so.

Qin Moyao is furious to break the glass. He uses the glass to threaten Chi Shan. He tells him that he knows the rules of the killers. He mentions the killer will stop if he disappears from the world. He asks him if he believes that he will make him disappear from the world.

Chi Shan calms Qin Moyao down. He persuades him to get along with him well. He offers to make a deal with him. He asks him to leave Lin Xintong. Qin Moyao doesn’t want to leave Lin Xintong. Chi Shan promises not to hurt Lin Xintong because he can get the shares of Hongfu easily.

Episode 19 of Forever Love 2023 ends with Qin Moyao agreeing to give the shares to Chi Shan. Chi Shan mentions Qin Moyao tricked him many times. But Qin Moyao thinks Chi Shan cannot be trusted. Chi Shan gives Qin Moyao three days to think about it. Qin Moyao leaves Chi Shan’s office.

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