My Boss 2024: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for My Boss 2024: Episode 6. Cheng Yao prepares the meal for Qian Heng. She wishes to talk about Bai Xingmeng’s case with him. He’s surprised that she cares for the case so much. She mentions it was the first case she got since she joined Jun Heng.

My Boss 2024 Episode 6 Recap

My Boss 2024

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Boss 2024: Episode 6.

Cheng Yao reveals she wishes to help Bai Xingmeng because she thinks the lady is a good person. But Qian Heng tells her to stay away from her client. He thinks she shouldn’t have personal feelings when she does the case because she’s a lawyer.

But she thinks Xu Jun should be punished. Qian Heng asks Cheng Yao if she actually saw what Xu Jun did. She believes that Xu Jun used Bai Xingmeng’s true heart. He points out that the law didn’t require one side to repaid when another side paid.

Cheng Yao feels wronged. She returns to her room to check the papers. Wu Jun sends a message to Cheng Xi. He asks her out. But she appointed with Cheng Yao to go to amusement park. He smiles after he came up with a plan. He visits Qian Heng after Qian Heng hit the bull’s eye.

He thinks he didn’t have a good sleeping last night. He reveals President Zhang invited him to attend the party of bar association. Qian Heng agrees to it. Wu Jun asks Qian Heng to take Cheng Yao to attend the party. Cheng Yao returns home with the flowers.

Qian Heng forgives her after he saw the flowers. But she tells him that the flowers aren’t for him. He asks her to attend the party of bar association with him. She wonders why she needs to attend the party. He reveals everyone is working overtime except her.

He reminds her that it means that she belongs to his team if she attends the party with him. But she points out that she appointed her older sister. He mentions the debts she owes him. She decides to go to attend the party. But she asks him not to let her cook the midnight snack for him. He rejects it.

Cheng Xi is waiting for Cheng Yao in the amusement park. Cheng Yao calls her older sister. She reveals she cannot come to the amusement park because her boss asked her to work with him. She promises to come after the work. Cheng Xi comforts Cheng Yao that she has been in the amusement park. She tries to take a selfie.

But Wu Jun shows up behind her. She’s surprised to see him. She wonders why he came to the amusement park. He reveals he came to have fun. She realizes that he made her younger sister work overtime. He denies it. He reveals he came to accompany her after hearing that Cheng Yao is working overtime.

He thinks it’s pretty good that the old friends meet under the blue sky. She asks him not to talk about the work with her. She mentions it’s a cloudy day. Cheng Yao and Qian Heng arrive at the party. They find out that it’s a blind date party.

Qian Heng calls Wu Jun. He blames him for telling a lie to him. Wu Jun points out that Qian Heng needs to resolve his single problem as well. He pretends to have a bad signal. He hangs up. Qian Heng tries to leave the party. But Cheng Yao persuades him to attend the party.

Qian Heng takes part in the blind date. But he gets complained by the girls. The lawyers are asked to team up to row. Qian Heng asks Cheng Yao to team up with him. He threatens her with the year-end bonus when she plans to know other men.

He lets her row alone when they’re on the boat. She believes that they will lose if she’s the only one who works hard. But he plans to taste the feelings of losing. She doesn’t wish to give up when she sees the chance. She tries to row. But the paddle falls into the water.

She tries to pick up the paddle. She makes him fall into the water. She jumps into the water to save him. She brings the hot water to him. She reveals she knows he fell into the water for taking the paddle for her. But he tells her not to think about making him forgive the debts.

He asks her to go to look for a hotel with him. It makes her nervous. He points out that they go to the hotel for getting changed. Cheng Xi takes Wu Jun to the haunted house. But he stops. He offers to go to row. She learns that he fears the haunted house.

She reveals the haunted house is very funny. She takes him to get into the haunted house. He tries to protect her. But he’s scared when the ghosts scare him. He holds her hand and he leaves the haunted house with her. She finds out that he’s holding her hand.

She mentions the rumor that he made the female clients be his girlfriends. She asks him if he used the method. He denies it and he thinks he should explain it to her. He reveals he has been a good guy for her. She laughs to tell him that she understands it.

Qian Heng calls Wu Jun. He asks him to go to buy a set of women’s clothes for him. Cheng Xi mistakes Qian Heng as Wu Jun’s female client Ms. Wang. She tells Wu Jun to leave. He doesn’t know how to explain it. He has to leave. Cheng Yao walks out of the bathroom.

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She lets Qian Heng get into the bathroom. But he tells her not to touch him. She’s surprised that he’s very shy. He closes the door of the bathroom. He takes a shower. Wu Jun knocks at the door. Cheng Yao tries to go to open the door. But Qian Heng pushes her into the bathroom.

My Boss 2024 Episode 6 Ending

Episode 6 of My Boss 2024 ends with Bao Rui thinking Qian Heng turned into a good person. But Cheng Yao thinks it’s the happiness after Qian Heng tortured someone. It makes Bao Rui realize that Cheng Yao dislikes Qian Heng. Qian Heng shows up. He asks Cheng Yao to go to see Xu Jun with him.

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