Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

These are Recap & Ending Explained for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 4. Do Ha tries to wake Young-Hwa up after she was hit by the car. The guy watches them. He laughs to wear his watch. Do Ha grabs Young-Hwa’s hand. The amulet drops.

Moon in the Day Episode 4 Recap

Moon in the Day

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 4.

Ri-Ta wakes up. She looks for her sword. Do Ha hands over her sword to her. She points the sword at him. But he thinks she didn’t kill any person. He takes over the sword from her. He leaves the room after knowing she wishes to die. He locks the door. She tries to open the door. But she hears someone calling her.

Young-Hwa is sent to the hospital. The doctor tries to save her life. Do Ha decides to save Young-Hwa. He leaves Joon-O’s body. Joon-O passes out in Min-O’s arms. Do Ha throws the sword and the clothes to Ri-Ta. He asks her to make a choice. She chooses clothes.

She watches him training the soldiers. She thinks he will regret for his choice. She tries to shoot the target. But she misses it. He shows up and he’s surprised that she didn’t flee. She admits to him that she stays in his palace for killing him. He teaches her how to shoot him. He leaves.

The king summons Do Ha to his palace. He invites him to hunt with him because he heard he killed Gaya General with just one shot. But Do Ha leaves the chance to his father Head So. But Head So isn’t happy even if he got the chance. Because he knows the king likes his son more than him. He tells Do Ha to return with injury in the next battle.

Do Ha walks into the room. He finds the present Head So left to him. He opens the present. He sees the Yew berries. He mentions the berries are poisonous. He thinks his father wishes him to eat the berries. Ri-Ta tries to give the food to Head So.

But Do Ha stops her. He tastes the food and he lets his father eat the food. The servant reveals Do Ha isn’t Head So’s real son. Head So mentions Do Ha kept a maid. Do Ha reveals he did it for repaying the debts. The maid trips Ri-Ta. She throws the package to her. She tells her to go to see Do Ha.

Do Ha is surprised that Ri-Ta comes to him when he’s going to leave. He tells her to let someone do the job. But she claims that she’s outstanding as well. She rides horse with him to the woods. He takes over the package from her. He tells her to wait for him. He walks into the woods.

She finds out that he’s praying for the Gaya soldiers. She’s furious to blame him for doing it because she thinks he cannot be forgiven. He tells her that her father is a hero. He asks her not to forgive him. She follows him in the woods. She treats him as her enemy even if he apologized to the dead Gaya soldiers.

He finds out that their horses are missing. He blames her for taking care of the horses. She points out that it’s the servant’s job. It’s raining when they’re going to leave the woods. They run to the cave. Do Ha sets a fire. He tells Ri-Ta to come to him because he worries that she will catch a cold.

She learns that he wishes her to kill him to end his pain. But she rejects it because she thinks it’s not a revenge. Head So finds out that Do Ha didn’t return with the maid. He tells the bodyguard to go to look into the maid. Do Ha puts the cover on Ri-Ta when she falls asleep. He remembers she told him not to die. He sleeps with her.

Do Ha wakes up. He goes to Young-Hwa’s ward. He finds out that she falls asleep in the ward. He walks into the ward. He tries to kill her. But she wakes up and calls him lord. Min-O breaks into Young-Hwa’s ward to look for Joon-O. But he finds out that his brother is missing.

Do Ha walks in the lobby of the hospital. Yoon-Je finds him. He takes him to get in the car. Do Ha remembers Young-Hwa called him lord. He’s surprised that Ri-Ta is alive. The girl cries when she sees Young-Hwa. Young-Hwa thinks about her dream.

Tae-Joo cries in the car after knowing he killed Young-Hwa. The man hands over the handkerchief to Tae-Joo when he drives. Tae-Joo claims that he doesn’t remember what he did. He wonders why the man Mr. Seok helped him. Mr. Seo points out that the one who helped him was Tae-Joo.

Min-O returns the amulet to Young-Hwa. She worries about Joon-O. He comforts her that his brother is fine. She returns to her ward. She takes a look at her phone. He finds out that Joon-O didn’t call her. She falls asleep. Do Ha watches Young-Hwa outside.

Yoon-Je persuades Do Ha to get into the ward. Min-O meets with the cop. The cop reveals Tae-Joo met with Yi-Seul. He mentions what Yi-Seul said that she just greet Tae-Joo. But he doesn’t believe what the girl said. He thinks Joon-O is related to the case because he had a rumor with Yi-Seul.

The producer doesn’t allow Yi-Seul to show up on the TV because she met with Tae-Joo. Yi-Seul visits Min-O. She asks him for the photo of her and Tae-Joo. But he rejects it because he thinks she intended to kill his brother. She’s furious to leave his house.

The manager blames Yi-Seul for cheating on Joon-O. Yi-Seul laughs after she realizes that she can resolve the problem if she loves Joon-O. Young-Hwa leaves the hospital with her friend. She thinks she should keep the promise. It makes her friend think Young-Hwa has feelings for Joon-O. Young-Hwa denies it because Joon-O is picky.

Is Ri-Ta Alive?

Ri-Ta is killed after she killed Do Ha. Young-Hwa just gets into the dream. She sees the past of Ri-Ta and Do Ha.

Does Ri-Ta Love Do Ha?

Ri-Ta doesn’t confess her feelings to Do Ha because he killed her parents. But Young-Hwa reveals Ri-Ta fell for Do Ha after she played Ri-Ta in the dream of Ri-Ta.

Why Ri-Ta Refuses to Kill Do Ha?

Ri-Ta intends to kill Do Ha after he killed her parents. But she gives up the revenge plan after knowing he wishes to be killed because he feels guilty for killing the soldiers of Gaya. She thinks it’s not a revenge. She doesn’t want to grant his wish.

Moon in the Day Episode 4 Ending Explained

Episode 4 of Moon in the Day ends with Young-Hwa revealing that she fell for her enemy in the dream. Min-O walks into Do Ha’s house. He finds out that Do Ha didn’t eat. He promises to let Young-Hwa see him. He mentions he made the girl hurt. He leaves the medicine on the table. He leaves his house.

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Young-Hwa is on the rooftop of her house. She sees Do Ha. She smiles to tell him to come to her. He takes a look at her. He misses Ri-Ta. He remembers Ri-Ta sang a song to comfort him when he fell asleep. Young-Hwa comes to Do Ha. But he leaves. She walks into his house. She finds out that he just took the medicine. She tries to call ambulance. But he wakes up. He asks her who she is. But she only wishes him to be alive.

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