Marry My Husband: Who Is Jeong Su-Min?

Marry My Husband introduces Jeong Su-Min as Kang Ji-Won’s best friend. But she marries her boyfriend. Who is Jeong Su-Min? Here is what we know.

Marry My Husband: Who Is Jeong Su-Min?

Jeong Su-Min

Jeong Su-Min the best friend of Kang Ji-Won. Ji-Won trusts Su-Min very much in her previous life. But Su-Min sleeps with Ji-Won’s husband Park Min-Hwan. She and Min-Hwan kill Ji-Won after Ji-Won caught them in the bed. Ji-Won is reborn.

She knows the real face of her best friend. She plans to let Su-Min steal her boyfriend. Su-Min would like to do so after she slept with Min-Hwan. But Min-Hwan doesn’t plan to break up with Ji-Won because he thinks Su-Min owns nothing.

Su-Min has to pretend to be pregnant. Min-Hwan plans to marry Ji-Won. So he takes her to see his mother Kim Ja-Ok. She messes up the meeting up. Min-Hwan needs a woman to get married to repay the debts. He has to accept Su-Min. She feels happy after she stole Ji-Won’s boyfriend.

She sends the wedding invitation to Ji-Won. But Ji-Won sends the invitation to Yoo Ji-Hyeok. He sends the invitation to everyone. Min-Hwan gets angry after he found out that everyone at the company knows that he’s going to marry Su-Min.

He feels shame because the people know that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend. He returns home and he throws a fit to Su-Min. She feels wronged because she thinks she just told the good news to her best friend. She hires a woman to pretend to be her mother before the wedding. Because she doesn’t wish her mother-in-law to see her mother.

The wedding is held in the crown wedding hall. Ji-Won married Min-Hwan in the wedding hall ever. The bride is Su-Min now. Ji-Won visits Su-Min in the wedding hall. Su-Min is surprised that Ji-Won came. She’s confident when Ji-Won mentions the wedding dress she wears.

But Ji-Won thanks Su-Min for taking away her trash. She throws the bag Min-Hwan bought her to her. She tells her to use it. Su-Min is hit by Ji-Won’s words but she tells herself that she won. Eun-Ho attends Su-Min’s wedding. He brings Su-Min’s friend Ye-Ji to her.

Su-Min wronged Ji-Won for stealing Ye-Ji’s boyfriend. It made Ye-Ji bully Ji-Won. Ye-Ji comes to take revenge for Ji-Won. She and her friends bring trouble to the wedding. They tell the guests that Su-Min stole her best friend’s boyfriend.

Su-Min isn’t happy after she married Min-Hwan. He promises to let his mother to buy them a house. But Ja-Ok just rented a house for the couple. Min-Hwan rents out the house and he gets the cash. He doesn’t let Su-Min know it. Ja-Ok scolds Su-Min after knowing her son rented out the house because she thinks she didn’t manage her husband well.

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Su-Min isn’t like Ji-Won who can be bullied. She fights it back and she tells her mother-in-law that she’s very rich after she earned some money from the stocks. But she finds out that Ji-Won got a rich boyfriend after Ji-Won gave up Min-Hwan. She realized that she was fooled.

Who Plays Jeong Su-Min in Marry My Husband?

Jeong Su-Min is played by Song Ha-Yoon. Song Ha-Yoon starred k-drama Oh! Young-Sim. She played the lead role Oh Young-Sim in the drama. She also starred Please Don’t Date Him. She plays the role Seo Ji-Sung. Song Ha-Yoon is pretty. She did a great job on acting the bad girl Su-Min.

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