Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 25 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 25. Shang Que tells Jie Li that dragon clan has a custom to take off the dragon scale, giving it to the woman he loves. He tells her that it means he exposes the weakest part of his body to his lover without dragon scale’s protecting.

Why Dongfang Qingcang and Orchid Feel Guilty?

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 25.

Shang Que tells Jie Li that he agrees to be tricked by her. She tells him that she isn’t free to listen to the dragon clan’s customs. She walks away. The maids don’t find the bead. Jie Li tells the maids that she will deduct their salaries if they cannot find the bead.

Orchid wonders why Jie Li is so angry since the wedding isn’t real. Jie Li points out that the bead is real. She takes the maids to go to look for the bead. Xie Wanqing shows up. She asks Orchid why she didn’t wear the wedding dress.

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Orchid wonders why Xie Wanqing came. Xie Wanqing reveals she brought her jewelry after she lost her jewelry. She tells her to choose the jewelry she likes. She tells her that she cannot be beautiful when she dresses up well. She opens the box. She thinks the hairpin is suitable for her. She wears the hairpin for her.

Orchid thanks Xie Wanqing for doing it for her. Xie Wanqing points out that she will be Orchid’s sister-in-law after tonight. She tells Orchid to tell it to her when she has had time. Orchid nodes. Xie Wanqing smiles when she grabs Orchid’s hand.

Xiao Run takes Dongfang Qingcang to welcome to guests. The guests give the gifts to Xiao Run and Dongfang Qingcang. Dongfang Qingcang asks Xiao Run what happened. Xiao Run reveals he asked the guests to prepare gifts for Dongfang Qingcang.

Dongfang Qingcang sees Orchid. He asks her why she’s there. But she asks him why he’s there instead. She tells him to go to welcome the guests. He tries to leave. But she stops him and asks him to accompany her because she’s in bad mood.

Orchid mentions Xie Wanqing wore hairpin for her. She confesses that she felt guilty when she thought about they tricked her. She thinks Dongfang Qingcang cannot understand it. But he tells her that he understands the feelings. He reveals he felt guilty to his enemy after Xiao Run told him that he’s his friend.

Orchid reminds Dongfang Qingcang that Xiao Run isn’t his enemy. She asks him to be mortal with her. He agrees to it. Xiao Run runs into Dan Yin. He hugs her and asks her where she went. He takes her to his wedding room. He asks her where he went again.

Dan Yin cries to hug Xiao Run from his back. He takes off her hands. He notes that she’s crying. He realizes that she thinks he will dump her because he’s going to get married. He comforts her that he won’t give up her. He promises to look for a wife for her after he gets married.

Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 25 Ending

Episode 25 of Love Between Fairy and Devil ends with Orchid crying to tell Dongfang Qingcang that she won’t hate him because he needs to save the soldiers of Moon Clan. But she doesn’t know what to do. He comforts her. Xiao Run runs into Dan Yin. He asks her why she wears women’s clothes.

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