Got a Crush on You: Episodes 1-4 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Got a Crush on You: Episodes 1-4. Song Xingchen arrives at the restaurant when the colleagues are badmouthing her. Director Zhang congratulates Song Xingchen on getting promoted. The girl asks Song Xingchen for drinking with Director Zhang because Director Zhang has taken care of Song Xingchen.

What Happens to Xiao Li?

Got a Crush on You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Got a Crush on You: Episodes 1-4.

But Song Xingchen gives the people a toast instead of Director Zhang. She tells them that the gathering is a goodbye meal. She reveals she resigned. She leaves the restaurant. She arrives at the river. She places her heels in her car.

She wears the flats to see her friend. The friend waves at Song Xingchen. They’re happy to hug each other. The friend praises Song Xingchen after knowing she resigned. She mentions she did many work. But Song Xingchen thinks she shouldn’t complain because she chose doctor as her job.

The friend tells Song Xingchen to run business with her. Song Xingchen agrees to it because she wants to bring happy life to her friend. Song Xingchen wakes up. She remembers she promised Xiao Li to open the store. She regrets.

She arrives at Xiao Li’s store. She hears Xiao Li complains to the guy that he sent some expired goods to her. Xiao Li thinks there’s nobody buying the expired items from her. But the guy tells Xiao Li to resolve the problem on her own.

Xiao Li cries. She sees Song Xingchen. She lets her have a seat. Song Xingchen mentions the case Xiao Li told her. Xiao Li tells Song Xingchen that she was drunk. She lets her not to put what she said into her mind. Song Xingchen mentions what Xiao Li told her to earn money together.

Xiao Li reveals there’s a problem in her goods. Song Xingchen comforts Xiao Li that it’s a good chance. But Xiao Li thinks it’s a big pit. She doesn’t want to take Song Xingchen to jump the pit. But Song Xingchen wants to invest in the store.

Why Song Xingchen Focuses on Her Career?

Xiao Li bring the food to Song Xingchen. She asks her if she contacted Su Qingche. Song Xingchen claims that she won’t let men affect her career. Xiao Li shows the photos of pajamas to Song Xingchen. She thinks the pajamas is suitable for couples.

Song Xingchen eats at home. Madam Song notes that Song Xingchen is very hungry. Song Xingchen reveals she ordered takeaways for several days because she had been busy. Master Song tells Song Xingchen to care for her body. Madam Song thinks Song Xingchen is busy.

Song Xingchen reveals she and Xiaoli has to do it on their own because they just began the business. Xiao Li calls Song Xingchen. Song Xingchen tells her parents that she needs to leave because there’s a business in her store. She leaves.

Madam Song blames Song Xingchen for selling lingerie. But Master Song thinks Song Xingchen can do anything because she owns a store. Madam Song doesn’t wish Song Xingchen to suffer. Master Song decides to go to take a look at Song Xingchen’s store.

Madam Song and Master Song arrive at the store. Madam Song claims that she can come to the store anytime because the store belongs to her daughter. She walks into the store with her husband. She finds out that Song Xingchen is working with Xiao Li.

Master Song calls Song Xingchen. She’s surprised that her parents came. Madam Song asks Song Xingchen not to delay her study. But Master Song asks his wife to help the two kids. Song Xingchen walks her parents out of the store. She thanks them for helping her.

She wants to take them home. But Madam Song tells Song Xingchen to go to work. Su Qingche arrives at the airport. The guy comes to pick up Su Qingche. Su Qingche tries to text Song Xingchen. But he finds out that she blocked him. He asks the guy why the girl blocked him. The guy thinks the girl treated Su Qingche as a stranger. He finds out that the girl is Doctor Song. He realizes that Su Qingche hadn’t texted Doctor Song.

Episode 4 of Got a Crush on You ends with Su Qingche drinking with Song Xingchen. He’s drunk to lie on the couch. He sees her talking with the guy. He drags her out of the room. She shakes off his hand. He wonders why she was close to the guy. She learns that he was jealous.

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