It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Recap & Review

Nam Joo-Ri confesses her feelings to Moon Kang-Tae. Ko Moon-Young remembers she rejected Moon Kang-Tae on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 5 Recap & Review

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay recap contains spoilers.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay begins with Kang-Tae and Moon-Young getting wet. He intends to take her to rest in the hotel, but they forget to take money. So he has to take her home.

Kang-Tae gives his clothes to Moon-Young and tells her not to bother Sang-Tae. But she rejects it as she knows nothing about love. But he knows that she isn’t a heartless person as he read out her true heart through her book. He even brings the food to her.

Moon-Young wants to sleep over in Kang-Tae’s house. He has to agree to it, and goes downstairs to apologize to Sang-Tae. But Sang-Tae doesn’t forget what Kang-Tae yelled at him, and he is in anger. Kang-Tae tells Sang-Tae to beat him, and gets him to sleep in Jae-Soo’s house with the reason that the water pipe bursts.

Moon-Young sleeps with Kang-Tae and she can read out the genuineness through his hypocritical looks. It makes her want to approach him. He tells her that Sang-Tae is good at reading out people’s mind. So he always shows smile to his brother no matter how painful he is.

Moon-Young mentions Kang-Tae liked a girl who owns same eyes to her. He regrets that he fled because he was timid. So he didn’t escape when he saw her again.

The next day, Joo-Ri returns home and sees Moon-Young. Moon-Young gets angry after knowing Kang-Tae lives in Joo-Ri’s house. She tells her that Kang-Tae belongs to her, and provokes her that she is hypocritical even if she pretends to be a pure girl.

The two have a fight. Kang-Tae stops them, and tells Moon-Young to leave. Sang-Tae gets angry because Kang-Tae lay again. Joo-Ri cries to Mom. Mom tells Joo-Ri to confess her feelings to Kang-Tae.

Jae-Soo tells Kang-Tae not to fall for Moon-Young as he thinks she will hurt him. Moon-Young returns home and she gets angry that Kang-Tae treated her badly. But she cannot forget his warmth.

The critic who was beaten by Moon-Young asks for huge compensation. Moon-Young will be sent to jail if she doesn’t do what he asked for. Sang-In visits Moon-Young with Seung-Jae, and they persuade her. But Moon-Young rejects it as she is thinking about how to get Kang-Tae to live in her house.

Joo-Ri takes care of the patient, but she is slapped by the patient. She is upset to go to the rooftop, and runs into Kang-Tae. She confesses her feelings to him, but he rejects her. She doesn’t want to take back her words, and wishes him not to run away from her.

Moon-Young hears the talk of Kang-Tae and Joo-Ri. She finds Sang-Tae who is drawing on the wall, and takes him home. He likes her house and promises to live with her.

Moon-Young knows Kang-Tae knew her real identity as he knows her address. She was the girl Kang-Tae liked, and she was locked up in the house by her parents. Moon-Young thought it was a prison, and wished the prince to save her.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ends with Kang-Tae visiting Moon-Young with flowers. She is happy to run out, but she is stopped by someone. She is cold to step on the flowers, and makes him leave.

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