Marry My Husband: Who Is Park Min-Hwan?

Marry My Husband introduces Park Min-Hwan as the bad husband who kills her wife after she found out that he slept with her best friend. Who is Park Min-Hwan? Here is what we know.

Marry My Husband: Who Is Park Min-Hwan?

Park Min-Hwan

Park Min-Hwan is Kang Ji-Won’s husband. He lets her go to work after she married him. He chooses to play games at home. He tells her that he’s earning money through the stocks when she asks him to go to work. He doesn’t do any housework at home. It makes her do housework after she worked.

He worries that there’s nobody cooking for him after she was tested to have a cancer. He doesn’t take any duty as a husband. He asks Jeong Su-Min to come to his house when Ji-Won worries about the hospital bill in the hospital. Ji-Won returns home and she sees the two in bed. She’s killed by them.

Min-Hwan is the nightmare of Ji-Won. So she doesn’t wish to get together with him after she was reborn. She tries to dump him. But he gets angry when she tries to mention breakup. She doesn’t fight alone. The man Yoo Ji-Hyeok shows up.

He cares for her very much. He was reborn like her. He teaches her what’s a good boyfriend. Min-Hwan doesn’t like Ji-Won. He plans to marry her just because she graduated from the top university and she has a good job. His mother always tells him to find a good wife.

Ji-Won’s friend Jeong Su-Min. She’s pretty. She knows how to flirt with Min-Hwan. Min-Hwwan falls for her. He sleeps with her. But he knows he cannot marry the girl because he thinks she won’t be a good wife. But Ji-Won gets the evidence that he slept with Su-Min.

She tells everyone at the company that Min-Hwan cheated on him. It makes him lost his face at the company. He has to break up with Ji-Won. He needs money to pay off his debts. So he agrees to marry Su-Min. Because his mother promised to buy him a house if he gets married.

But she only rents a house for him. He and Su-Min live in the house his mother rented. They keep having fight. Min-Hwan rents out the house for paying off the debts he owes the loan shark. He returns home with Su-Min. His mother Kim Ja-Ok scolds him after knowing he rented out the house.

Su-Min takes Min-Hwan’s side. She tells him that she lost their child because he threw the phone to him. He cries for the child. He gets married with Su-Min in the Crown Wedding Hall. Ji-Won shows up with Yoo Ji-Hyeok. Min-Hwan finds out that Ji-Won is pretty.

She hands over the envelope to him. He mistakes that there’s some wedding cash. But he finds out that it’s a lawyer letter. He gets angry after knowing she plans to sue him. Ji-Won feels happy after she got together with Ji-Hyeok. But she finds out that he had a fiancee Oh Yu-Ra. Yu-Ra sends the photos of Ji-Won and Ji-Hyeok to Min-Hwan. Min-Hwan finds out that his ex-girlfriend gave up him for getting herself a rich boyfriend.

Who Plays Park Min-Hwan in Marry My Husband?

Park Min-Hwan is played by Lee Yi-Kyung. Lee Yi-Kyung starred the K-drama Welcome to Waikiki Season 1 and Welcome to Waikiki Season 2. He played the lead role Lee Joon-Ki. He also played a role Park No-Kwang in Curtain Call.

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