It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 Recap: Abandoning

Moon Sang-Tae abandons Moon Kang-Tae from the frozen river. Ko Moon-Young saves Moon Kang-Tae on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 Recap: Abandoning

It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 Recap: Abandoning

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay recap contains spoilers.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay begins with Kang-Tae tries to wake the drunk Sang-Tae. But he fails. So he wears his clothes on his brother, and goes upstairs.

Kang-Tae sees Moon-Young staying at the balcony, and he walks to her. She asks him when he recognized her. He tells her that he knew her when she first looked into her eyes.

Moon-Young thinks Kang-Tae knows how to put on an act, and blames him for fooling her. He talks back the she did the same. She points out that she didn’t pretend to not know him.

Kang-Tae tells Moon-Young that he knows she wanted him to recognize him, but he wanted to avoid her. He thanks her for saving him at the frozen river, and he feels sorry for running away when he was the one who liked her first.

Moon-Young gets angry and asks Kang-Tae if he doesn’t like her. He tells her that he needs to take care of his brother, and intends to leave. She holds his hand and tells him to take care of her. But he lets her hand go, and claims that he’s done with being someone who is needed by others. He walks away.

Moon-Young follows Kang-Tae and thinks he shouldn’t reject her as she saved his life. But he thinks he has been living a fucked up life because she saved him.

Moon-Young chases Kang-Tae and tells him that he belongs to her. But she trips at the stairs. He hugs her for preventing her falling, and yells at her.

Moon-Young tells Kang-Tae not to leave, and asks him to live with her. He rejects it again. Sang-Tae shows up, and Kang-Tae tells his brother to leave. But Sang-Tae tells Kang-Tae that he cannot leave as he is an illustrator.

Moon-Young walks downstairs and tells Kang-Tae that she hired Sang-Tae as her illustrator for her books, and he will work there. Kang-Tae yells at Sang-Tae and tells him that it isn’t their house, and tears up the contract.

Sang-Tae is furious to push Kang-Tae outside, and beats him, saying that he only belongs to himself. Moon-Young stops Sang-Tae and gets him to go inside. She asks Kang-Tae if he wants to give up his brother, and she gets in the house.

It flashes back. Kang-Tae is happy to return home and tells Mom that he got his red belt today. But Mom scolds him for making his brother get beaten up. Kang-Tae yells at Mom and tells her that he only belongs to himself. He throws off the red belt, and he is furious to run away. Sang-Tae picks up the red belt and chases Kang-Tae.

Sang-Tae trips for giving the red belt to Kang-Tae. Kang-Tae returns to help his brother up. Sang-Tae steps on the ice and falls into the water. Kang-Tae jumps into the water to save Sang-Tae. But Sang-Tae runs away. Moon-Young throws a stuff into the water to save Kang-Tae, and she walks away.

Sang-Tae checks if Kang-Tae returns. Moon-Young comforts Sang-Tae that his brother doesn’t have the guts to give up him. Kang-Tae reads the contract and knows that Sang-Tae asks Moon-Young to buy him camping car. He tears up. Sang-Tae falls asleep, and Moon-Young wears the blanket on him.

Sang-In comes to the cake shop to buy Moon-Young cake. But Seung-Jae thinks it won’t make Moon-Young accept her. But he points out that it will help Moon-Young balance her blood glucose.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ends with Soon-Duk bringing some potatoes to Kang-Tae. She notes the wound in his face. He tells her that he had an argument with his brother. She yells at Sang-Tae that she will beat him if he hurts his brother again. Kang-Tae tells Soon-Duk that his brother isn’t at home.

Soon-Duk thinks it’s a good thing that Sang-Tae becomes illustrator, and she wants to thank Moon-Young. She holds Kang-Tae’s hand and tells him to let his brother do what he wants to do.

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