It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Recap & Review

Moon Kang-Tae cuts off hair for Ko Moon-Young, and it makes her free on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Recap & Review

It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 Recap & Review

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay recap contains spoilers.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 7 begins with Moon-Young asking Kang-Tae why he is there. He tells her that she was burning up all night. She thinks he laid her down and played doctor. He tells her that he will drop Sang-Tae off at his work and pick up medicine. She thinks she didn’t do anything wrong to tell the old woman that her mom died.

Kang-Tae tells Sang-Tae to go wash up, and reveals he will take him to Jae-Soo’s restaurant. Sang-Tae says that he can go on his own. Kang-Tae tells his brother that he has to go downtown too, and he reveals he will skip work.

Ji-Wang watches the footage and learns that Eun-Ja will go through conversion and stop deluding herself. He decides to take action before knowing what Moon-Young said to Eun-Ja. Sun Byeol thinks Moon-Young told Eun-Ja that her daughter is dead. Haeng-Ja wonders how Moon-Young knew it. Sun Byeol thinks Kang-Tae told it to Moon-Young as the two are close.

Joo-Ri disagrees and thinks Kang-Tae didn’t do that. Haeng-Ja tells Ji-Wang not to scrape off his dandruff and make a decision. He asks to put Moon-Young’s fairy tale class on pause, and wants to see Kang-Tae. But Haeng-Ja says that Kang-Tae didn’t come. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is very nice.

Kang-Tae tells Sang-Tae to quit the job at Jae-Soo’s restaurant, and thinks he is too busy. But Sang-Tae thinks being busy isn’t a bad thing. Kang-Tae worries that his brother will fall ill and ache all over like a dog. Sang-Tae says, “You whimper like a dog at night when you’re ill.” He adds that Kang-Tae always whimper like a dog when he sleeps.

Kang-Tae says that he no longer work multiple jobs, and he feels good. Sang-Tae thinks it’s because Kang-Tae’s heart is aching. He says, “Your body is honest. When you’re in physical pain, you cry. But the heart is a liar. It stays quiet even when it’s hurting. Then when you’re asleep, you finally weep and whimper like a dog.”

Kang-Tae remembers Moon-Young cried in his arms like what Sang-Tae says, and asks him about the book he is reading. Sang-Tae tells his brother that it’s the book “The Cheerful Dog” by Moon-Young.

Kang-Tae visits Jae-Soo. Jae-Soo blames Kang-Tae for moving in with Moon-Young without talking with him. But Kang-Tae gets a call, and he offers to talk about it later. Kang-Tae tells Sang-In that Moon-Young doesn’t feel well, and Sang-In asks for the details. But Kang-Tae hangs up when he arrives at the pharmacy. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is pretty good.

Sang-In blames Kang-Tae. But Seung-Jae says that Kang-Tae is her type. He points out that she has to tiptoe around him each day, and thinks she is so dull-witted. She regrets for trusting him and coming there.

Moon-Young remembers Mom yelled at her for not cutting off her long hair. She takes out the scissors and tries to cut off her hair. Sang-In shows up, and she tells him that she failed to cut her mom. He thinks she had sleep paralysis again, and packs the stuff for her. But she warns him not to touch her stuff, and takes the table lamp to hit him.

But Sang-In catches the table lamp, and says that he knew she would hit him as he has known her for ten years. He drags her to go downstairs, but she holds the pillar of the stairs. He takes her hands and tries to let it go. Kang-Tae shows up and yells at Sang-In. Moon-Young catches the chance to push Sang-In over. Sang-In falls, and Kang-Tae catches him.

Sang-In tells Kang-Tae to leave as he’s taking Moon-Young. He holds out. But Kang-Tae slaps Sang-In’s hand. Moon-Young whispers to Kang-Tae and tells him to kick Sang-In out. Sang-In wonders why she acts so weak. Kang-Tae tells Sang-In that dragging Moon-Young against her will is considered violence. He kicks him out. Sang-In knocks at the door and tells Moon-Young that he is the only one who can protect and look after her. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is so great.

Kang-Tae tells Moon-Young to keep the door locked when she is alone. But she tells him that nobody can hurt her. He gives the fever reducer to her. But she throws it off. So he tells her to get some fresh air.

Kang-Tae drives Moon-Young and asks her where she wants to go. She says motel. So he asks her what she wants to eat. She says that it’s him. He parks the car and gets angry. She smiles and says that she will follow her doctor’s instructions. She asks him what he will feed her.

Jae-Soo asks Sang-Tae what it means when someone says “later”. Sang-Tae says, “Sometime before you die.” Jae-Soo doesn’t believe Kang-Tae would do it to him as they have known each other for so long. He tells Sang-Tae that he treats Kang-Tae like real brother. But Kang-Tae told him that he doesn’t need another brother. Sang-Tae tells Jae-Soo that he is Kang-Tae’s real brother. Jae-Soo realizes that Kang-Tae needs a friend.

Moon-Young eats meat and thinks what she needed was food, not medicine. She says that she feels much better. Kang-Tae stops her and says that it’s not cooked. She claims that she has a lot of internal heat, and thinks she cannot control herself around food. She adds that she is hungry no matter how much she eats. She thinks it’s because she’s an empty can. But Kang-Tae tells Moon-Young that she isn’t an empty can, and thinks she is a thug. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is worth of watching.

Jae-Soo asks Sang-Tae if he knows why he only sells chicken. Sang-Tae points out that Jae-Soo doesn’t sell chicken head. Jae-Soo explains that the chicken head cannot be sold, and he doesn’t like chicken at all. He adds that he kept selling chicken because he didn’t know when his friend had to move again. He felt that Kang-Tae will settle down in Seongjin City, so he put together all the money he had and even took out a loan to open a different kind of business. But Kang-Tae left him because he likes Moon-Young more than him.

Sang-Tae explains that Kang-Tae did so because of his contract with Moon-Young. Jae-Soo holds Sang-Tae’s cheek and tells him not to trust his brother because Kang-Tae will be like him the dog to chase the chicken.

Moon-Young asks Kang-Tae why he doesn’t eat as she notes that he just feeds her. He says that he isn’t hungry. She asks him if he has ever slept with a woman. He spits water because what she says. She notes that he has no desires, and thinks he looks apathetic. He explains that he’s just suppressing himself, and she wants to see what will happen if Kang-Tae doesn’t suppress himself.

Jae-Soo texts Joo-Ri that Sang-Tae is talking with Seung-Jae. Seung-Jae tells Sang-Tae that he is her muse, and she brought some illustrations to him. But he tells her that it’s rude to talk about irrelevant work at someone else’s workplace, and he offers to talk about it later. Jae-Soo finds the drawing Sang-Tae left, and it’s the dog chases the chicken. I like It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7.

Moon-Young asks Kang-Tae why he walks. He says that walking helps clear mind and lifts spirits. But she says that all she can thinks is that her legs hurt, and asks him to carry her. He is nervous to take out his phone, and tries to check if his brother is fine. But she takes away the phone, and tells him to focus on her. He agrees it and tries to take back his phone. But he hugs her.

Moon-Young reminds Kang-Tae that he’s holding her in his arms. He steps back. She picks up the phone from Joo-Ri for him, and Joo-Ri says that she calls because Kang-Tae didn’t come to work. Moon-Young tells Joo-Ri that Kang-Tae took the day off to hang out with her.

Moon-Young asks Kang-Tae if he didn’t go to work because he worried about her, and he took her out on a date to help her cool off. He tells her that it wasn’t a date. So she asks him if he plays with her, and offers to date. But he tells her to get lost, and mentions she said it many times to him. He reveals she begged him not to leave last night, and he thought he should stay with her since he ran away last time.

Sang-In complains that Moon-Young is a heartless woman, and wants to find the sweetest woman on earth. Joo-Ri tells Sang-In that his voice is too loud, and thinks unrequited love is too hard. She thinks he has never seen a woman who’s heartbroken by unrequited love. She says that she can be a bitch as well. Sang-In recognizes Joo-Ri who was the girl he fell for, and tells her that not everyone can be a bitch.

Sang-In introduces himself to Joo-Ri. But she gives him a big slap. She tells him that he made the mistake to make Moon-Young move there. He knows that she was the nurse through her voice. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is wonderful.

Kang-Tae drives Moon-Young. She tells him that she had a nightmare last night, and the nightmare is about her mom. She adds that she felt like shit when she woke up from the dream. But she didn’t feel so today.

Kang-Tae visits Ji-Wang. Ji-Wang asks Kang-Tae if Moon-Young has a boyfriend. Kang-Tae says that he doesn’t know about it. So Ji-Wang wants to introduce his son to Moon-Young, and emphasizes that his son doesn’t look like him. Kang-Tae asks Ji-Wang why he asks him about it. Ji-Wang says that it’s because he lives with Moon-Young.

Ji-Wang tells Kang-Tae that he can tell people’s stories just by looking in their eyes, and asks why he didn’t come yesterday. Kang-Tae says that he didn’t feel well. Ji-Wang sees that Moon-Young didn’t feel well, and asks if it was because Eun-Ja acted like Moon-Young’s mom and bugged her. Kang-Tae reveals Moon-Young thought Eun-Ja was her mom for a moment.

Ji-Wang says, “Moon-Young’s mom is the writer Hui-Jae. The day she finished the last book of her fiction series, she vanished without a trace. Then she was registered as deceased five years after she disappeared.” Kang-Tae asks if she is still alive. Ji-Wang points out that she wouldn’t have kept her readers waiting for 20 years. He thinks Moon-Young misses her mom so that she mistook someone else for her mom. But Kang-Tae reveals Moon-Young fears her mom.

Ji-Wang takes out the counselling note of Dae-Hwan, and he remembers Dae-Hwan said that Hui-Jae loved Moon-Young very much and she always sang “Oh My Darling, Clementine as a lullaby”. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is perfect.

Kang-Tae sees the paper that Moon-Young’s class in put on pause. Haeng-Ja kicks him from his back and asks him if he feels sad for it. He denies. She reveals that the patients are sad about it and they found the class different. He tells her to check out Moon-Young’s books when she has some time. But she doesn’t want to relate to those stories as she loves cruel and foolish love stories or horror novels.

Kang-Tae brings water to Eun-Ja and tells her that he wants to see her daughter. But she says that her daughter is dead. Sun Byeol reports to Min-Seok that Eun-Ja can talk. Min-Seok goes to see Eun-Ja.

Eun-Ja reveals her daughter spent her entire paycheck to buy her the shawl for her birthday. But she got angry and slapped her on her back, telling her that she doesn’t need an immature daughter like her. She tears up and says that she wouldn’t say something so harsh if she knew her daughter would die. Kang-Tae remembers mom hugged him and told him to protect Sang-Tae until he dies. She said that it was the reason she gave birth to him.

Kang-Tae brings wine to Jae-Soo and asks if his mom feels regret for what she did to him. Jae-Soo yells at the sky and asks the woman why she treated Kang-Tae so badly when Kang-Tae is also her son. Soon-Duk stops Jae-Soo and tells the two that raising a kid is hard for a woman when her husband runs away. She adds that Kang-Tae’s mom raised two kids.

Soon-Duk tells Joo-Ri that Kang-Tae just came and left. Joo-Ri asks what he said. Soon-Duk asks Joo-Ri why she came home on someone’s back if she likes Kang-Tae. Joo-Ri remembers she slapped Sang-In and grabbed his hair. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is what I want to watch.

Kang-Tae is drunk in the cab. Moon-Young texts him and tells him to come home. He comes home and wakes her up when she falls asleep and waits for him on the stairs. She yells at him and asks him why he is so late. She smells him and thinks he drank with Joo-Ri. He tells her that he drank with Jae-Soo and Soon-Duk. She asks him if he is drunk. He says that he is sober after taking for a walk. She wants to take wine, but he stops her as he thinks it will be bad if they get drunk.

Moon-Young asks Kang-Tae if he fears her to come into him. He hits her and tells her close her eyes. She closes her eyes and is ready for his kiss. He gives a doll to her and tells her that the doll will collect her nightmares in its basket and eat it up. Then she will be able to sleep comfortably. He tells her that he made it himself, and she thinks it’s worth it since it’s handmade. He tells her that the doll is named Mang-Tae, and thinks the three of them are brothers.

Kang-Tae tells Moon-Young that his brother also has nightmares like her, and it was because their mom passed away. He adds that his brother felt tormented but there was nothing he could do. He says that all he could do was make him the silly doll. Moon-Young is moved and thinks the doll is cute.

Kang-Tae goes to see Sang-Tae and asks him if he sleeps. Sang-Tae is sick of Kang-Tae’s reek of alcohol. Kang-Tae laughs to hug Sang-Tae and asks to have jjamppong someday. He thinks he used to love the jjamppong. But Sang-Tae says that Kang-Tae was the one who loved it, and that’s why Mom brought them there. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is remarkable.

It flashes back. Mom gives her jjamppong to Kang-Tae, and she says that she isn’t hungry. She tells Sang-Tae to drink some water when he complains that it’s spicy.

Kang-Tae is in tears to hug Sang-Tae. Sang-Tae says that Mom knows everything. Kang-Tae tells his brother that he misses Mom.

Moon-Young sees the notice board and rages to push A-Reum after knowing that her class is cancelled. Cha-Yong reports it to Haeng-Ja, and she knows that nobody told Moon-Young about it. Kang-Tae goes to look for Moon-Young.

Ji-Wang walks Eun-Ja and tells her that she can run one day. But he runs away when seeing Moon-Young. Eun-Ja feels sorry for putting Moon-Young in a difficult position. But Moon-Young asks Eun-Ja to compensate her as she was fired. Eun-Ja is scared and her shawl drops. Moon-Young picks up the shawl and asks for it. Eun-Ja agrees it, and Moon-Young wears the shawl to leave. Eun-Ja tells Kang-Tae that her burden is gone.

Moon-Young stares at the painting of Sang-Tae. Kang-Tae thinks she is sweating for wearing the shawl. She tells him that he must be uncomfortable and stubborn if he wants to be fashionable. He reveals that his brother is immersed in her books, and she knows the book “The Cheerful Dog”. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Episode 7 is the best one.

Once upon a time, there lived a dog that was very good at hiding his emotions. The dog was tied beneath a shade tree. He always wagged his tail and acted cute. So he got the name, “The cheerful Dog,” because he was as cheerful as springtime. The dog always had lots of fun with the village kids during the day. But every night, He’d moan and whine when no one was around. That’s because he wanted to cut off the leash and freely run around out in the spring field. However, he couldn’t. And that’s why he cried every night. One day, a voice inside him asked the cheerful dog. “Hey, why don’t you just cut off the leash and run away?” And this is what the cheerful dog said, “I’ve been tied up for way too long, so I forgot how to cut myself free.”

Kang-Tae praises Moon-Young for helping Eun-Ja cut herself free. She feels happy but sees her dad. He tells her that she will like her mom who cannot escape. But she tells him that she is different.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 7 ends with Moon-Young cutting off her hair. She tells Kang-Tae that she cut off her leash. The two laugh. He cuts the hair for her, and she asks him how she looks. He says that she is pretty. She smiles at him with tears.

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