Love All Play K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love All Play K-Drama: Episode 1. Tae-Yang tells the fish not to live like her. She chops it. The restaurant owner escorts Tae-Yang to the bus stop. She bows to him and thanks him for teaching her the cooking skill.

Why Everyone Doesn’t Want Tae-Yang to Come Back?

Love All Play

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love All Play K-Drama: Episode 1.

The restaurant owner mentions Tae-Yang was so poor when she came to see him. He laughs. He tells her to go to find a job because he thinks money is very important to her because she has grown up. She agrees to what he said. She leaks that she found a job. It makes him get angry. He asks her where the restaurant is. She doesn’t know how to answer him. She has to smile at him.

Tae-Sang and CEO’s assistant are furious to walk out of the gym because their players didn’t come when the game began. But they pretend everything is fine when they see each other. The players Tae-Joon and Jung-Hwan arrive. They don’t like each other.

Tae-Joon gets the score. It makes Tae-Sang upset. He believes that his team will be defeated if he doesn’t find a way. He looks for Jung-Hwan. He finds out that the guy falls asleep under the chair. He’s furious to take the badminton racket to beat Jung-Hwan. But he’s stopped by the team members.

Tae-Joon cheers Ji-Ho up that the girls are waiting for him. But Ji-Ho points out that the girls are only interested in Jung-Hwan. Tae-Yang shows up. She finds a corner to have a seat. She looks around the gym. Ji-Ho’s leg is hurt. Tae-Joon thinks Ji-Ho cannot continue to play the game. So he talks about it with the coach.

But the coach doesn’t let Ji-Ho get the treatment. Tae-Joon leaves the gym. Tae-Yang walks out of the gym. Yoo-Min recognizes her. She follows her and stops her. Tae-Yang turns around. She pretends to recognize Yoo-Min. Yoo-Min points out that Tae-Yang doesn’t know her. Tae-Yang is embarrassed to run away.

Yoo-Min realizes that Tae-Yang came back for badminton. Sung-Sil stops Yoo-Min. She asks her about Tae-Yang. Yoo-Min leaks that Tae-Yang was a star player but she bribed the club. Yoo-Min feels regret for being nice to Tae-Yang after she remembered what the girl did. Tae-Joon walks out of the gym after he won. He autographs for the girl. He realizes that the girl isn’t his fan. Because she didn’t recognize his autograph. He gets a message from someone. He learns that Tae-Yang came back. He doesn’t feel happy.

It flashes back. Tae-Yang fails to catch the badminton. She tells Man-Soo that she wants to bribe. He scolds her because he thinks what she wants to do isn’t right. Tae-Yang brings the victory to Korea. She’s tired to lie on the floor to weep.

Tae-Yang watches her victory footage. She complains that her career ended after the game. She goes to the bed. But she hurts her leg by mistake. Ji-Ho asks Tae-Joon why he quit. Tae-Joon doesn’t give Ji-Ho the answer. He offers to go to the bar together.

Sang-Hyun gathers Tae-Yang and the team members. He leaves the bar. Ji-Ho walks into the bar. He sees the players. He wants to leave. But Tae-Joon stops Ji-Ho because his eyes are fixed when he stares at Tae-Yang. Tae-Joon tells his team members that he wants to get a girlfriend. Ji-Ho wants to introduce his grandmother to Tae-Joon. Tae-Joon is furious to give Ji-Ho a lesson.

Tae-Yang confesses to Dong-Wan that she bribed. She tells him that she doesn’t dare to look at his eyes. Tae-Joon walks to Dong-Wan with wine. He tells him that he will buy him the wine. Dong-Wan is happy to drink with Tae-Joon. Tae-Yang follows Young-Sim to leave the bar. Tae-Joon notes it.

Tae-Yang thinks it would be hard for Young-Sim after knowing Young-Sim’s marriage wasn’t good and she couldn’t keep her daughter. But Young-Sim reminds Tae-Yang that they’re enemies. She walks away. Tae-Yang is furious to play the game. Tae-Joon shows up from her back. He startles her.

Does Tae-Yang Know Tae-Joon?

Tae-Joon thinks Tae-Yang knows him. But she’s cold to deny it. He tries to give his racket to her. But she rejects it. He mentions he used the racket to break the 493 km record. She’s shocked to take a look at the racket. He tells her that he has been her fan since 12 years old. He smiles at her. He’s happy to tell Ji-Ho that he threw away the racket.

Tae-Yang returns to the bar. Dong-Wan is drunk to look for Tae-Joon. Sung-Sil reports to Tae-Yang that Tae-Joon broke his promise. Dong-Wan asks Tae-Yang to help him when he sees the food they have eaten. Tae-Yang volunteers to buy the meal. She takes a look at the racket.

Shi-Bong sprays the water to the team members. The female president is very happy when she sees the water on the player’s faces. She mistakes that they sweated because they trained themselves hard. She recognizes Tae-Yang and walks to her, shaking hands with her. Tae-Yang catches the chance to flatter the female president.

The female president tells Tae-Sang that Jung-Hwan asked for changing his coach. Because he thought Tae-Sang was very rule to him. Tae-Sang welcomes Jung-Hwan when he sees him. Jung-Hwan tells Tae-Sang that he doesn’t want to do the training he doesn’t like. Tae-Sang agrees to it.

Jung-Hwan walks out of the office. He runs into Tae-Yang. He asks her why she joined his team. She explains that the club invited her. He’s furious to take away her earphones. Because he believes that she bribed again. She’s furious to take her earphones back. She tells him that she lives very hard.

Jung-Hwan intends to tell people what Tae-Yang did. She kicks him. She tells him that she doesn’t care what he will do. She reveals she wanted to apologize to him. But she changed her mind. Because she knows she’s a bad girl in his mind.

Tae-Joon tells Ji-Ho that he won’t accept Yunis’s invitation if he doesn’t get enough money from them. Ji-Ho throws out. Tae-Joon goes to the pharmacy. He asks the doctor for the medicine to kill Ji-Ho. Tae-Joon goes to the gym to see Man-Soo. He runs into Tae-Yang.

Man-Soo notes that Tae-Joon’s eyes are fixed when he stares at his daughter. He tells him to play badminton with Tae-Yang. Tae-Yang lets Tae-Joon win. She tries to leave. But he stops her. He asks her why she let him win. She explains that she did it for his livelihood.

Love All Play K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Tae-Yang remembers she hurt Joon-Young. She wonders why she came back since everyone didn’t welcome her. She goes to the gym to practice badminton. She thinks she came back because she’s a badminton player. Tae-Joon shows up. He tells Tae-Yang that he joined Yunis. Because he wants to play badminton with her.

Love All Play K-Drama: Episode 1 stars Park Ju-Hyun, Chae Jong-Hyeop, Park Ji-Hyun and Kim Mu-Jun.

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