Marry My Husband: Who Is Kang Ji-Won?

Marry My Husband introduces Kang Ji-Won as a woman with bad luck in episode 1. She’s killed by his husband after she found out that he slept with her best friend. Who is Kang Ji-Won? Here is what we know.

Marry My Husband: Who Is Kang Ji-Won?

Kang Ji-Won

Kang Ji-Won thinks her marriage will be good after her mother-in-law promised her that she will be nice to her at the wedding. But she takes the blame because she didn’t give a birth for the family. Her husband Park Min-Hwan wishes to be rich. But he’s very lazy.

He chooses to trade stocks at home. He asks his wife to go to work. He forces her to do housework when he doesn’t earn any money for the family. Ji-Won is lowly at the company. She gets scolded by her boss each day. Her colleagues don’t help her.

Ji-Won gets stomach cancer because of it. She goes to the hospital to accept the treatment. But Min-Hwan refuses to pay the hospital bill. She has to return home. She finds out that he cheated on her with her friend Soo-Min. She swears to kill the two. But she’s killed by Min-Hwan instead.

Ji-Won finds out that she’s reborn. Her husband is her boyfriend now. She’s furious to chase him in the office after she remembered what he did to her. There’s a warm man Ji-Hyeok is nice to her. He picks up the shoes she threw away.

He takes her home and he gives the cash to her because she worries that she has no money. Min-Hwan isn’t changed. He asks Ji-Won to get rid of the child after know she’s pregnant. He reveals he plans to get rich through stocks. It makes her that she can be rich because she came from future.

Ji-Hyeok asks Ji-Won not to resign. She finds out that he’s a good man. She feels regret that she didn’t marry him in the past. She notes that his arm was hurt after he helped her avoid the hot kettle. She realizes that she can give her fate to her best friend Soo-Min.

Soo-Min pretended to be nice to Ji-Won but she slept with her husband in the past life. She’s not changed as well. She continues to hurt Ji-Won. But Ji-Won has known the real face of Soo-Min. She plans to let her marry her husband since she liked her husband so much.

Ji-Won is very smart. She was hurt by Min-Hwan and Soo-Min in the past life just because she was too nice. She gave up her dream for her husband. But he didn’t pay her back. It makes her be a poor woman. She realizes it after she was reborn. But her husband has feelings for her when she’s going to give up him.

Who Plays Kang Ji-Won in Marry My Husband?

Kang Ji-Won is played by Park Min-Young. Park Min-Young is a pretty and famous Korean actress. Her role Kim Mi-So in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim made an impression on me. She also starred Love in Contract, Forecasting Love and Weather and When the Weather is Fine.

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