Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 1. Sang-Eun introduces her husband Ji-Ho as an outstanding man. She leaves his house when he’s taking a shower. She checks her schedule and gets in the elevator. She smiles.

Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap

Love in Contract

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 1.

Sang-Eun walks into the cafe. She has a seat and opens her laptop. She calls Ki-Doo and tells him to have a seat. She begins to interview him through the camera. He complains to her that he was bullied at school. He adds that it made him not have a girlfriend.

Sang-Eun accepts the task because she thinks Ki-Doo is the man she’s looking for. But he’s not confident to open the laptop. He turns around and sees her who’s smiling at him. She tells him that she needs to look into him before she signs the contract with him.

But Ki-Doo thinks Sang-Eun’s dress is too scary. She places the rings on the table. She thinks she signed the contract with him. He drinks with his friends who ask him if he has a girlfriend. Sang-Eun shows up. She stuns Ki-Doo’s friends.

Gwang-Nam takes away Sang-Eun’s quilt to wake Sang-Eun up. He wonders if Ji-Ho knows her real face. She points out that Ji-Ho is better at hiding himself than her. She takes the ring from the drawer. Gwang-Nam hands over the coffee to her.

Sang-Eun is surprised to see the man. Gwang-Nam introduces the man as his roommate to Sang-Eun. The roommate learns that Sang-Eun is the woman who does fake marriage. He wonders why Gwang-Nam still lives with the woman since they broke up.

Gwang-Nam tells his roommate that he likes to live with Sang-Eun. He complains to her that he doesn’t want to see her rings. He hugs her when he watches the photos with her. The roommate hints Sang-Eun that Gwang-Nam is hugging her. She thinks she brings trouble to the two men. She leaves the house.

The roommate doesn’t believe that Gwang-Nam broke up with Sang-Eun. Gwang-Nam has to bring the paper to the roommate. He tells him that Ji-Ho is Sang-Eun’s top client. Sang-Eun is driving. She tells Love in Contract that she’s going to go to see Ji-Ho. She mentions she knows nothing about the man even if he’s her husband. Ji-Ho wears the wedding ring to pick up Sang-Eun. He takes her to his house. He cooks for her.

It flashes back. Ji-Ho arrives at the cafe. Sang-Eun calls Ji-Ho. She tells him to have a seat. But he walks to her. She’s startled. He bows to her and asks her to get married with him. He tells her that he wants to have dinner with her. She agrees to it.

Sang-Eun has dinner with Ji-Ho. She finds out that he’s the one who actually treats her as his wife. She leaves the his house after the dinner. He walks to the window to see her off. He takes off the ring and remembers someone told him not to leak himself.

Ji-Ho takes the car key from the drawer. But he puts the key back. He walks to the street. The woman asks him to help her because her husband wants to kill her cat. He convinces her husband and makes him walk away. The woman feels happy because she mistakes the Ji-Ho like cat like her. He denies and worries that she will make him get sick because she touched the cat. She’s furious to walk away.

Sang-Eun tries to apply the lipstick on her lips. She remembers Mi-Ho got the maid to wipe the lipstick off her face. It made Sang-Eun cried. Sang-Eun gets a call from Gwang-Nam who tells her that he prepared a party for her. Because he knows it’s her last wedding. She smiles.

Yu-Mi and Hae-Jin film the k-drama. She slaps him after he told her that he knows nothing about love. She’s furious to walk away. Hae-Jin has a talk with Jamie over the phone. He asks her to take a look at his injure. Jung-Hwan gets in the van. He blames Hae-Jin for flirting with Yu-Mi.

Hae-Jin mentions what he did to Yu-Mi. Jung-Hwan reminds Hae-Jin that it was a date. Hae-Jin continues the talk with Jamie. Jung-Hwan tells Hae-Jin to explain it. Hae-Jin rejects it. He asks Jamie if she agrees to what he said. Love in Contract lets us know that Jamie is just a cat. Jung-Hwan thinks the cat is Hae-Jin’s first love. Hae-Jin tells Jung-Hwan that he’s not interested in any girl after he encountered the girl.

Jung-Hwan reminds Hae-Jin that the girl he loves got married. Hae-Jin thinks nobody can handle the girl except him. He’s upset when he thinks about his fist love getting married. He tells Jung-Hwan to leave his van. Ji-Ho reads the recipe when he eats at the restaurant. The restaurant owner wants to give her recipe to him. He rejects it and tells her that he can do it himself. He badmouths her dish. She’s furious to walk away. He sees a girl who’s happy to talk with her friends on the street.

It flashes back. The girls walk into the wedding room. They thought Sang-Eun got married in the hotel before. Sang-Eun denies it. She tells the two that she got a divorce. The girl is happy to tell her friend what she said was true. Sang-Eun walks to the two. She tells them that she will sue them if they tell what she did to others.

Sang-Eun transfers money to someone. She remembers she told Mi-Ho that she can help her continue to drive the car when Mi-Ho mentioned Sang-Eun made her family lose money. She walks out of the bank. She gets a call from Mi-Ho who asks her for a meeting up.

Sang-Eun meets with Mi-Ho at the cafe. Mi-Ho goes to order something after Sang-Eun had a seat. Sang-Eun looks at Mi-Ho’s back. She thinks it’s time to see her weakness. Mi-Ho brings the tea to Sang-Eun. She tells her not to give any money to her.

Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Love in Contract K-Drama ends with Ji-Ho reciting a poem for Sang-Eun. She decides to give a gift to him when she’s on the way home. She prepares the food for him. He likes the food after he tasted it. It makes her happy. But he tells her that he wants to get a divorce with her.

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