Princess Silver: Episode 23 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Princess Silver: Episode 23. Heng Xiang keeps drinking. Crown Prince asks her what happens. Fu Chou thinks Heng Xiang likes the wine. She glares at him, and wants to greet the madam. She wants to invite Rong Le to taste the wine.

Princess Silver: Episode 23 Recap

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver: Episode 23.

Crown Prince tells Heng Xiang to leave, and says that he has an important thing to talk with Fu Chou. But Fu Chou stops Heng Xiang, and tells her that Rong Le isn’t good at drinking. Crown Prince stops Fu Chou and thinks he is too weak while facing women.

Crown Prince tells Fu Chou that women are like clothes, and thinks he should give it up when it should be given up. Rong Le is drunk to stare at the statue of Wu You. Leng Yue wants to take the statue away as she thinks Fu Chou will have a fight with princess if he sees it.

Rong Le is furious to tell Leng Yue that she doesn’t fear to have a fight with Fu Chou. She comforts her that she will obey the rules to stay at the general house. She tells her that she cannot control her heart even if she can control her body.

Rong Le says that she cannot control her heart on her own. Heng Xiang shows up and asks Rong Le why she stays there since she couldn’t control her heart. She wants to kick her out. Leng Yue tells Heng Xiang to visit Rong Le next time.

But Heng Xiang tells Leng Yue to get lost as she is just a maid. Leng Yue wants to go to call Fu Chou. But the two stop Leng Yue. Heng Xiang blames Rong Le for thinking of someone else since she is the wife of Fu Chou. She tries to take away the statue from her. But Rong Le stops Heng Xiang.

Heng Xiang tells Rong Le that Fu Chou couldn’t stand it when she was hurt. She thinks he will be insane if he sees the statue. She doesn’t want to make Fu Chou see it, and breaks the statue. Rong Le asks Heng Xiang if she cannot put Wu You in her heart since she cannot love him.

Heng Xiang tells Rong Le that her heart cannot be contained someone else since she married Fu Chou. Rong Le points out that Heng Xiang married Crown Prince. Heng Xiang says that she was forced to do it. Rong Le says that she did so, and reveals she didn’t choose Fu Chou.

Rong Le blames Heng Xiang for dressing up to be her to marry Fu Chou. She yells at her and asks her why she didn’t stay with Fu Chou since she loved him so much. Heng Xiang says that she wanted to do that, and mentions she sacrificed herself to marry Crown Prince for staying with Fu Chou. She blames her for taking the general house that she dreams. But Rong Le tells Heng Xiang that the general house isn’t warm.

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