Lighter & Princess: Episodes 3-4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Lighter & Princess: Episodes 3-4. Zhu Yun walks out of the cafe. She sees Li Xun walking into the cafe. He leaves after he got the coffee. She followers him and avoids Chen Minmin when Chen Minmin asks Li Xun out.

Episode 3 Recap & Ending

Lighter & Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Lighter & Princess: Episodes 3-4.

Li Xun rejects Chen Minmin. She doesn’t want to give up. She tangles him. Zhu Yun follows Li Xun to his house. She explains to him that she didn’t tail him. She tells him that she came to about about attendance with him. He hands over the laptop to her. He tells her that he will attend the morning study if she passes the game.

Zhu Yun loses. She finds out that she loses no matter what she does. She wonders why she plays the game. Li Xun tells Zhu Yun that he doesn’t like her. He asks her not to visit him for the morning study. She walks away. Fang Shumiao wonders why Zhu Yun didn’t cross the river.

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Zhu Yun complains to Fang Shumiao that the game was designed by Li Xun. Fang Shumiao thinks Zhu Yun got played. Zhu Yun tells Fang Shumiao that the logic of the game is very simple. Fang Shumiao teases Zhu Yun that she thinks the logic of getting rich is very simple.

Zhu Yun is furious to kick Fang Shumiao. She mentions she accepted the humiliation for her. She finds out that Li Xun just used the example from the book. She tries to study the book. But Fang Shumiao turns off the light. She wakes up and finds out Zhu Yun still studies.

Teacher Lin lets Zhu Yun be the class representative after she answered his question well. She asks him to replace her with someone else. He tells her to make the decision after she thinks about it. He reveals he needs to buy the braised meat.

Zhu Yun tells Madam Zhu that Teacher Lin asked her to be the class representative. Madam Zhu thinks it’s a good news. She persuades Zhu Yun to be the class representative. Zhu Yun tries to leave. Teacher Lin calls her class representative. He asks her to hand over the papers to the students.

Zhu Yun tells Teacher Lin that she didn’t think about it. He laughs to ask her if her mom is Director Liu. She’s embarrassed to admit it. He reveals her mom told him what she worries about. He tells her that he let her be the class representative because he believed that she has the ability.

Teacher Lin reveals Gao Jianhong wants to team up a team. He tells Zhu Yun to join the team. She wonders why she has to join the team. He leaks that he joined the team. Gao Jianhong tells Zhu Yun that Teacher Lin intends to arrange a place for them. Teacher Lin tells Zhu Yun to manage the team with Gao Jianhong.

Gao Jianhong invites Li Xun to join his team. But Li Xun tells Gao Jianhong that he doesn’t want to join the team. He walks away. Gao Jianhong walks Fang Shumiao. He tells her that he intended to test Li Xun’s level. But he was played by Li Xun.

Fang Shumiao mentions Li Xun tricked Gao Jianhong spoke out the answer. She thinks it meant that Li Xun knew the answer. Wu Mengxing agrees to what Fang Shumiao said. He reveals he didn’t understand what Li Xun wrote. But Zhu Yun thinks Li Xun knows nothing about it.

Fang Shumiao points out that Li Xun wouldn’t be first place if he didn’t know it. She thinks Zhu Yun is blinded by revenge. Zhu Yun thinks Fang Shumiao doesn’t know who is the good person. Gao Jianhong agrees to what Zhu Yun said. He wants to take a look at what Li Xun writes.

Zhu Yun thinks the “Crossing River Death” which was written by Li Xun isn’t special. Gao Jianhong takes the people to get into the house Teacher Lin applied for them. Fang Shumiao wonders why Gao Jianhong is interested in Li Xun’s program level.

Gao Jianhong confesses that he wants to know if he can defeat Li Xun or not. He thinks everyone wants to be the first place. He asks Zhu Yun if she accepts Li Xun. She claims that she looks down on Li Xun. Gao Jianhong wonders if Li Xun handed in the homework Teacher Lin assigned.

Zhu Yun reveals Li Xun is the only one who didn’t handed in the homework. She adds that she doesn’t know how to explain it to Teacher lin. Zhu Yun visits Li Xun. She tells him that she thinks he didn’t hand in the homework because he worries that the classmates know his real level. He gives the homework to her.

Zhu Yun brings Li Xun’s homework to Gao Jianhong. She thinks Li Xun is a flower pillow when she inserts the flash driver into her laptop. But Gao Jianhong worries that it’s an virus. She visits the computer repair shop with her laptop. She asks the senior to fix her laptop.

But the senior cannot fix Zhu Yun’s laptop. He wants to know Li Xun. Fang Shumiao learns that Zhu Yun’s laptop wasn’t fixed. She gives the laptop to Gao Jianhong. He tries to fix the laptop. But he fails. Fang Shuming tells Zhu Yun to go to ask Li Xun a favor. Zhu Yun claims that she won’t go to see Li Xun even if her laptop turns into a brick.

Fang Shumiao thinks Li Xun is a genius. Zhu Yun scolds Fang Shumiao. She thinks she’s heartless. She goes to see Teacher Lin. He laughs because he thinks she doesn’t want to hand in the homework. He inserts the flash drive into his laptop. He asks her who wrote the program.

Li Xun is summoned to Teacher Lin’s office. Teacher Lin asks Li Xun if the program was written by him. Li Xun admits it. Teacher Lin lets Lin Xun have a seat. He asks him to tell him how he wrote the program. Li Xun tells it to Teacher Lin. He hands over the phone to him.

Teacher Lin picks up the phone. The woman tells him that she forgot to take key. He tries to leave. But Zhu Yun stops him. She mentions the program. He tells Li Xun to fix Zhu Yun’s laptop. He leaves his office. Zhu Yu follows Li Xun to the dormitory. She asks him to fix her laptop when she grabs his clothes. But the aunt asks Zhu Yun to release Li Xun.

Episode 4 Recap & Ending

Fang Shumiao calls Zhu Yun and wakes her up. She reports to her that Li Xun is taking the morning study. She asks her where she is. Zhu Yun finds out that she’s in Li Xun’s house. She runs into the classroom. Fang Shumiao notes that Zhu Man wears a man’s clothes. She asks her about it.

Zhu Yun claims that the coat belongs to her. But Fang Shumiao and Gao Jianhong don’t believe it. Zhu Yun remembers Li Xun wore his coat on her when she fell asleep. She takes off the coat. Fang Shumiao asks Zhu Yun where she and Li Xun went.

Zhu Yun denies it. Fang Shumiao mentions Zhu Yun didn’t return to school last night. Zhu Yun claims she made Li Xun take the morning study. Teacher Zhang shows up with Teacher Lin. She asks Li Xun to announce the thing. Li Xun tells the student that he applied the base. He tells them that they don’t have the take morning study when they’re at the base.

The students think it’s a good news. Fang Shumiao blames Zhu Yun for making the morning study gone. Li Xun leaves the classroom. Gao Jianhong sees Li Xun off. He thinks Li Xun targets them. Zhu Xun takes the dart. She intends to shoot the door when she’s furious to call Li Xun’s name.

Fang Shumiao opens the door at that time. She’s startled to close the door after she saw the dart. She wonders if Zhu Yun hates her. Zhu Yun tells Fang Shumiao that she didn’t intend to shoot her. She tells her to take a look at Li Xun’s coat which is hung on the door.

Zhu Yun shows the message to Fang Shumiao. Fang Shumiao learns that Li Xun used Zhu Yun’s phone to reply the message. She shoots Li Xun with Zhu Yun. Fang Shumiao tells Zhu Yun to be careful because she worries that she will fall for Li Xun because of the revenge. Zhu Yun doesn’t believe that she will do that when she shoots the coat.

Gao Jianhong asks Li Xun to play the basketball with him. He throws the basketball to him. But Li Xun gets into the dormitory. Gao Jianhong follows Li Xun. He thinks he gave them pressure to build up the base. Li Xun laughs. He tells Gao Jianhong not to waste his time.

Gao Jianhong thinks Li Xun wastes his time to maintain the base. Li Xun explains to Gao Jianhong that he doesn’t want him to waste his time to compete with him. He returns the basketball to him. Gao Jianhong asks Li Xun not to take the team members away from him.

Fang Shumiao goes to the hospital to see Wu Mengxing. He’s surprised that she came to see him. He gets up from the bed. She feels sorry for not coming to see him since he has been sick for a few days. He tells her that he knows she’s very busy. She asks him if he can leave the hospital.

Wu Mengxing comforts Fang Shumiao that he will leave the hospital tomorrow. She asks him if he can play suona. He denies it and reveals he just pretended to play suona when he followed his father. She leaves his ward. Gao Jianhong asks Fang Shuxiao if she completed her program when she’s thinking about something.

Zhu Yun wakes Fang Shumiao up. She believes that Fang Shumiao has feelings for Wu Mengxing after she stayed in the hospital with Wu Mengxing. Fang Shumiao denies it. She tells Zhu Yun not to mention the guy in front of her. She tells her that Wu Mengxing is a liar.

Zhu Yun mentions Fang Shumiao praised Wu Mengxing when she needed him. She thinks she’s a bad person. Fang Shumiao asks Zhu Yun a favor. Zhu Yun and Fang Shumiao speak comedy. Gao Jianhong tells them not to waste their time. Li Xun shows up. He praises their performance.

Li Xun tells people to disband the team. Zhu Yun wonders why he came to their place since he looks down on them. He reveals Teacher Lin gave the place to him. He walks away. She follows him and stops him. She asks him if it’s fun to rob their place.

Li Xun admits it. He thinks Zhu Yun will be mocked if she stands on the stage. She asks him if he dares to come to watch her show. He thinks she wishes him to come to the party. She’s furious to return the bag to him. She walks away.

Zhu Yun tells talk show about Li Xun on the stage. She tries to run away after she completed the talk show. But Li Xun blocks her way. He’s close to her. He tells her that he doesn’t expect that she cared for him. He adds that he agrees to get together with her. The students cast the paper airplanes to Li Xun and Zhu Yun. Fang Shumiao is furious to throw away her paper airplanes.

Zhu Yun wakes up. Fang Shumiao tells Zhu Yun that she’s famous. Zhu Yun takes a look at the footage of her and Li Xun. Fang Shumiao asks Zhu Yun to confess when she hit on Li Xun. Zhu Yun mentions what Fang Shumiao told her to sacrifice herself.

Fang Shumiao asks Zhu Yun if she actually sacrificed herself. Zhu Yun tells Fang Shumiao that she wants to beat her. Fang Shumiao thinks Zhu Yun wouldn’t care for Li Xun if she has no feelings for him. Zhu Yun decides to go to take a bath. She worries that she will be recognized by people.

Fang Shumiao comforts Zhu Yun that nobody knows her after the party. Zhu Yun opens the door. She runs into Ren Di. Ren Di praises Zhu Yun for getting Li Xun. Zhu Yun is surprised that Ren Di knew it. She asks Fang Shumiao to accompany her to take shower. Fang Shumiao rejects it.

The two girls talk about Li Xun and Zhu Yun when Zhu Yun is taking a shower. They recognize Zhu Yun when one of the girls tries to borrow the bath card from her. Zhu Yun runs away. She has to let Fang Shumiao wash hair for her. Zhu Yun sends the statement that she’s single. The girl stops Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun tells the girl that she doesn’t get together with Li Xun. She shows the statement to her. But the girl sees Li Xun’s message that he feels sorry for making Zhu Yun get angry.

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