Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 2. Kok-Du watches the dry land. He thinks he thinks she should take duty for it. He wonders who will join him. The deity shows up. He tells Kok-Du not to wait.

Does Kok-Du Kill Gye-Jeol?

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 2.

But Kok-Du wants to see Seol-Hui. But the deity tells Kok-Du not to see Seol-Hui. Because they will only bring disaster. He reveals a fresh fate will be wait for him if he goes to the hell to be reborn. But Kok-Du rejects. He cries to tell the deity that he will do what he can do to see Seol-Hui.

It flashes back. Kok-Du teaches Seol-Hui how to use sword. But she hurts her head. But she doesn’t want to give up. He hugs her when he teaches her how to use sword. He walks her on the street. He asks her why she wanted to master sword art.

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Seol-Hui reveals that her foster parents intend to marry her to a rich family. So she wants to learn sword art to protect herself. But Kok-Du points out that she cannot protect herself with her current skills. He takes off her hairpin. He tells her to stab his neck with the hairpin.

But Seol-Hui cannot do that. Kok-Du tells her to hire a killer. But she’s broke. He tells her to hire. He promises to protect her. She’s moved. She smiles when she stares at him. He puts a flower ring on her finger. He tells her that he’s going to protect her in this life and afterlife.

Kok-Du still waits for Seol-Hui when it snows. The deity shows up. He turns the winter into spring. He tells Kok-Du to take a break. But Kok-Du rejects it. He tries to tell the deity about the woman he’s waiting for. But he forgets Seol-Hui. The deity tells Kok-Du that he will pursue the repeated killings because he didn’t obey him. He adds that he can get the eternal peace if the woman he chose has feelings for him. The deity leaves.

Han Cheol joins Gye-Jeol at the police station. He tells her that he didn’t find Jin-Woo. He watches the footage. He finds out that Jin-Woo grabbed Gye-Jeol’s neck. He gets angry. Gye-Jeol explains that Jin-Woo did it because he just fell.

Gye-Jeol asks Han Cheol if there was anyone walking into Jin-Woo’s house. He denies it. He gets a call from someone who tells him that he found Jin-Woo. Han-Cheol tells Gye-Jeol that Jin-Woo disappeared after he had reached the highway. He thinks Jin-Woo ran away.

Eun-Ji writes down her wish that she wishes Bong-Pil to be killed after she found out that the guy had been released. She remembers he dropped the medicine into her wine. She drank the wine. She woke up and found out that she was lying in the bed. Bong-Pil took photos of her. She tried to kill herself with the rope. But she didn’t have the guts.

Kok-Du receives Eun-Ji’s wish. He covers his ears with his hands when he asks Okshin about Bong-Pil. Okshin shows Bong-Pil’s photo to Kok-Du. Kok-Du disappears. Eun-Ji’s mother asks Bong-Pil to get rid of the photos. But he asks her to drink with him. She hits his head with the wine bottle when he drops the medicine into the wine.

Kok-Du shows up when Bong-Pil is looking for his camera. He shows the camera to him. He throws the camera to the couch. Bong-Pil tries to beat Kok-Du. But Kok-Du kills Bong-Pil. Gakshin burns Jin-Woo’s clothes. She wishes him to go to a better place.

Kok-Du returns home. Gakshin wants to give Kok-Du the honey water. But he rejects it and walks away. Okshin mentions Gakshin has been rejected for 500 years. Gakshin is furious to kick Okshin. She wants to end the curse for Kok-Du. Okshin thinks Kok-Du will get the eternal peace if they find the girl. He tells Gakshin to go to look for the ring Kok-Du lost. But she doesn’t know where she should look for the ring. She throws Jin-Woo’s clothes into the flame. The ring appears.

Joong-Sik reports to Pil-Soo that he didn’t find Jin-Woo. Pil-Soo tells Joong-Sik to spread the rumor that Jin-Woo killed himself. But Joong-Sik worries that Jin-Woo will deny it when he comes back. Pil-Soo tells Joong-Sik that Jin-Woo won’t make it.

Gye-Jeol wakes up and sees the breakfast Han Cheol left. She has the breakfast. She goes to the hospital. She tries to treat the patient. But the doctor pushes her over because he thinks she’s a traitor. She takes a look at the notice. She finds out that the notice told people that she tainted the reputation of the hospital.

Gye-Jeol takes off the notice when Pil-Soo passes by. She blocks his way and tells him that she didn’t betray Jin-Woo. But she cannot to explain it when the director asks her about it. Pil-Soo tells Gye-Jeol to take Jin-Woo to the hospital. He walks away.

Jung-Won stares at her and Jin-Woo’s group photo. She tears up because she doesn’t believe that her boyfriend would kill himself. Gye-Jeol knocks at the door. She asks Jung-Won for a talk. She remembers Han Cheol told her that Jin-Woo fled. She finds out that she was fired by the hospital. She swears to kill Jin-Woo if she finds him.

Jung-Won opens the door. She tries to leave. But Gye-Jeol stops Jung-Won. She asks him if Jin-Woo called her. Jung-Won denies it. Gye-Jeol thinks Jung-Won told a lie to her because she knows she’s close to Jin-Woo. She tells her that she needs to find Jin-Woo right now because her situation is worse.

Gye-Jeol asks Jung-Won to tell her about Jin-Woo’s whereabouts for their friendship. But Jung-Won shakes off Gye-Jeol’s hand. She tells her that she won’t tell it to her even if she knows it. She adds that she didn’t wish Jin-Woo to be close to Gye-Jeol. Because Gye-Jeol is the queen of destruction. Jung-Won mentions the club members called Gye-Jeol the nickname.

Jung-Won believes that everyone will get the happy ending if Gye-Jeol is silent. Gye-Jeol realizes that Jung-Won wishes her to take the blame. She claims that she’s a victim. She yells at Jung-Won that she would have a happy life if she didn’t encounter Jin-Woo.

Gye-Jeol grabs Jung-Won’s arm. She tells her that she won’t let her leave if she doesn’t tell her about Jin-Woo’s whereabouts. She reminds her that she defeated her when they were in the school. But Gye-Jeol’s hand is hurt by Jung-Won.

Han Cheol sees the two women’s fight. He goes to help Gye-Jeol. But he was punched by Jung-Won. His nose is bleeding. Jung-Won walks away when Gye-Jeol treats Han Cheol’s nose. Han Cheol swears not to forgive Jung-Won when he sees her.

Han Cheol brings the chicken to Gye-Jeol. He tells her that he still didn’t find Jin-Woo. He posts an article and tells people that Jin-Woo had an affair with her best friend. The people see the article. They wish Jin-Woo to be killed.

Kok-Du receives the wish. He asks Okshin about Jin-Woo. Okshin laughs to tell Kok-Du that Jin-Woo is him. Gye-Jeol is packing her stuff. She thinks Jin-Woo didn’t get proper treatment because he ran away. She remembers he told her that he will take the duty. She puts the ointment into her bag.

Gakshin shows the article to Kok-Du. She thinks he cannot kill himself. He swears to kill the person who wrote the article. She shows Gye-Jeol’s photo to him. He remembers he tried to kill the girl after he had been reborn. He mentions he took Gye-Jeol’s life if Okshin didn’t stop him.

Okshin tells Kok-Du not to kill Gye-Jeol because the girl has no sin. Gye-Jeol goes to the park to look for Jin-Woo. She sees the dog. She remembers the dog made her trip. She thinks it’s a dog dream. Kok-Du calls her. She turns around and sees him.

Gye-Jeol recognizes Kok-Du. She tries to walk to him. But she rolls down the stairs. She cries. He pokes her and finds out that she’s not dead. He remembers he taught Seol-Hui how to use sword. But he doesn’t know who the woman is.

Gye-Jeol takes a look at Kok-Du. She asks him if he was hurt. But he pushes her away. She catches him and blames him for not calling her after he was fine. He tells her that he will kill her if she dares to be close to him again.

But Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du that she has waited for her death. She doesn’t want to let him flee this time. He grabs her neck and tries to kill her. But he fails. He smiles when he shakes hands with her. He realizes that she’s the woman he looks for.

Kok-Du disappears when Gye-Jeol gets a call from someone. She yells at him because she thinks he ran away again. He stands in the rain. He feels happy because he thinks he’s going to be free. But Gakshin holds umbrella for him. Kok-Du tells Gakshin that the woman who can help him disappeared. He takes over the umbrella from her.

Kok-Du drinks with Gakshin. He tells her to enjoy the rain and the wine with him. She wonders why he’s sure that Gye-Jeol is the woman who can help him. He reveals he was soft-hearted when he tried to kill Gye-Jeol. He reminds Gakshin that the ring can prove that Gye-Jeol is the woman.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Kok-Du getting on knees to Gye-Jeol. He’s surprised that he obeyed her. He takes off his ring and shows the ring to her. He asks her if she knows the ring. She tries to leave. But he stops her. He remembers he put a ring on Seol-Hui’s finger. He asks Gye-Jeol if she’s Seol-Hui when he shakes her.

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