Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 4. Eun-Beom tells the judge that he asked Seo-Hee to fake an affair with him for getting a divorce with Ha-Ra. He turns around and looks at Ha-Ra. He apologizes to her for what he did to her.

Does Ha-Ra Wish to Have A Baby?

Strangers Again K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 4.

Ha-Ra asks Seo-Hee to explain it. But Seo-Hee tells Ha-Ra to ask Eun-Beom about it. Ha-Ra is furious to walk out of the court. Joon-Kyung follows her. He asks her to help him keep his kid. But she tells him to hire another lawyer. He throws a fit to her.

Ha-Ra sees Eun-Beom and Seo-Hee getting in the elevator. She runs to chase the two. But the door of the elevator is closed. She runs out of the court after she took off her shoes. She spots the two. Eun-Beom and Seo-Hee arrive at the parking lot. Ha-Ra reaches them when Seo-Hee asks Eun-Beom to help her take back her child.

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Ha-Ra puts her hand on Eun-Beom’s should so that she can wear shoes. She asks Seo-Hee to explain the affair. But Seo-Hee thinks it’s not her business. Eun-Beom agrees to what Seo-Hee said. He tells Ha-Ra that he did all of the things.

But Ha-Ra thinks Seo-Hee had evil intention. Seo-Hee agrees to have a talk with Ha-Ra. But she’s busy. She gives her number to Ha-Ra. She drives away. Ha-Ra calls Seo-Hee when she walks to Eun-Beom’s car. She finds out that the number Seo-Hee gave her doesn’t exist. Ha-Ha turns around. She sees Seo-Hee’s car off. She’s furious to kick Eun-Beom’s leg.

Eun-Beom tells Ha-Ra that he faked the affair because he had been tired of their marriage life. Han-Gil drinks with Eun-Beom at the restaurant. He tells him to get together with Ha-Ra after he heard their story. But Eun-Beom rejects it because he doesn’t want to get the married life. Si-Wook mentions Eun-Beom’s wife will housework for him if he gets married. But Eun-Beom tells Si-Wook that he wasn’t happy after he had gotten married.

It flashes back. Eun-Beom kisses Ha-Ra when she feeds him the snack. She asks him to wash the dishes after they had dinner. She notes that he’s watching the movie. She joins him and but she switches the movies because she likes horror movies. She wakes up and turns off the air conditioning. It makes him wake up. Because he feels hot.

Ha-Ra is drunk to tell Bi-Chwi that she didn’t yield to Eun-Beom. She reveals Eun-Beom wasn’t against her because she always defeated him in the fight. She believes that she wouldn’t get a divorce with Eun-Beom if they had a child.

Eun-Beom tells Si-Wook that he realized that his life will end when Ha-Ra told him that she wants to have a baby with him. Si-Wook feels happy when he mentions the baby. Eun-Beom laughs because he thinks Si-Wook knows nothing about raising a child. He believes that he will go to the coffin if he has a baby.

Ha-Ra laughs after knowing Eun-Beom doesn’t like baby at all. She mentions she prepared the folate meal for him. Bi-Chwi stops Ha-Ra because she looks like a crazy woman. Bi-Chwi is furious to tell Ha-Ra that she will kill the man for her. Ha-Ra rejects it. Because she thinks Eun-Beom did nothing wrong. She thinks she shouldn’t get married with Eun-Beom.

Ha-Ra visits Yeo-Rae. Yeo-Rae tells Ha-Ra that she wishes her to win the case. But Ha-Ra thinks she will lose. She cries when Yeo-Rae asks her about her competitiveness. Yeo-Rae hands over the tea to Ha-Ra. Ha-Ra complains to Yeo-Rae that she did the worse choice. She thinks she was very stupid.

Yeo-Rae comforts Ha-Ra that there’s no perfect woman in the world. She reveals that she regretted that she didn’t have three children. Ha-Ra tears up. She tells Yeo-Rae that she wishes to have a baby. She wonders why happiness is so hard to her.

Yeo-Rae thinks Ha-Ra should know that everyone isn’t easy because she’s a divorce lawyer. She reminds her that she needs to take care of the case. Ha-Ra returns to her office. She calls Joon-Kyung. But the man doesn’t pick up her phone. She texts him and asks him to give her a chance.

Seo-Hee calls Eun-Beom. She reveals Joon-Kyung asked her to take care of Da-Wool. She adds that she intends to take her daughter to an amusement park. She mentions she gave Ha-Ra a random number. She asks him if Ha-Ra gave him a hard time.

Eun-Beom tells Seo-Hee that Ha-Ra didn’t do anything to him. She’s surprised that Ha-Ra forgave him. She tells him not to get her involved in the business of him and Ha-Ra. She mentions he made Ha-Ra misunderstand her. He apologizes to her. She catches the chance to ask him to help her take back her daughter. He’s confident that he will win.

Ha-Ra meets with the director. He tells her that Joon-Kyung is going to take his daughter to the United States. Seo-Hee tries to take Da-Wool to get off the car after she took her to the amusement park. Da-Wool tells Seo-Hee that she doesn’t want to go to the United States. Seo-Hee records what Da-Wool said.

Ha-Ra visits Joon-Kyung when he’s packing her stuff. He takes her to the cafe and asks her to pretend not to know his leaving. She rejects it because she has known it. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. She reminds him that he breaks the law if he does so.

Seo-Hee plays Da-Wool’s recording that Da-Wool wishes to live with Seo-Hee. Eun-Beom learns that Seo-Hee intends to give the evidence to the judge. He wonders why she wishes to take a kid since she lives comfortable when she’s alone. She reveals she cried when the little girl called mother.

Seo-Hee tells Eun-Beom that she misses her daughter very much. He hands over the tissue box to her. She takes one of the tissue from the tissue box. She wipes off her tears with the tissue. She reveals she realized that she’s an ordinary mother after she had run away from home.

Ha-Ra tells Jae-Gyeom that Seo-Hee ran away from home after she had been beaten by her husband. But he tells her to take Joon-Kyung’s side because the guy didn’t give up his daughter. She tries to inform Eun-Beom that Joon-Kyung is going to take his daughter to leave Korea. But she gives up the mind.

Joon-Kyung is waiting for the plane with Da-Wool at the airport. He lets Da-Wool go to the restroom alone because he needs to take care of his baggage. She sees the mother helping the daughter wash hands. She walks away when Joon-Kyung is talking with someone over the phone.

Jae-Gyeom tells Ha-Ra that he had feelings for her when he saw her the first time. She blushes. Joon-Kyung goes to the women’s restroom to look for his daughter. He asks the woman to check if his daughter is in the restroom or not.

Da-Wool leaves the airport. She’s hit by the car when she crosses the street. The madam knocks at the door. She asks Eun-Beom to borrow his car to her because she needs to go to hospital. Ha-Ra gets a call from Eun-Beom when she’s watching movie with Jae-Gyeom. She doesn’t pick up his phone. He texts her that Da-Wool is in the hospital.

Ha-Ra arrives at the hospital. She sees Joon-Kyung. Eun-Beom takes Ha-Ra to outside. He blames her for letting Joon-Kyung leave. He complains to her that the kid needs to get surgery for five hours. But she points out that he’s not Da-Wool’s father.

Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of Strangers Again K-Drama ends with Eun-Beom going to see Da-Wool in the ward. She thinks he’s a weird uncle. He looks at her with sadness. He grabs her little hand. He walks Seo-Hee in the hallway. He tells her to tell it to her if she needs his help. But she brings up his daughter Eun-Byeol.

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