I May Love You: Episode 18 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for I May Love You: Episode 18. He Chendong thinks Tang Yu can save it even if he missed Tang Xin’s birthday. He tells Tang Yu to think about the special anniversaries. He asks him about the day when Tang Xin kisses him.

Does Director Lu Agree to Tang Yu’s Plan?

I May Love You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for I May Love You: Episode 18.

He Chendong tells Tang Yu to decide the day to confess his feelings to Tang Xin. Tang Yu thinks he was a fool to ask He Chendong a favor. He drives him out of his office. Madam Tang finds out that Tang Yu and Master Tang didn’t come up with an idea after they has talked for an hour.

She asks her son Tang Yu how he showed his love to girls. Master Tang mentions what Tang Yu did that he sent the money to the girl. He thinks his son is better than him. But Madam Tang disagrees to what her husband said. She thinks Tang Yu just spent money.

She asks Tang Yu about the love which girls wish to get. She tells him to be sincerity and romance. She thinks he shouldn’t let girls make a choice. She reveals girls wish to get the fish and the bear paw. She tells him to take the girl to a special place.

Madam Tang tells Tang Yu to make it like a work. She thinks he shouldn’t intend to do it. Because there will be no surprise. Tang Xin walks into the meeting room. She sees Tang Yu. She thinks he came to the meeting room early for the meeting.

He admits it. He reveals he just ended the meeting. He lets her sit with him. He asks her about the place she wishes to go. Director Lu wishes to go to Ice Stone City to film the movie. But Tang Yu is against it. He has a fight with Director Lu.

Tang Xin persuades Tang Yu that Ice Stone City is the best place to film the movie. He tells her that he understands her intention. But he claims that he needs to think about many things. But he reminds her that he cannot convince the shareholders.

Tang Xin goes to persuade Director Lu. She thinks there will be a better solution. But he claims that the reputation is a problem as well. He gets angry. Tang Xin takes Tang Dingding to the restaurant. They run into Tang Yu. Tang Yu asks the two to lead the way.

They meet with Director Lu. Tang Xin notes that Director Lu and Tang Yu ignore each other. She tells the two to have a talk. But the two have a fight. Director Lu tries to leave. Tang Dingding keeps him. Tang Xin decides to leave with Tang Dingding since Tang Yu and Director don’t intend to stop the fight.

Tang Yu stops Tang Xin. He reveals he has come up with a solution. He shows the views of the photos to her. She thinks the place is very good. She mentions the island is better than Ice Stone City. Director Lu leaves the restaurant. Tang Xin wonders if he agreed to their plan.

Tang Yu tells Tang Xin to ignore Director Lu. He asks Tang Dingding to come to eat. Tang Dingding brings the food to Director Lu. She asks him if he agreed to Tang Yu’s plan. She reveals Tang Yu didn’t say anything. Director Lu goes to take beer.

He tells Tang Dingding that he thought what her older brother said was right. She’s very happy after she heard the good news. She thinks she will lose a job if the director resigns. She drinks the beer very fast. Because she worries that she will feel embarrassed if she sits with Director Lu.

He tells her not to drink. He persuades her to go home. But she’s against it because she thinks she’s not polite if she leaves without drinking up the beer. He explains to her that he feels embarrassed as well when he sees her drinking. She leaves.

How Does Tang Yu Get Together with Tang Xin?

He Chendong meets with You Huan. He reveals Tang Yu is going to confess his feelings to Tang Xin in Summer City. He asks her for a discount. You Huan calls Tang Xin. She believes that Tang Xin’s trip will be very good. But Tang Xin claims that she goes to work in Summer City.

You Huan reminds Tang Xin that Tang Yu will take action. But Tang Xin doesn’t believe it. Because she thought it too much on her birthday. She tells herself not to expect something. You Huan tells Tang Xin that she wishes to see her being in love.

Tang Xin ends the talk because she needs to pack her stuff. Tang Yu texts Tang Xin. He asks her not to catch a cold. But she doesn’t reply to him. He visits her. She tells him to leave because she’s going to sleep. He returns to his house.

She opens the door. She finds out that he’s missing. She complains to him that he disappears when she wishes to use him. He opens the door. He asks her about what she wants him to do. But she claims that she can resolve it on her own. She closes the door.

Tang Yu takes Tang Xin to the beach. He takes photos of her. He finds out that Director Lu’s assistant Liu Yang is missing. He goes to look for Liu Yang. He jumps into the sea. Tang Xin reports to Director Lu that Tang Yu jumped into the sea to save Liu Yang.

Gao Heng tries to jump into the sea to save Tang Yu. But Director Lu stops Gao Heng. He reminds him that Tang Yu is a good swimmer. But Gao Heng reveals Tang Yu’s arm was hurt. Tang Yu saves Liu Yang. He’s tired to lie on the beach.

Gao Heng goes to care for Tang Yu. Tang Yu tells Gao Heng to go to see Liu Yang. Tang Xin hugs Tang Yu when she cries. She asks him if he’s fine. He comforts her that he’s good. She asks him to get together with her. But he points out that he didn’t confess his feelings to her.

She holds his face. She reveals she didn’t wish to get his confession when he fell into the sea. She tells him that she just wishes him to stay with her. He kisses her. Madam Tang asks Tang Dingding about Tang Yu’s love. Tang Dingding reveals Tang Yu didn’t achieve his goal.

She worries about Tang Yu. Madam Tang agrees to what Tang Dingding said. She complains to her that Tang Yu doesn’t worry about it when he’s 30 years old. She asks Tang Dingding about her love story. Tang Dingding points out that she doesn’t have time to company Madam Tang if she’s in love.

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Episode 18 of I May Love You ends with Tang Dingding thinking she should focus on her career. Madam Tang asks Tang Dingding if she actually wishes to be an actress. Tang Dingding admits it. She wishes her mother to support her. Madam Tang promises to support Tang Dingding. Tang Xin brings the water to Tang Yu. He tells her that he wishes to be close to her. She’s surprised that he’s good at dating girls.

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