Melancholia: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 2. Seung-Yoo lies on the bench and falls asleep. He has a nightmare. Yoon-Su runs to him, and wakes him up. She smiles to tell him that she found him. She tells him that she’s the bag’s owner, and reveals she’s his teacher.

Melancholia: Episode 2 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 2.

Yoon-Su takes Seung-Yoo to the classroom. She asks him if he likes math. He denies. So she shows what he did on the test paper. She tells him to come to the classroom as a punishment, and asks him to bring his camera. She walks away. He gets a message from another teacher who asks him for coming to his place as well.

The teacher has a meeting with the parents. He thinks Yoon-Su wants the students to take part in the Math Olympiad. The woman mentions Ye-Rin answered the question. It makes Hye-Mi happy. But Sun-A points out that the question wasn’t done by Ye-Rin.

The teacher walks out of the meeting room. Hee-Seung greets him and introduces herself as Seung-Yoo’s mother. But he tells her that his son needs to pass the placement test. Hye-Mi tells the teacher that she will transfer Ye-Rin to another academy if he lets Seung-Yoo get into the academy.

Hee-Seung points out that Hye-Mi’s daughter cannot defeat her son. Hye-Mi is furious to have a fight with Hee-Seung. Seung-Yoo arrives at the academy. But he doesn’t walk into the academy. Min-Sik gets a call from the teacher. He’s told that his son didn’t appear. He sees the photo of Yoon-Su, and thinks she can help his son.

Jung-A returns home. She doesn’t find her father. So she asks the maid about it. The maid reveals In-Hyeong went fishing. In-Hyeong returns home with Jung-A’s sister Yeon-Woo. Yeon-Woo carries the fishes to the kitchen. In-Hyeong eats the fish with Yeon-Woo. He mentions Jung-A doesn’t like to eat fish. Yeon-Woo wants to make sushi for her sister. But Jung-A rejects it.

In-Hyeong mentions Jung-A is doing the credit system. But Yeon-Woo tells her father that she’s doing the same thing. He praises her. Jung-A tells In-Hyeong that she’s going to do the Ministry of Education. But Yeon-Woo tells Jung-A that it’s a difficult thing. In-Hyeong agrees to what Yeon-Woo said. He tells Jung-A to be careful. Jung-A asks Yeon-Woo to cook the sushi for her.

Jung-A walks in the kitchen when Yeon-Woo just completes the sushi. Yeon-Woo hands over the sushi to Jung-A, and feels sorry for adding too much wasabi. Jung-A tells Yeon-Woo that it’s fine. But she throws away the sushi. Jung-A meets with Min-Joon at the restaurant. She tells him that she doesn’t need a teacher like Yoon-Su.

Yoon-Su is working at home. Sung-Jae closes her laptop and makes her not work. She’s not happy. He tells her that the students can take part in the Mathematical Olympics. She’s excited. He tells her to let Ye-Rin take part in the Mathematical Olympics. But she has another candidate.

Yoon-Su rides bicycle to the school. She parks the bicycle and goes to the classroom. She waits for Seung-Yoo. But he doesn’t show up. She visits the teacher and asks for the papers of Seung-Yoo. She gets a call from Jung-A who asks for a meeting up.

Yoon-Su goes to see Jung-A. Jung-A hands over the paper about Mathematical Olympics to Yoon-Su. She notes that Yoon-Su isn’t surprised. She thinks Sung-Jae has told it to her. Yoon-Su learns that there will be only one student taking part in the competition. She tells Jung-A that she found the student who answered her question. But she refuses to tell the person to her. She adds that the student will shine.

Yoon-Su goes to the classroom, and tells the good news to the students. Seung-Yoo falls asleep in another classroom. The teacher Myung-Jin is furious to throw something to Seung-Yoo before she leaves. Kyu-Young walks in the classroom. He takes out the camera from Seung-Yoo’s bag. He plays it.

Seung-Yoo wakes up. Kyu-Young tells Seung-Yoo that Yoon-Su wants him to take the camera to see her. Seung-Yoo arrives at the classroom. Yoon-Su is watering the flower. She lets him in after she saw him. She prepares the chair for him and asks him to connect his camera to her laptop. She adds that she wants to use his photos in the class.

Yoon-Su asks Seung-Yoo to edit those photos because she knows those photos are related to math. She tells him to type some texts, and invites everyone to participate the competition. She asks him if he will participate the competition. He denies.

Yoon-Su writes down the question to the blackboard. She asks Seung-Yoo to answer the question because she thinks he’s not honest. She tells him that she likes his math world when she points at his camera. Yoon-Su leaves the classroom and returns to her office. She runs into Min-Sik.

Min-Sik introduces himself as Seung-Yoo’s father. He shows the footage to Yoon-Su. She learns that Seung-Yoo is the math genius who got into MIT. She points out that Seung-Yoo is changed. Min-Sik explains that his son is in the puberty. He asks her for taking Seung-Yoo to a bright future. But she rejects it because she thinks Seung-Yoo doesn’t need her help.

Ye-Rin visits Jung-A and tells her not to let all of the students to participate the competition. Jung-A scolds Ye-Rin because she thinks the thing cannot be decided by her. She tells her that she knows that she’s nervous because everyone believes that she’s going to win. She hugs her and tells her that she will abandon her if she fails.

Seung-Yoo takes the bus and thinks about the math question which was given by Yoon-Su. Yoon-Su searches the news about Seung-Yoo. She knows that he had a big failure. She takes the coffee to walk to the window when it’s raining outside. She opens the box and finds a book.

Melancholia: Episode 2 stars Lim Soo-Jung, Lee Do-Hyun and Woo Da-Vi.

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