Love Is Sweet: Episode 1 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 1. Jian Jun runs into the hall. She notes the man who sits next to her is shaking. She tells him to give his standby button to her. He gives it to her, and she puts the button into the flowerpot.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 1.

Jiang Jun mentions what mayans said to put the button there if he wants to return to the place. She cheers the man up. The woman asks Jiang Jun if what she said is true. Jiang Jun says that she lied to the man. The woman smiles and introduces herself as Shen Xin.

The interviewer tells Jiang Jun and other players that they won most of the people. But Qiao Na walks in and tells them that it’s not destination. She asks them what kind of people they want to be if they get into MH. Jiang Jun tells Qiao Na that she wants to be Mo Zi because workplace isn’t Chun Qiu or Zhan Guo period.

The interviewer thinks Jiang Jun is with good pattern. But Qiao Na points out that the investment bank is the paradise of aspirant. She thinks they’re Su Qin and Zhang Yi. She tells Jiang Jun to be careful as she doesn’t like people who don’t have ambition.

Qiao Na thinks Jiang Jun lacks elite quality, but she is the beneficiary of MH diversified recruitment strategy. She tells the players that they passed her test. But she reminds them that the unbeaten war god of MH will interview them. She says that he will only be stricter than her.

Su Chang reports to Yuan Shuai that GE will control VTV, and thinks it’s time to take action. But Yuan Shuai wants to wait for a while. The follower reports to Du Lei that they will complete the purchase after two points. He thinks MH won’t have the power to fight it back.

Du Lei asks the follower if he is happy for lack two points since he’s taken so much time. The follower says that he will continue to work hard. The man informs Yuan Shuai that they only lack one point. Yuan Shuai opens his eyes and tells him to take action.

The follower brings the bad news to Du Lei that VTV announces to delist and Hua Lun’s stock equity is dilution. Another followers wonder why VTV increases their stock equity since the CEO just resigned. He comforts Du Lei that they should have other ways. Du Lei smiles and thinks they have been framed. He tells them to get out as he doesn’t want to see them anymore.

Su Chang tells the employees that they’re successful, and thinks the whole industry was tricked by Yuan Shuai and the CEO of VTV. Yuan Shuai tells Su Chang that strategy is the best to attack city. Su Cheng praises Yuan Shuai for his strategy, and reveals Du Lei was defeated by his poison pill plan.

Su Chang thinks Du Lei is insane. Yuan Shuai says that he knows Du Lei, and thinks the one who wants to win is usually out of his mind. Su Chang tells Yuan Shuai not to sleep as he has something to report to him. Yuan Shuai tells Su Chang to forgive him as she has drunk for Lao Zhai over one night. He tells him to listen to him.

The tailor measures Yuan Shuai’s body size. Qiao Na shows up and thinks Yuan Shuai is going to get himself a new suit. He says that he has no way as Lao Zhai vomited to his body. She thinks he treats the office as fashion stage, and asks him to give her some advice to her dress.

Yuan Shuai thinks Qiao Na’s dress is very nice but she is too fat. She threatens to kill him, and asks if he will go to the party with her as the medical magnate Ding Tian will attend it. He rejects it but tells her a secret to catch Ding Tian’s attention. She asks him what’s the secret.

Yuan Shuai tells Qiao Na that Ding Tian and his wife stayed in the medical team of aid for Africa. He adds that what he wrote on her back is the Arabic name of Ding Tian’s wife. She thinks he has a lot of social connections. He reveals he was representative of MH to donate the medical team of aid for Africa. He tells her to tell it to him.

Qiao Na thinks Yuan Shuai reaches the destination when the starting gun doesn’t fire. She puts her hand on his shoulder. He says that he didn’t know it when he donate, and lets her hand go. She gives the resumes to him. He finds the resume of Jiang Jun. Qiao Na reveals Jiang Jun is very funny, and mentions what she said that she’s Mo Zi.

Yuan Shuai smiles and says that Mo Zi only does good things for the world. Qiao Na asks him if he’s fine, and claims she only picks up the most prettiest fruit on the tree. She adds that he doesn’t care whether it’s ripe or not.

Jiang Jun walks into hall and gets a call from Xu Li. Xu Li asks Jiang Jun about the interview. Jiang Jun says that she still needs to pass the last interview to get the offer. Xu Li tells Jiang Jun that she believes she can do it. She thinks she is an elite player since she got in the last interview.

Xu Li tells Jiang Jun that she can complete her dream and get in the company. Jiang Jun thanks Xu Li for her cheering. Xu Li tells Jiang Jun that she will celebrate for her. Jiang Jun hangs up.

Yuan Shuai walks in the meeting room, and says that Shi Mao plans to purchase Yang Sheng. He tells the players to answer him if Shi Mao should buy the stocks of Yang Sheng. The players think it’s a good deal. But Jiang Jun doesn’t think the trade will be successful as the president Ma Yuke wouldn’t think Yang Sheng is with a good future.

Shen Xin why Ma Yuke wants to buy Yang Sheng. Jiang Jun reveals Ma Yuke takes the stocks of Yang Sheng, and thinks he does it for rise the stocks of Yang Sheng up. Yuan Shuai says that each deal contains the risk. He claims that they don’t need sheep, and tells Jiang Jun to leave.

Jiang Jun walks out of the meeting room, and her leg is hurt. Yuan Shuai calls her little crying kid. She turns around to look at him. But she walks away.

Jiang Jun walks out of the building, and she is bumped by a cleaner. She picks up the newspaper for the cleaner, and sees Yuan Shuai’s photo in the newspaper. She fans her tears. Su Chang gives the band-aid to her and tells her to apply it. He reveals it’s the souvenir Yuan Shuai gave her. She gets angry but still accepts it. He asks to borrow his phone to express her thank to Yuan Shuai.

Su Chang gives his phone to Jiang Jun. She leaves a message to Yuan Shuai that she won’t lose to him. She applies the band-aid on Su Chang’s phone. Su Chang thinks Jiang Jun is good, and asks Yuan Shuai why he kicked her out. Yuan Shuai tells Su Chang not to use his mercy on Jiang Jun.

Su Chang learns that Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai know each other. Yuan Shuai thinks Jiang Jun isn’t suitable for pit of investment market since she cannot shed tears. He tells Su Chang to get a consulting job for Jiang Jun, and he agrees to be investment counselor for the company if they give Jiang Jun a good salary.

It flashes back. Yuan Shuai asks Jiang Jun about his kettle. She gives it to her, and he reminds her the cockroach on her shoulder. She is scared to tear up and passes out. The doctor tells Mr. Jiang that his daughter’s tear illness gets worse. He adds that Jiang Jun will pass out if she tears up. He says that there won’t be a problem if she doesn’t contact the allergen.

The doctor tells Mr. Jiang that his daughter’s life won’t be affected if she doesn’t contact tears. Mr. Jiang thanks Doctor Chen and asks Yuan Shuai not to make Jiang Jun tear up in the school. Mr. Jiang gives ten yuan to Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai asks Mr. Jiang if he will pay him ten yuan monthly.

Mr. Jiang says yes. Yuan Shuai tells his uncle that he’s most responsible person and he won’t waste each penny he paid.

Xu Li is surprised that the interviewer was the boy Jiang Jun’s father hired to protect her. Jiang Jun says that she can recognize Yuan Shuai even if he turns into ashes. Xu Li wonders why the guardian angel kicked Jiang Jun out. Jiang Jun tells Xu Li that Yuan Shuai is a jerk and her father has wasted each penny.

Jiang Jun tells Xu Li that Yuan Shuai got people to bully her for earning her father’s money. But she didn’t dare to fight it back as she was timid. She adds that the person had been her nightmare. Jiang Jun tells Xu Li that her dad took her to transfer to another school after Yuan Shuai did a thing she had never forgotten him.

Xu Li thinks Yuan Shuai should feel guilty to Jiang Jun, and asks Jiang Jun why he kicked her out. Jiang Jun tells Xu Li that wolf wouldn’t feel guilty to sheep, and thinks Yuan Shuai intended to do that. She says that she won’t let it go. Xu Li gives a drumstick to Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun bites it and gets a message from a stranger.

The stranger texts Jiang Jun that he’s Yuan Shuai. She thinks he’s insane to add her Wechat. He tells her that he kicked her out was doing good thing for her. He thinks the suitable person should doing suitable thing at the suitable position.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun that there’s a position of Director Assistant, and the annual salary isn’t less than 300,000 yuan. He adds that the promoted space is very huge. He tells her that he can introduces her. But she rejects it.

Jiang Jun thinks spending 10 years to take revenge isn’t late, and tells Xu Li that she will get into MH in the decent way. She says that she wants Yuan Shuai to know the world isn’t decided only by him. Xu Li thinks what Jiang Jun said is right, and there’re revolt when there’re oppression. She tells her that she will support her.

But Jiang Jun realizes that they cannot revolt because they have love status. Xu Li brags that she has many friends, and tells Jiang Jun that she got the tickets of BUI. She adds that she heard the vise-president of MH Lin Taimo will come to the party.

Xu Li mentions Jiang Jun appreciates Lin Taimo, and tells her to tell him the unfair thing of the company. But Jiang Jun points out that he won’t remember her even if she gets in the party. Xu Li tells Jiang Jun to just attend into the party with good dressing up, and claims that she will deal with the rest things.

The reporters ask Du Lei to share the inside story since he was defeated by Yuan Shuai. Linda tells the reporters that they just came to attend the wine party. The reporter points out that Lina left MH and joined GE. He asks her if it means that MH is better than GE. She thinks the competition is normal, and reveals MH and GE are friends.

Jiang Jun takes the wine and bumps Du Lei by mistake. She feels sorry and walks away. The reports asks Yuan Shuai to say something to Du Lei since he defeated him again. Yuan Shuai tells Du Lei to continue to work hard. It makes the reporter laugh.

Linda tells Du Lei to ignore Yuan Shuai and thinks he will win it back. Xu Li walks to Yuan Shuai and pours wine to his suit. She asks him why he didn’t reply her wechat, and thinks he doesn’t like her anymore. He asks her if he knows her and thinks she talks nonsense.

Xu Li tells people that Yuan Shuai pretends not to know her, and reveals he called her little baby. She cries out and thinks he’s the jerk who gave up his wife and son. He helps her up and asks her if she knows his phone number. He tells people that his girlfriend is there, and the girlfriend is Jiang Jun.

Jiang Jun flees and yells at the sky, asking if the man is a demon. Yuan Shuai asks her if what she talks about is him. He walks to her. She asks him why he knows she’s there. He says that he knows she likes to flee to the high position when she’s wronged. He thinks she can be easy to guess after many years.

Jiang Jun asks Yuan Shuai to guess what she wants to do. He thinks she wants to scold him since he shamed her friend, but she doesn’t know how to say it. She tells him that he’s wrong, and thinks he’s not worth of her to get angry. She asks him why he drove her out from MH. But he points out that she never got into MH.

Jiang Jun thinks she’s qualified to get into the company with her interview score. She knows MH didn’t have precedent to kick people out. But he tells her that she’s the precedent, and asks her if he feels honored. She thinks he’s a jerk when she’s close to take a look at him. But he points out that jerks aren’t handsome like him.

Yuan Shuai thinks Jiang Jun wouldn’t get into MH. She steps on his shoe with her heel, and tells him that the sheep will bite human when she gets angry. He tells her to bite him, and thinks he helped her for not letting her get into MH. He tells her to treat it as buying a lesson.

Jiang Jun laughs and thinks the horrible lesson was to trust him in her life, and mentions he bullied her when her dad asked him to protect her. She thinks she wouldn’t transfer to another school if it wasn’t because of him. She points at him and tells him that she often has nightmare. He grabs her hand.

It flashes back. Jiang Jun is giving a speech at the hall. The classmates tell her to get down because they think she’s not good at the speech. They tell her not to waste their time. She’s in tears and collapses. Yuan Shuai runs to the stage and tries to wake her up, telling her not to cry. He shows the speech draft to her. She realizes that it was him.

Jiang Jun tells Yuan Shuai that she couldn’t stay at the school since then. She didn’t expect that she encountered him again. He reminds her that there’re a few women in the investment industry because it requires the ability to face pressure. He adds that she’s the person who is allergy to tears.

Jiang Jun stops tearing up and thinks Yuan Shuai shouldn’t excluded her. She tells him that she won’t avoid it no matter what he says. She says that she will get into MH. He sighs and wears his suit on her. He tells her to get back with him. He tells her that he doesn’t have time to send her to hospital if she cries.

Yuan Shuai drags Jiang Jun. But she shakes it off and falls. He holds her hand and makes her kiss him. The reporters take photos of them, and think the two are in love. Yuan Shuai covers Jiang Jun’s head with his suit when the reporter are close to them. He drives them away.

Jiang Jun passes out. Yuan Shuai carries her and walks away. But the hairpin drops. Du Lei shows up and picks up the hairpin.

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