Love is Deep Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Love is Deep Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. Chen Xun asks Ding Ding to prepare champagne roses, and she mistakes him that he is going to make a proposal to her. But he takes his ex Zi Xin showing up and introduces her as the spokeswoman of his company.

Love is Deep Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Love is Deep

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love is Deep Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1.

The doctor Wei Jin checks Ding Ding’s body, and she comforts him that he is professional. He tells her that she got fibroma, and advises her to have surgery. She asks him if there is any doctor can do the surgery, except him. But he thinks he doesn’t have any problem to do the surgery for her.

Ding Ding is surprised that Wei Jin is a professor, and is informed that the company website cannot be opened. She tells her colleague Da Mao to rent two servers. The female patient asks for Wei Jin’s wechat, but he rejects it. Miao Miao is surprised that Wei Jin wants to do surgery for Ding Ding for whole day, and it usually costs half an hour.

Ding Ding treats colleagues the night snack, and they thank the landlady Ding Ding. She gets a call from Chen Xun, who asks to change the flowers to champagne roses. The man gets the snack for Ding Ding, and thinks Chen Xun intends to make a proposal to her. Ding Ding smiles.

Ding Ding tries on the dress and thinks she wears too formal, and worries that Chen Xun doesn’t intend to make a proposal. But her male friend Xiao Feng tells her to show the sovereign to the girls. Xiao Feng is stunned after Ding Ding wore the wedding dress he gave her, but she tells him that she didn’t tell Chen Xun about her surgery.

Ding Ding is surprised that Xiao Feng intends to buy her the wedding dress and the skirt, but he thinks it’s nothing because she is his best friend. Ding Ding simulates the scene of she and Yan Xun’s wedding, and kisses the mirror. But she is startled while seeing Wei Jin.

Wei Jin returns the shoe to Ding Ding and thinks she is going to get married. But she denies and gets a call from her father. He notes that she is wearing wedding dress, and lets his wife to take a look. They both think Chen Xun is going to marry their daughter.

Wei Jin gives Ding Ding his handkerchief, and tells her the time of her surgery. She gives the cat toy to him after knowing that he likes cat. Ding Ding shows up at the celebration, and Da Mao knew that Chen Xun is going to make a proposal. Ding Ding runs into Chen Xun and Zi Xin in the elevator, and recognizes Zi Xin as Chen Xun’s ex-girlfriend.

The elevator is closed, and Zi Xin feels sorry for getting Ding Ding to misunderstand. Xiao Feng wonders where Chen Xun is when Ding Ding shows up, and she is awkward to accept the gifts of colleagues. Chen Xun takes Zi Xin to show up and gets her to be the spokeswoman of his company.

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Ding Ding goes out, but Chen Xun stops her. He tells her that Zi Xin is just a spokeswoman, but Zi Xin shows up and thanks Ding Ding for getting her so many roses. Zi Xin takes Chen Xun away as she wants to introduce President Sheng to him. Ding Ding is surprised to see Wei Jin, and he treats her the ice cream.

Wei Jin tells Ding Ding to talk back if she isn’t happy. The parents call Ding Ding, and are surprised that there isn’t any wedding ring around Ding Ding’s fingers. Ding Ding explains that she mistook it. Xiao Feng asks Ding Ding about Yan Xun and Zi Xin’s relationship.

Ding Ding thinks Zi Xin is just a spokeswoman, but Xiao Feng reminds her that Zi Xin intends to flirt with Chen Xun. Chen Xun blames Ding Ding for sending the goods wrong, and Zi Xin solves the problem. Chen Xun drives Zi Xin home, and refuses to accept Ding Ding’s video chat request. Ding Ding is in tears while seeing Chen Xun and Zi Xin.

The next day, Ding Ding gives the resignation to Chen Xun and breaks up with him. She thinks she is defeated by Zi Xin, and walks away. Xiao Feng blames Chen Xun for didn’t chase Ding Ding, and tells him that Ding Ding will have a surgery. But Zi Xin reminds Chen Xun that she cannot deal with President Sheng alone.

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