Link: Eat, Love, Kill K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Link: Eat, Love, Kill K-Drama: Episode 2. The kids mock Gye-Hoon after knowing he has the ability to sense his sister’s feelings. It makes Gye-Hoon upset. Cheol-Ho tells Gye-Hoon to be confident because nobody owns such a power. But the ability makes Gye-Hoon despair after he lost his sister.

Why Da-Hyun Confesses her Feelings to Gye-Hoon?

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Link: Eat, Love, Kill K-Drama: Episode 2.

Da-Hyun is scared after Link: Eat, Love, Kill episode 2 let her see Jin-Geun’s dead body. Gye-Hoon senses something. He walks out of his restaurant. He sees nobody. Min-Jo remembers Da-Hyun left police station. She worries about her. Won-Tak thinks Da-Hyun will come back if she’s not fine.

Da-Hyun is startled after she saw Gye-Hoon moving the fridge into his restaurant. He spots her and joins her. He tells her that he worries about her. She tells him that she’s fine. She walks into his restaurant to take a look at the fridge. She confesses her feelings to him because she worries that he will find the dead body from the fridge.

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Gye-Hoon returns home. He sees the food from the table. He walks into the room. He sees Mi-Sook falling asleep. He takes a look at his family photo. He tells Mi-Sook not to skip meal after she woke up. Chun-Ok takes a stick to run out of the house when Da-Hyun and Bok-Hee have a fight.

Da-Hyun tries to stop Chun-Ok. But Chun-Ok breaks the window of Gye-Hoon’s restaurant. They try to get into Gye-Hoon’s restaurant. But they worry that they will get caught. So they don’t take action. Da-Hyun returns to her room. She takes a look at the wounds on her body. She lies in bed and cries. Gye-Hoon wakes up. He wipes off his tears.

Bok-Hee talks with Chun-Ok about how to kill Gye-Hoon. She turns around and sees Da-Hyun. She’s startled. Da-Hyun thinks the two killed a person before. The civil servant tells the people that he’s going to set up the camera. Gye-Hoon complains that he would know who was the thief if the camera was set up early. He takes a look at Da-Hyun. He notes that she looked scared.

Jin-Hu gets a call from someone. He hangs up. He tells Gye-Hoon that the worker will come to fix the glass. He mentions Da-Hyun didn’t dare to look at Gye-Hoon after she confessed her feelings to him. He thinks she did it because she was shy.

Gye-Hoon agrees to what Jin-Hu said. But he sees Da-Hyun working out outside. She runs away. Gye-Hoon walks Jin-Hu in the market. They run into Bok-Hee and Chun-Ok. The two ladies invite them to come to their restaurant. Bok-Hee tells Chun-Ok that she has treated the two guys as her enemies after they stole their fridge.

Does Da-Hyun Tell Gye-Hoon the Truth?

Gye-Hoon and Jin-Hu go to Bok-Hee’s restaurant. She prepares a meal for them. Gye-Hoon tells Bok-Hee that her food tastes terrible. She gets angry and tries to have a fight with him. But she’s stopped by Da-Hyun. Min-Jo walks Jung-Ho on the street. She stops Ui-Chan when he’s going to pee.

Jung-Ho finds out that Gye-Hoon’s restaurant is closed. Link: Eat, Love, Kill makes him go to Bok-Hee’s restaurant with Min-Jo. She lets them in. Min-Jo mentions Da-Hyun went to the police station last night. She wants to have a talk with her. Gye-Hoon tells Min-Jo that he has a date with Da-Hyun.

Da-Hyun walks out of the restaurant with Gye-Hoon. She sighs. Jin-Hu takes Gye-Hoon away. Jung-Ho asks Bok-Hee about Gye-Hoon. She tells him that the guy is a chef. Jin-Hu tells Gye-Hoon that Min-Jo wanted to arrest Da-Hyun. Da-Hyun disagrees to what Jin-Hu said.

Jin-Hu walks away. Gye-Hoon tries to grab Da-Hyun’s arm. She’s startled to take off his hand. He asks her what happened last night. She refuses to leak it because she thinks it’s not his business. He yells at her, telling her that he worries about her.

Gye-Hoon takes Da-Hyun to the hospital. He lets the doctor see her. He drives her home and tells her that he would kill the man if he tried to hurt him. Gye-Hoon opens the fridge. He sees something. Da-Hyun wakes up from the nightmare.

Jin-Hu tries to open the door of the restaurant. He finds out that Bok-Hee is watching him. Da-Hyun goes to the police station. She leaves after she got a call from someone. Won-Tak sees her. He tells Min-Jo that he didn’t come back for her. It makes her unhappy.

Won-Tak sees the couple kissing. He remembers he kissed Min-Jo and made her happy. He tries to tell something to her but they got a task. Da-Hyun opens the package. She’s startled after she saw the stuff in the package. She remembers Jin-Geun asked her why she threw away his gift.

Da-Hyun runs into the ladies. The ladies talk about the killing case in Link: Eat, Love, Kill. Da-Hyun remembers what Jin-Geun told her that he lives in the house with curtains. She goes to the house, seeing the cops carrying the dead body out. She touches the hand of the dead body after she got pushed by someone. Gye-Hoon sees the scene again.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Link: Eat, Love, Kill ends with Gye-Hoon returning home. Mi-Sook yells at him and tells him to get lost because she thinks he killed his sister. He comforts her. She cries in his arms. She pushes him away and asks him to take Gye-Young to see her.

Gye-Hoon returns to his room. He sits on the floor. He sees his sister Gye-Young who comforts him. It makes him tear up. He tells her that he’s fine. Da-Hyun sneaks into Gye-Hoon’s restaurant. She opens the fridge. Gye-Hoon shows up behind her. He asks her if she found the thing she wants to get. She closes the fridge and turns around. She sees him.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill K-Drama: Episode 2 stars Yeo Jin-Goo and Mun Ka-Young.

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